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Rangers v Frankfurt EL Final


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13 minutes ago, Bristol Oil Services said:

What's that - 9% when they set off from Bonnie Scotland, and 11% when they get back?

Probably will be by the time some of em get back. Gordon Brown changed the way inflation was calculated. If inflation was still calculated pre Brown times inflation would currently be 11%. Soz. Spent much of the day on the M5 listening to Radio 4

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29 minutes ago, Bristol Oil Services said:

(Warning: this post contains content that includes stereotypes that some easily-offended souls might find offensive, but here goes anyhow) -

Yeah, keep hearing that the cost of living, and food, and heating, and fuel, is tipping people over the edge, and they cannae afford tae fry their Mars bars or give their weans Lager.  They must have "McKewan's Lager Banks" up there, I suppose. And all thumbed a lift off down to sunny southern Spain.

Cannae think why they want tae leave the union, if they can all afford tae go oot on the piss in Seville right noo when inflation's 9% you have tae wonder if that First Minister of theirs isnae pulling the tweed o'er the voters ayes. Methinks the lady doth protest tae much.

Or its all Celtic fans agitating for independence. 

Seen this argument about Liverpool fans at Wembley at the weekend. Even people on the lowest income / breadline deserve to have fun and do things they enjoy.

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