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Athletic Bilboa

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5 hours ago, Selred said:

Currently in Logrono, the Rioja region. Was in Bilbao then San Sebastián the past few days, on a bit of a Northern Spain tour. 

Main tips:

Get an Uber from the airport, half the price of taxis. 

You can walk around Bilbao easily. No need for Taxis/Tram where there. We walked from old town to the stadium to have a look, would love to see a game there!

The delicacy is Pintxos. They are like Basque tapas. A great place to start is Plaza Barria in the Old Town. A fabulous square which lots of Pintxos bars, my favourite were Zaharra (amazing chorizo rolls), Iturriza Taberna (great fish Pintxos), and Victor Montes. Another great place to eat is Erribera Merkatua, one of Europe’s largest undercover markets and had great stalls.

It’s SO cheap! Wine was €1.80 a glass on average (and they don’t measure), Beers €2.20 for 2/3rd glass. Pintxos were €1-2 euro. 

If you want somewhere to stay, Pension Ama in the old town was great. Super cheap, amazing location. 

Things to see: Guggenheim. Go up the Funicular for great views. I want to go back and do an art bike ride around. 

Finally if you have time go to San Sebastián. Coach was £16 there, and took about an hour and half. The food is better, marginally more expensive Pinxtos (talking €0.2-0.5 per Pintxos more), the wine is as cheap, and the beach is excellent. 

Would recommend 2 nights in Bilbao, 2-3 nights in San Seb. We’ve now gone to the Wine Region to make it a bit longer but overall great trip!

You must check out Haro if you are able. The epicentre of wine! Cune, Ramon Bilbao and Lopez de Heredia are highlights.

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58 minutes ago, Shuffle said:

Watched all 3 games in Bilbao  and loads of City over there.  The Basque people were very welcoming and  there was no trouble at all despite press offering money to start trouble. The France game was hairy when riot police baton charged he England fans beyond the goal but Bilbao is a top place to visit.  Now Madrid  and trouble was a completely different story! Was a great experience & we never lost a game in 82.

Not on our campsite! I was the token City fan. There was even a diehard Yeovil fan there.

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10 hours ago, Norn Iron said:

No idea where that is! 

How did you get your Bilbao tickets?

Got them over there ….. we hired a car from Keynsham & went for 5 weeks in total. Madrid as I say was a nightmare so we got out and headed to Benidorm and got a coach back for the 2 games against Spain & Germany 

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 Visited Bilbao around 2006 ish. 
Stayed a stones throw from the ground, but sadly there was no game on when we were there and they also wouldn’t let me have a little look around the stadium even though I asked nicely. 
One thing I will say for Bilbao - without doubt the cleanest city I’ve ever visited. Every street was spotless. They must’ve had 24/7 street cleaners. 
Got a bit moody in one of the clubs late on with a few locals eyeing up my girlfriend, but we soon sorted that. 

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On 01/06/2022 at 07:12, RedRock said:

Saint Jean de Luz, just on the French side of the border, was/is lovely when I visited on my ‘Grand Tour’ back in the 80’s. Mountain country on Spanish side equally so. 

Never forget a mountain river flowing into San Sebastián being fluorescent green through some sort of effluent discharge. Assume they’ve sorted that now. 

SJ de Luz was twinned with Weston S Mare! We had annual exchanges when at was at school in Churchill in the 70’s. Absolute carnage. They were brown skinned, well dressed and smoked French cigarettes in a way that was hopelessly cool. We were pasty, shabby farmers. Practically ever girl in our part of N Somerset lost her virginity to a Basque. We hated them, frankly, and when I learnt a little about regional politics I pledged lifetime loyalty to the Spanish monarchy and Real Madrid.

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