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own up,who knows,or think they know, the fixture lists for this coming season?

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Does anyone know when Sky are likely to confirm TV selections? It looks like they have for the opening weekend already but I'm not sure if they've decided beyond that. Sunderland are on TV first weekend so I'm hoping that their next fixture against us isn't moved for TV. Saturday afternoon, first home game, thousands of Mackems. It will be all set up for a great game and big crowd, albeit with some likely to be on holiday. 

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49 minutes ago, phantom said:

Funny how we always get weekends us and the gas are home

SATURDAY 12th November






Of only Wycombe and Fleetwood could swap fixtures. They could then share the same coach with our opponents. 

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9 minutes ago, ralphindevon said:

The mileage for me to go to the first 5 away games is about the same as me going to New York. 
And as they’re all in peak holiday time when just going to Tesco’s is a day out, I’ll probably swerve them tbh.

You must be praying for the day Plymouth and Exeter get promoted!

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Hull have come into some money so may not be the team we beat 5-0 at the end of last season. But any new players won't be bedded in properly by opening day I guess. I think we can look at stats and form and promotions and relegations and transfers but we can't know what's gonna happen. On paper, Hull and the August fixtures are pretty tidy so let's back our boys and make a strong start. Next 5 weeks can't pass fast enough. 

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