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It’s not the away kit

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2 minutes ago, sinenomine said:


A "Robin" kit. Black, grey and orange. 

I guess it's the third kit, although that's not explicitly stated. 


"City has launched 'The Robin' kit which will be used as a third option next season."

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5 minutes ago, sinenomine said:

I can't decide if I love it or hate it. It's definitely one of the two. 

I have fallen in love with that Robin logo with the wings spread.

This kit - not so sure.

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Nice kit. Use it away to Fulham, Preston, Coventry or someone else that plays in a light shade and it'll work nicely.

With a red home kit (obviously) and now this, we are presumably looking at a light or possibly even fully white away kit surely?

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Horrible !

I hope our football isn't going to be as drab as this kit.

If this is the best option for our 3rd kit, imagine how bad the other contenders were.

Best thing they can do is smother it with some Grecian 2000 or Just for Men (other brands are available).


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It’s beautiful. It’s a footie shirt that doesn’t look like a footie shirt - perfect for wearing out & about.

If they had done the home shirt in that same template with red middle & white sleeves it would have been far better than the collared version we have ended up with. 

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