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Cheltenham Town friendly match day thread

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4 minutes ago, Kid in the Riot said:

Naismith basically playing sweeper and is incredibly vocal. Fan favourite in the making.

Wilson massive upgrade at RWB. 

Sykes struggling to get into the game so far. 

We've created a few good chances through Wilson, Naismith and James.

Agree with all of this

Sykes has looked lost so far. Hopefully he will find his feet in time.

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I have not had any streaming issues, coverage is quite good for a training ground feed. 

Typical pre season game. Set up with 3 at the back as expected. You can see the challenges we will face using that as the other Robins have ended up 4 on 3 a couple of times. Anyway, lot of work to do on shape. . Plenty of pre season passing . 

Looks a very nice day at the HPC. 

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1 minute ago, Port Said Red said:

Sykes getting into it more now, but Tanner is going to have his work cut out to oust Wilson on this showing. Atkinson getting a long way forward on several occasions.

Agreed. If Wilson doesn’t get injured he’s playing every game, has looked insanely good. Every ball he puts in is absolutely begging to be tapped in. 

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Good training exercise, looking sharp and ball retention isn't too bad.

Bit predictable up front, toothless so far, but its only the first friendly of the season.

As others have said, Wilson looks a very good signing.







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