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Forest Green Rovers pre-season friendly match day thread

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1 minute ago, Port Said Red said:

But also playing an almost free role, defending high up the pitch and getting forward into the opposition half.

Indeed, in the first minute of the game he was the furthest player forward pressing their right back! Continued to do it all game.

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How they are running around in this heat... I do rather like our various kits this year, the best in many years. Well done Hummel and whoever got them involved. Football, better to see the Cb's moving forward into midfield and filling some gaps. First time I have looked at Sykes, he looks quite rapid and mobile. . Another good workout .

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Just now, Numero Uno said:

Decent goal and nice movement but that was proper crisp packet hands from the keeper...........if Bentley concedes that there would be a few grumbling.

I think Sykes’s pace is deceiving - but can’t disagree he did get past the keeper quite easily!

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1 minute ago, NYTRAM said:

Through the Browser so it might be the App that's not allowing the feed. 

Thanks I’ve started using my fire tablet again as I will use on holiday to read 

Couldn’t find the app in the store and the OS says app not available on fire stick so probably same thing 

Was just wondering if it’s available on newer models 

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17 minutes ago, Port Said Red said:

Good ball from Vyner, (as no one else will say it). 

Hes had a decent game, would be a good signing for someone at League One level.

As I say that he does an awful pass into no one in centre mid which leads to a shot for Forest Green...

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9 minutes ago, Red Army 75 said:

I know it’s only friendlies. But not to concede a goal yet in over 3 and a half games of football. Is very encouraging IMO. Especially after how many we conceded last season 

Was waiting for someone to say this. That's Hull scoring inside 10 minutes 🤣

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