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Nigel Pearson will be on Sounds of the City Monday 25th July

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Asked whether he's excited/stimulated by the challenge of building a team and changing the club - "that's why I'm here, if it was just about being a head coach of a team I wouldn't bother" It's time consuming, difficult, problematic, but at this stage of his career it's what he wants to do. About being part of a group who want to move the club in a different direction and are prepared to take the challenges on. No point moaning about the situation we're in, up to us as a club to find solutions.

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My synopsis:

Priceless NP, great insights and a very good interview IMO

‘Excited’ (in the context of the new season) NP ‘it’s not a word a tend to use’ 😀

‘Hard to align being competitive and being sustainable’ but we need to

Lots of agent/media speculation ‘I have no time for that kind of crap’

‘I’ve  another two years on my contract and it’s all about achieving the objective, even if the time-scale is ultimately longer’

If you have players you want to move on but can’t you have to make the most of them and certainly ensure they don’t make a nuisance of themselves

I work for and with the club

There’s no approach from us that involves ‘selling bull’ when looking to attract new players, we are just honest with people

Twentyman went ‘fishing’ for players who have impressed pre-season and NP gave it a straight-bat and wasn’t drawn into naming anybody, although he acknowledged that there had been individuals who’d shone

Managing Joe Williams (in terms of protecting him) was raised, NP ‘he’s done exceptionally well but we have to ensure the maintenance of him is taken care of’

AS - hopefully back in September, TK - has a ‘grumbly problem’ it’s hard to put a time line on it, HNM an offer is on the table so it’s in his hands, he remains a squad player there’s nothing happening re him committing himself to the Club or moving on, ZV - we need players and while we aren’t flushed with players and he’s contracted to us so we need to ‘ensuring he’s on-side’ he gets minutes in readiness

I’m here because I’m stimulated by being apart of those who want to move the club in a different direction, so it’s successful in the present and in the future, if I was just a Head Coach I would not be here. We need an approach which finds solutions to our problems. We are making really important progress in many areas

The people who are in the building/set-up are all taking forward the challenge (to progress BCFC) once people are in ‘survival mode’ you have to manage the situation and sometimes that means managing people out

GT ‘How do you quantify progress?’ NP ‘We have to be more successful in terms of points as that’s a tangible measure. I believe in building teams not collecting players’ The risk is, of course, this takes longer and I came to the club because of the necessity to change things, it makes sense to do things differently

Loan players were explored by GT, NP responded ‘I’ve used loan players wherever I’ve been, loans aren’t cheap and we certainly need the right culture if we are going to bring them to the club, so this season I think it is more viable - if they are the right ones - our enquiries to-date have not been successful but it’s not for the lack of trying






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3 minutes ago, The Coach said:

Recap I've taken from NP tonight:


Nigel wants to be competitive. May just be me. But wants this squad of players to aim high this coming season

Squad looking fitter than last season

Naismith secured a better contract offer here than at Luton. Naismith excited at the project at Bristol City. 

Confident Sykes & Wilson have the technicality, motivation and desire to be successful. Something that is often not talked about in players.

3 players that were brought in on a free helped us massively due to our financial predicament.

Wants to achieve his 3 year objective as originally set out. However, now believes it may take a bit longer due to our situation and the current market. 

Still has ambition to sign more players. Less likely to do more business due to current financial challenges. But states things could change. Highlighted there has been interest from some clubs with a couple of our players but doesn't want to lose any of these players.

Will not disclose who's impressed him this pre-season. 

Spoke with Tins, wants to put some young players out on loan. Due to the numbers, cannot afford to do so. Young players pathways could be disrupted as numbers are short in the squad. 

Joe Williams - always going to be a concern with his injury record. Joe may not play 2 games in a short space of time (i.e, Saturday, Tues, Saturday).

Semenyo - Hoping to be back in September from injury.

Kalas - Not making much progress on his injury. Something that has cropped up before

Massengo - No update on Massengo contract. Offer on the table for over a season more or less to sign. Squad player who may get game time (sounds like he won't be a first starter going forward). No interest in him from other clubs. Sounds like he will run contract down. 

Vyner - Appears to me the club cannot offload him. Sounds like he's just making up the squad numbers. NP highlights he's had a good pre-season however. 

In terms of the operation of the football club. Wants those high up to take on the challenge of moving up the ladder and having the ambition to progress. Understands the challenges and issues but everyone involved with the club needs to find a way to progress. 

Loan Players - Not keen. You sign PL loan players, their wages are high and it bites into the wage budget. Not a cheap option. Again, not ruling out but would have to be the right loan signing. Also highlights other Championship clubs are chasing the same young players to loan.

Starting XI for Saturday not yet finalised. Knows the bulk of his first XI but players still have 4 days to change his mind. 






On loans, he did say that we've made some enquiries with PL clubs but they take these youngsters on tours with them and want to have a look at what level they're at before deciding what to do with them, exactly the same as we've been doing with our own youngsters. Also said that the reason he hasn't brought loans in up to this point is that the existing culture at the club wasn't strong enough to have players in who wouldn't be here the year after. Is a viable option this year because the culture is stronger than it's been at any point since he's been here, they have to be the right player though.

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Interesting & as usual, open & honest.

Certainly dampening down too much enthusiasm by saying no Semenyo before September, implying Kalas’ injury isn’t improving & pretty much ruling out further transfers.


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