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City Fans Always Moan


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about the lack of coverage we get from the media.

Always last on the Football League show, next to nothing in the national press about our games week in and week out.

So last night the Bristol derby is the only game on and it's live on Sky and a sell out crowd at AG. A cracking atmosphere, an entertaining match and a couple of goals that would grace any premier/champions league fixture, so plenty for the media to report when they have no other games to report on.

Thanks to a relatively few idiots, we have the level of media coverage we normally want but it is all about the "trouble" at the end of the game. I am fed up reading posters excusing what happened because "rovers did just the same in 2007" as though that makes it all right. As far as I know with every league club it is an offence to go onto the pitch ( stand to be corrected if I'm wrong) and I suggest that every fan knows that. Also, while a relative few were congratulating City players, there is no doubt that a large number of those on the pitch went across to goad the Rovers fans in the East End.

I've read on other forums fans of other clubs reaction to last night and the general opinion is that we are small time if our fans do this after round one of the JPT - and they're right!

Sometimes I have to admire SL's fortitude in continuing to try and improve this club. He gets knocked back by the planners with the new stadium ( you can bet your bottom dollar the protesters will bring up last night's behaviour when it goes to the next appeal) spends millions to end up back in league 1, and when he does make massive changes to improve the club for the long term, he reads City fans knocking the manager's attempts to make those changes on the pitch after only a couple of weeks of the new season.

On top of all of that, a local show piece game is completely overshadowed by the actions of a few so called supporters of the club. He must use face palm all the time when emailing the board!

At the moment I suspect our club is most well known for smashing up a pub in Nottingham and last night's pitch invasion. Makes us look good doesn't it?

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