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Swindon Away Advice


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Our lot are going in the Arkells. Few extra ££ but its covered, better view and last time I sat there we won 3-0.

Also the bonus of not having the EE idiot Kids singing out of tune and talking utter moronic garbage all match. It's only about 10 of them, but they really do ruin away games.

PS. If you are one of them, then please sit in the Stratton Bank.!

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Depends on the weather and what kind of view you want. The Stratton Bank is OK if it's dry and you don't mind being behind the goal - it's the one that always looks as if there's no-one in it whenever Swindle are on telly,

The Arkells is a traditional type of wing stand although I seem to remember the wooden tip up seats are a bit on the small side...but that could be because I've got a big *rse.

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"The club has been allocated 960 tickets in the covered Arkells Stand and 1922 tickets in the uncovered Stratton Bank."

Going to Swindon away. Can anybody advise which is the best place to get a ticket for?

Arkells without a doubt.

Live a 5 minute walk away from the ground and can fit 2 cars on the driveway. Let me know if anybody wants some free car parking.

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