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Right Before You All Start! It's September!


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Please! None of the following for the next few days....It's boring and just depressing! Do you really think SOD can wave a magic wand relatively overnight!!

So banned....

1. Saying that SOD doesn't know what he's doing

2. Blaming Fontaine, Johnson, Fielding etc.

3. Stating your opinion on who should have started played today etc.

4. Talking about League 2 or conference football.

5. Talking about the past few seasons and how this season is just the same....it's only just started for God's sake!

6. Saying will SOD walk!

Put things into context and remember it's only September! We are still in this league, the league cup, the JPT and the FA Cup. We're scoring goals - albeit not today against a very good team at this level. We have largely played teams that will be there or there abouts up until now.

Heads down and take each game as it comes. Now I'll shut up......role on Shrewsbury eh???

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I'm not saying that we should all be happy! Just get behind the team and I'm sure things will come good.

when? what is your timescale? the status quo will find us relegated, something has to change whether its mindset or player choice; the manger will also not survive another relegation

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Yep the facts are there and it's not great! It's just all this going from ecstasy one minute i.e. 'I think we'll got a chance of the play-offs, we'll world beaters one minute......to we are crap, SOD doesn't know what he's doing and we are going to end up in the conference the next. Look at the bigger picture.....much, much has improved since the end of last season. We are so much more competitive and attractive on the eye and in time I'm sure the results will come. I'll leave you all to argue amongst yourself now......COYR!!

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