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Is It Time For A New Manger

JET will tear you apart

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No, but I'd have serious words with him about his attitude to fans and his demeanor

We need to pull in the same direction and his bitching of fans is only going to raise emotions and is far too antagonistic.

If he doesn't understand that, my answer changes instantly to yes as he is just going to further alienate a core of the club's clients and is really on a hiding to nothing.

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You can't help but wonder if the only people who aren't motivated by the manager are the fans, who only have communication with him via media sources. Maybe he just isn't comfortable with a camera or a microphone stuck in front of him.

He spoke in the post match interview about how they'd decided at half time to discuss a solution to the problems, rather than giving the team a bollocking. If they needed to be shouted out, I'm sure he would have done, but with the team booed off the pitch, he probably took the role of 'motivator' rather than laying in to them for a second time.

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It will give us motivation

New start


Everything that ha happened in last 2 months down the drain

New back room staff

Reshuffle a quarter way through the season

Do you think it's time

I think we need to stick with SOD, due to our terrible position we will not attract anybody any better. However, I am really concerned that our performances seem to be getting worse than better. With such a young team I want to see green shoots of progress and the last two games there has been no positive progress made.

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No. If people haven't grasped the situation the club is in financially and the rebuilding job Sean has on his hands by now, I don't think they ever will...

Asking questions like this only adds more pressure on the young squad and the Head Coach. What would you expect any other manager would do differently? They can't come in and spend, they'll have the same squad of players and it will just make a team already in transition even more so. SO'D isn't even able to bring in a loan signing (going by his pre-match interview) which I think is very poor on the board's part when considering we've quite clearly needed a striker on loan since we sold Davies - JET and Baldock are great but I'd prefer JET in behind the front two, as was the case for the last 30 minutes tonight.

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