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Poll: Continue With Youth Development Or Spend?


Continue with development or spend?  

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Spending really isn't and option on the cards as Lansdown has made it clear he isn't going to throw money at the side. But if things got really REALLY bad i doubt he would allow us to rot and go down would he? But given the choice which would you pursue knowing that we will have performances like last night throughout the season? Do you back the board's philosophy knowing we will play unattractive but possibly successful football with a young side and a few veterans? Or do you think if results don't go our way we must ditch the plan in order to save the season should things not go our way, as in come January our situation is the same. Thoughts?

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I think your comments have loaded it a bit. We tried not having youth and had awful performances.

What i mean is, the signings we have made are free's or hand me down's from the Championship (bar Aiden Flint), not transfer transfers as such. I'm not saying they don't have potential or aren't good, but as with Peterborough we know money tends to talk more. If this is just a survival season it could be a dangerous one.

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How much success have we had since I started supporting city.. A few tinpot trophies and a stint in the championship... All done with experienced players, last few years the team has been stacked with experienced players, hell at one point we had over 30 on the books.. And we achieved nothing of note...

So how about we actually try something different for once, and see where this leads... The younger players Williams, Bryan and Reid have been amongst our best players (last night they and JET were the best players on the pitch).

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With respect... this is just the type of thing that frustrates me and is probably pissing SoD off as well.

There are financial restrictions in place now.

We are at the limit of those.

Even if SL wanted to spend Millions he's not allowed to.

Why don't fans realise this?

I'll tell you how bad it is compared to previous seasons... one of our first team squad players is supposedly on £700 a week.

You can't even compare to last season...it's a whole different ball game.

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