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Have you been to every game this season?


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Wondering if we have many amongst our ranks who has watched every league game this season?

If so, you'd be the polar opposite to me as finances dictate that this year I have to take a bit of a 'backseat view' and have only seen 2 matches.

It's tough when you don't see so many games, as you have to rely on reviews / reports / limited match highlights etc.

So, my second question is what is life like going to every league game, home and away?

And did you manage to go to every game last season?


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Only been to one so far, which was at Brighton. However after the new year there are a few south east games so I'll get a few under my belt then. I think the first is Reading.

Otherwise only seen city via Sky games which I suspect has given me a more favourable view on how well we can play in the Championship. I'm hoping that view does not need a reality check in the new year.

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I've been to every home game apart from Wolves. No away games yet - since having kids I only usually get to one or two away games each season.

For the first 12-15 games or so I had the feeling that it was mostly small margins in games that were going against us. I feel more pessimistic now - it doesn't bode well that we are in December and only have 3 wins.

A couple of wins in the next couple of games would make a huge difference but seem unlikely because we are finding them hard to come by.

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