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Steve Cotterill: the 100th "Great" under the Dolman?

Jack Dawe

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7 minutes ago, Southstandoriginal said:

Isn't no 100 already filled by a picture of Harry Dolman playing table tennis and no I'm not kidding?! There's plenty of room for Cotts though.

I've no idea. There's got to be room for HD though!

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An excellent idea.

We could make some room for other City players/managers/staff/fans by taking down the ******* egg chasers and Jenson Button and the like as well while we're there. I mean I'm a big Somerset fan, but Viv Richards and Ian Botham on the roof of the Dolman instead of literally hundreds of people that should be remembered for the role they've played in Bristol City? Give me strength.

I recognise I'm guilty of going on a bit of a tangent there.

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9 hours ago, Red-Robbo said:

Most definitely. 


6 hours ago, caseyeverett300 said:

Most definitely 


9 hours ago, ZiderEyed said:


Thank you all, although @ZiderEyed, you don't seem quite as sure as   @Red-Robbo  and @caseyeverett300 there. Would you like to upgrade your vote and add a "most"?

And well done all for spelling definately correctly. Excellent

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Top idea, Cotts will go down as a legend for what he has achieved in such a short time.  He's also got the added grace of not relegating City, which would have been a massive black mark against him.

How I'd love to go for a pint or two with the man and discuss his time at City. 

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