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Great support had a lot to do with it, well done all


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I'm especially glad the crowd did not turn on Bobby when he had a tough start to the game misplacing passes and losing possession etc in the first half.

Sure it was frustrating at times but the more minutes a player has the more confident they will be so for the guys who have not been getting a look in I hope they are given enough time to get to their top level. 

Even though I thought Bobby should have shot earlier when in the box on a great chance in the second half I liked that he had the presence of mind to try and get a bit of room, he got injured in the process and the fans still clapped for him when he got up even though he had squandered a great chance, that was great - these little things count and no surprise he was playing very well later stages of second half.

For the guys that have not been getting a lot of game time I hope we are patient as they try and show what they can do at this level



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