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Bolton football club in the High Court (MERGED)

Never to the dark side

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1 hour ago, Rudolf Hucker said:

A chilling reminder of 1982 and "Brisol City - Now or Never". I wish Bolton well because I would hate the supporters of any football club to lose the team they love.

While I agree with the sentiment I do wonder how I'd feel if the squatters went under. I think I would feel genuinely sorry for my deluded mates, but I would get over it quite quickly :cool:

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8 minutes ago, kingswood red said:

And it goes on and on.

There was always a realistic chance hearing today would be adjourned. Club were always going to get away with it - especially as the transfer window Is open & any player sales will bring extra money in that could pay off some/most of tax bill. At the end of the day, the courts will want biggest potential return to creditors, and they will perceive the added time given will see a better return / whole return (if they can negotiate sale of business / shift a couple of players on).


Now they have bought themselves more time, I am not so convinced they will end up entering administration. Only time will tell though.

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