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The Top 14 and Just a Hint of a Gap

Port Said Red

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I noticed this morning that at a 1/3 of the way through the season, things are starting to squeeze together as usual in this league. Sheffield Wednesday in 14th are 3 points off of 6th place and there is little to choose between many of the clubs in that area.

I know Villa play Preston tonight and a win for either side will see them jump into the top 6 but a draw, would see us with a nice little cushion, keeping out of the melee below. 

A win or even a draw Saturday would see us in a nice healthy position before the international break.

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I`m liking the fact that we are already 17 points off the bottom three - more points than games we`ve played. Even if last season did repeat itself we probably wouldn`t end up in the bottom three as a result.

I think the safety level this season is going to be a low one - it looks like we have more than one really bad side in the division this season.

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On 01/11/2017 at 08:46, RedDave said:

A year ago I joked on here that it was only X wins until safety.  Lots of likes and laughs and then we nearly went down!  

So to keep with tradition, only seven wins until safety is pretty much guaranteed...

Funnily enough we had the same conversation leaving Fulham on Tuesday. 

We reckoned another 20 points would be enough this year. 

And yes that is a half empty glass you can see!

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