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International Break


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Might be a good time for Wright to get away and take his mind off the events of the week.

Also as you say, we need the recovery time as December is packed full of massive games. Sheff Utd, Wolves, Boro, a certain Manchester  based club plus Villa on New Year's Day.  We would really lve to have as much of the squad available as possible.

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It's boring with no City matches but the break has come at a good time in view of the 'walking wounded' having time to recover full fitness.

Its also a chance for Djuric and Taylor to put in extra trading in view of them being missing with injury earlier in the season.

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To be honest , while it will make a bit of a difference (:fingerscrossed:) it won't effect us too much.
Hegeler , Famara and Pisanno are all long term.
BW thanks to the geniuses at the sweet FA , still has a match to serve.
So that leaves Pato , Baker,Taylor and hopefully Bobby to make the most of the break and get fit .
I really think we need to bring in a player or two in January, didn't think I'd be saying that at the start of the season, we could really press on with a quality MF and how things look we could do with RB cover.

 I have a feeling , if we keep up our form until the window opens Uncle Steve with be happy to dig deep again. 

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