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QPR Allocation


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31 minutes ago, BCFC J said:

So whilst every single other club in the league bar us and Millwall get 3,000 at Loftus Road, we've again only been allocated half of that. Why on earth is that @AdamB? We could sell out the 3k there quite comfortably with how we're going at the moment.

Not so sure 2 days before xmas.

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11 hours ago, ZiderEyed said:

Is there a history of trouble? Never done Loftus Road so wouldn't know, but its the only thing I could think of that would affect it.

Only "trouble" I can remember was a midweek game in 2001 which was POTD and the idiots only had two turnstiles open. Our fans started kicking off because of missing the start despite getting there in good time. QPR completely underestimated our turn out and I missed first 15 minutes with many more behind me. They were forced to open up the lower tier of the away end after we filled the top half.....:cool:

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