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Bristol City vs Boro


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Hi All,

My uncle is unable to attend Saturdays fixture anymore and I have a ticket available for less than face value if anybody is interested. He purchased for £25 and is happy to give away for £20 to somebody who wishes to attend.

South Stand - Block S22 - Row 28.

This is an E-ticket so can happily email over for convenience if needed.

No time wasters please


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8 minutes ago, Major Isewater said:

Did you attend the Colin Sextone School of Negotiations ? 

I'm not trying to negotiate. Just trying to get rid of a ticket to another supporter for a discounted price as it wont be used so it seems a waste to just chuck it.

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1 hour ago, Bar BS3 said:

Spot the person who bought a membershipand random match ticket, to get a Man Utd ticket..!

Not that there’s anything wrong in doing so, I might add!

I’m a season ticket holder and got my ticket for that already . Sorry to disappoint but It’s genuinely my uncles 65+ ticket who sits in the South with his pal and has his United ticket already :laugh:. 

 But totally understand how it comes across that way now you’ve put it like that!! 

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