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It's Sunday I'm going to church to prey


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I went to church .

The priest changed the sermon at the last minute and nobody understood what he was on about .

The congregation were disjointed, some sat down when they should have been kneeling, stood up when they should have been sat down . 


The singing was pretty non existant and a lot of folks left before the end .

It was nice to get away from City for an hour or so . 

1 hour ago, Wanderingred said:

If he doesn't care to stop war, poverty and disease then he's certainly not going to intervene with an obscure second tier football club!

Stop it , who do you think starts it all ? 

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LJ enters the confessional:


LJ: Bless me, Father, I have sinned, but it was the crowd's fault. it is three months since my last home win, er shot on target, no, sorry, since my last confession.

Fr: ah, go on Ted (Fr. is gass. Kind of). What are your sins?

LJ: I have been working too much, probably, to be fair, and probably over-coaching a bit....

Fr: ah, come on Ted. You can say it like it is in here

LJ: er, ok, well, I've been telling fibs a bit, swearing a lot, shouted at me missus the other day, mind, that was her fault, and picking Jamie Paterson. Every week. 

Fr: **** me, Ted. Three Hail Mary's, and an Our Father. 

LJ: but it's not my fault, I had to sell Reid, Flint and Bryan. I've got no leaders..... and Mark Ashton, he's......

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