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this shows how stoopid our FA is

Never to the dark side

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2 hours ago, Calculus said:

Ok, a fairly basic mistake but no big deal really. 21 day suspension seems completely OTT.

Going on last week think our Lee might use 'eeny meeny' in making subs.

Dip, dip, Doo surely :laugh:

This does seem a little crazy, easy to borrow a coin from the crowd if quicker than going to the dressing room. But as long as both captains agreed the method what was the problem. I guess the Ref would have been in equal trouble for delaying the kick off if he had messed about trying to source a coin? After all that what’s decided isn’t it, which way teams are kicking towards and who kicks off, not usually a game changer over 90 minutes unless it is blowing a gale or something.

I was watching bbc breakfast chat about this earlier, they were trying to find out if it was in the rules that a coin had to be tossed, they didn’t think so

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