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Forest and Derby both home next week at same time

Never to the dark side

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On 16/12/2018 at 08:20, Never to the dark side said:

How things have changed

Just a reminder that Derby are on home to forest on Monday live on Sky

If you wanna see Frank Lampards derby County before next Saturday 

Let's hope for an attritional derby game with a couple of  straight reds for the Sheep . 

Isewater's Instant Opposition Team Flu Ointment worked a treat for the Norwich squad .

All's fair  in love and football. 

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18 minutes ago, Red Army 75 said:

Can’t stand that referee 


16 minutes ago, steviestevieneville said:

There’s always a talking point when he refs. Likes to be centre of attention 


11 minutes ago, Slippin cider said:

Coz he’s only 4 foot 3!


1 minute ago, Northern Red said:

He absolutely loves it. Definitely one of them who thinks everyone is watching because of him.

Without looking......Keith Stroud?

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17 hours ago, dave36 said:

Stroud, small man big ego and shit decisions, fits with our leadership!

seriously though if we play with half the enthusiasm we showed against Norwich Derby are there for the taking!

Little man syndrome....seems to think that everyone is tuning in just to watch him ...here’s the thing Keith , they’re not ,and think you’re a sawn off little pr**k ! 

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