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Andy Gray's 5 To Watch ( Division Two)

Guest TinmansCulturedLeftPeg

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Guest TinmansCulturedLeftPeg

5. Bobby Zamora (Brighton and Hove Albion)

Expect the tall but talented hitman to go from strength to strength and cement his status as a predator in the box with his twisting and turning to get sights of goal. He is a composed player but difficult to mark. Stepping up a level won't be a problem for him.

4. Graham Kavanagh (Cardiff City)

The battling central midfielder is ever so comfortable on the ball. Despite not being the best at actually winning the ball, he does have a sound positional sense and is consistent at passing and shooting. His appointment as club captain soon after signing is an indication of how important he is to his new club.

3. Paul Evans (Brentford)

His tough-tackling, quality free-kicks, quality flag-kicks and self-confidence will be features to justify my selection. I predict this to be the best season of his career so far, he isn't the tallest or fastest of players but this playmaker is tough and admirable.

2. Arjan De Zeeuw (Wigan Athletic)

A central defender who has emerged as the division's best due to his composure on the ball for such a big lad. He is also more than competent at this standard to prevent attackers reaching dangerous positions due to an improvement in awareness at tracking runs. Not much gets past him these days because he has learnt to stand his ground and be more patient rather than going in for a challenge too early or too wildly.

1. Aaron Brown (Bristol City)

It only takes one big move in modern day football to be made for life and even though this pacey left-footed midfielder still has time on his side, many believe this will be his break-through season. Don't be suprised if his lively runs, upper body strength and threatening final balls are able to turn games. He has the legs and the quick-thinking to play at a higher level.

Edit: Now this gets me thinking....what has Aaron Brown done for 3+ years?! Doesn't time fly....

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Guest MaloneFM

...and the inconsistencey of a Pub Team clogger.

When Aaron Brown was good he made you weep with joy. But he played in patches down the left. He would dissapear for ages at a time, sometimes a whole half.

Andy Gray knows about football but he aint got a season ticket and didn't watch him last season.

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Guest TinmansCulturedLeftPeg

Paul Evans - Tinman out-smarted him against Brentford away when he pretended that he was going to blast an in-direct free-kick (which he undeservedly won against Evans originally) with power but instead he chipped it with his left foot onto Evans' arm who was racing towards him and it earned a penalty which he then put away....pure class!!!!

Graham Kavanagh - Tinman out-smarted him against Cardiff at home when there was a free-kick about 35 yards out and Tins was heavily signalling that it would be a ball into the box aiming for Butler at the far post. So Kavanagh read this and as he was ordering about three players to mark Butler, Tinman took the free-kick suddenly when Kavanagh had his back turned trying to organise marking in the box and it was actually a curling shot to the near post top corner that forced a great save from their keeper. Ohh ahh Tinnion let's say ooh ahh Tinnion....

Arjan De Zeeuw - Mr Lee Peacock got the better of him twice in the opening minutes on New Years Day 2002 to put us 2-0 up against promotion rivals Wigan at home (we were top of the league at the time)....he peeled away from De Zeeuw for the first goal and then just over-powered De Zeeuw for the second goal....Murray was the provided with low crosses both times but he was put through originally from Tinman's stunning cross-field balls....


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