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We Are Going To Win Against Bournmouth

Never to the dark side

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Its time we got rid of the nearly men,team label and actually do it; if Heffer/Murray aint doing it try somebody else,Roberts/Miller/Gillespie; NO SURRENDER JUST HAVE EM :rolleyes::whistle::whistle:

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Cos the lucky charm in the guise of Ally Durdain

and MARK SHAIL will be doing the commentry.

Now if Ally had not gone to the mem with his wife

on tuesday night, and gone to Barnsly instead.

Things might have been different

Heart says 'YES' mind says..... they are due a win against us but we have the team to beat them...... Brothers wife 'AFC Bournemouth' supporter says they played c-r-a-p the other day...... and they won't beat us , which means they might but I still want us to have that convincing victory against them despite what I have written regarding my mind...... O'Kay :rolleyes:

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