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How Long Before The First Half Dozen Tinman Out Pt


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Go on how long before some of you sad fjerks go and ask

Steve L/Colin S, when Tinman gets sacked, go on, some of you losers know you want to, especially those of you, thinking Wonder-Son got a harsh deal, after only four ******* years?????

Sad to see such "Loyalty" from the "wonderful" City faithful eh???

BTW, sticks and stones and all that, all wasted on me-and what ever happened to a fair chance eh???????Oh I see 3 games is afair chance eh :D

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Guest Pointy

DAmn Straight .REALLY can not understand all this pessimism towards tins and most of the team!! who Actually expected us to win everything and be top of the league ??? i for one sure didnt i think playoffs would be an acheivement and i would be proud :D

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