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Bournemouth Ratings & Brief Summary


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Philipps 6 Mistake for 1 goal, but made some good saves. Usual erratic kicking.

Smith 5 Tough tackling, but often mis-timed. Poor distribution today

Coles 6 Won a lot in the air. Was busy

Fortune 6 Erratic. Great, average and terrible. Needs time and confidence.

Hill 5 Not impressive, but was stitched up by the 2nd half formation

Doherty 4 Worst game for a long time. Whingy and ineffective (will be back)

Anyinsah 7 Gets score for his positivity. Had no service and worked hard.

Orr 6 Jury very much out here. Nothing inspiring

Murray 4 Very poor game from an out of form player

Heffernan6 Little service. Some good moments of skill

Lita 6 Got goal, but did little else. Looks naive.


Miller 10 Superb. Changed the game, won all headers. Brilliant performance

Goodfellow8 Great direct positive running at the defence.

Gillespie 8 Worked hard,intelligent player who helps build attacks. Big future.

Tinnion 3 Should of played Miller from the start and this not just as he did well, but because 2 small men isn't working. Good to make early subs but what was the formation? Did the players know? The fans certainly didn't! There was no-one on the left so they constantly attacked with 2 on the right leaving Hill very exposed (shocking tactics). Please work on defending corners. Also get Tommy to practice taking corners (1 cost us a goal).

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