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Crisis Of Confidence


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Maybe it won't be with these players, and maybe not even with this board of directors, but success will come with GJ. For now, we need to keep believing that, because that's all we have.

Agree. :city:

As for season tickets - did you agree when people didn't want to renew after BT was appt ?

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Best post of the weekend. The stats show we weren't outplayed. It's a shame that it's the scoreline that counts cos that was the most unfair stat of them all. I'd go to say that if we'd had a little more luck on the day we could of snatched three points. Luck always seems to favour the ones at the top not the bottom! :( Their goalie slipped and somehow managed to recover, the ball smacked into one of their players and managed to go over their crossbar! If that had been us that would of been two more goals to them!

Keep the faith, it'll get better :)

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Totally agree, at this rate there will never be any more nights of sheer passion and joy such as the Hartlepool semifinal playoff second leg.

And I want there to be.

Can't help but think this will change sometime soon though, I really can't see it going on for long.

Well, I can, but I'm trying not to... :unsure:

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I agree Godzilla. But unfortunately it's also an attitude that is prevalent amongst the supporters.

It seemed on Saturday that after the first goal went in, it was a minority that actually thought we could come back and get something out of the game.

Far too many people seem intent on going to the game and actively looking for something to complain about. It took 3 minutes 50 seconds (I glanced at the scoreboard) for the first audible groan on Saturday (it followed a misplaced pass I think). Surely this attitude transfers itself to the players, who become more frightened of making mistakes, and thus are more inhibited and less likely to take the kind of risks that are necessary to break down teams with stubborn defences.

Please don't take the above as a criticism of the fans - far from it. The players on Saturday lacked balance, shape and leadership, and they are the only ones responsable for their errors.

My point is that we as fans can make a huge difference if we give them a little leeway and don't expect them to be perfect.

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