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Can I Ask What The Motorway Journeys Were Like?

Never to the dark side

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I went through Malmesbury to avoid it, meant I missed a pint but didn't have to drum my fingers on the dashboard of the combine-harvester.

You went through Malmesbury and you didn't tell me?!?! :Rage:

My journey took 2.5hrs instead of 1. My combine has got hand sized holes in the dashboard. And after I got past the accident a single blue light on an overhead bridge flashed at me. Someone tell me this was an one-eyed alien and not a speed camera (because I was trying to make up time).

At least I got to listen to the commentary on the radio.

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Sorry, but in future rely on Radio Bristol not me.

You might be lucky, there looks to be quite a sizable population of alien lifeforms in the Swindon area. Perhaps that was why you were late? Probed by little green men in their saucer and then had your memory wiped? :w00t:

My memory wiped? So we won after all?

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