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Where Do You Start ?

andy g

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Gary Johnsons problem is that he has got to revive a squad which has been playing without heart or direction for so long its become a habit. Its not a squad of bad players, its a squad of decent players who have been playing badly for so long, they've forgotten how to play well.

The wholesale changes of last season (and the preseason) have left us with a squad of strangers and we've lost the players who served Danny Wilson so well.

But how does Johnson turn this around now ?

You could hold more witch-hunts and get rid of players you don't think are up for the cause. But that didnt work last season.

You could bring in more players on free transfers. But that didnt work over the summer.

You could try to instill some belief in the current squad of players. But thats proving difficult, especially when results don't go our way.

This club is in a real mess and if Gary Johnson can save us from relegation and turn us into a club capable of promotion again it will be an amazing achievement.

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