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Johnsons Got A Brazilian...

andy g

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... and he showed it to everyone today (snigger)

there were a couple of instances today when Basso showed some surprisingly deft footwork to get out of trouble. How Brazilian !

And as long as he doesnt dribble his way into trouble its reasuring to have a keeper who can use his feet.

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Guest Ronmeister

Fantastic skill it was 2nd half, dribbled right the way past his man, stepovers here and there, nice little flick-over, and then smacks it upfield...

..Fantastic :cool:

Dolly's "endearing" name for him was also very interesting.

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I thought Basso had a terrific game and did well to keep a clean sheet.

The fact that he was confident enough to dribble around opposition strikers simply illustrates how comfortable he is with his own ability.

Some may call it stupid or risky, and perhaps it was, but it was refreshing to see and put a much needed smile on many a city fan's face.

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Guest Cadburyheath Red

I know this one....... erm, it's something a bit like an airstrip or runway....... I'm right am I not?

Mind you I'm surprised that he's been showing it off and that any of you were looking....... :blush:

Yeah you're right, which reminds me of a joke.

Beauty salons in the London area have noticed a drop in trade recently......... after it was announced the Met Police are doing Brazilians for nothing!

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