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Todays Game


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I had a great day out today, work with a chap called Glenn who is one of the Port Vale directors so he invited me to join him in the director's bit of the vale ground. Anyway I'll get to the point he wanted me to convay his thanks to the respect shown by the Away fans during the minutes silence for their physio poor bloke :(. So from Glenn Thanks ;)

As for my day I like Bas Savage he's clumsy but works like a mad man he gets my vote on his work rate alone, he chased the ball endlessly and put in some good balls, as a target man I reserve judgment for the moment.

The team as a whole played well, and deserved the win the ref was awfull made the game look very dirty on paper when tbh the only harsh challange was the booking for a tackle on Orr.

They have been feeding Mickey Bell well :)

Highlight's for me were that I got to hold a short conversation with Steve Landsdown about the goal, got to watch the game while sat with the some Vale fans witch was great beacuase we won and I got to hear all the moaning from a set of fans that aint our own \o/ and managed to shake GJ's hand (and mumble "Hello Mr Johnson", let meself down a bit there) said hello to some city players as I was on me way home.

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Thanks for that, to not show respect to the man on a terrible double tragedy would have been very low.

After all we're all human.

Weren't the Vale fans quiet.

they did have a bout 40 in a corner who we wre having good banter with...but they all cleared off at half time :blink: none of them came back

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