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The World Famous Red Goblin Bcfc Christmas Quiz....

Mr Mosquito

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....it's that time of year again and it's a short and sweet Red Goblin quiz this year for the discerning BCFC quiz freak.....

1) After 65 years absence from the top flight, what world famous football club did we beat in our first game back where we belong?

2) What was the name of that club's original ground where BCFC played them during our first top flight spell in the early 1900's.

3) What was the original name of that famous club?

4) Against what club did BCFC suffer its first ever football league defeat?

5) Against what club did we record our first ever football league win?

This quiz has been simultaneously posted on the BCFC rivals message board, subcider message board and the subcider joke ridden Red Goblin corner message board. The first poster giving the correct answer to all 5 questions will be awarded a few pints of cider.

Up the City

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Check the netcentre messageboard me old Gob :blink:

Well done to cheshire_red, only an ex-Cotham Grammar School geek could think of such questions and it seems that only an ex-Cotham Grammar School geek could answer them in record time. :doh:

The answers are on the message board at:


where cheshire_red is the moderator. :whistle:

I'll buy you those ciders when I next see you, fanfare for cheshire_red. :dance:

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Elitist posh grammar school n o b s the pair of you. :whistle:

Elitist state grammar school n o b s to be precise. :rolleyes: The elitist 'posh' grammar school was and still is the privately run Bristol Grammar School. Where Tesco is now on Golden Hill Henleaze was the Bristol Grammar School sports ground with every posh n o b facility that any public schoolboy could want - including hot showers. Our ground was down the road from there on Kellaway Avenue complete with sloping pitches and freezing cold showers for showering off after a freezing winter day's rugby or football session. :shutup: Didn't stop our school producing quality sportstars such as Aurthur Milton of BCFC (last person ever to represent England at football AND cricket I believe), along with Kevin and Gary Mabbutt etc. :whistle:

Cotham Grammar School was also the only other school other than Eton to have ever had 3 former pupils in the England cricket team at the same time so I was told - I bet cheshire_red can't name them because I can't. :laugh:

Brag, brag, brag :dance:

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"Surely they can't all have been called Brag?"

I've narrowed it down to Brag, Brag and Arthur Milton :dance: ......

Arthur Milton

Bristolian Arthur Milton was a pupil at Cotham Grammar School in Bristol as were the eminent Red Goblin, cheshire red, Sir Colby-tit and Elvis Dolman of this forum. Talented academically, particularly in mathematics, Arthur had a university place beckoning; but he was gifted in other ways too. Every ball game seemed natural to him. He was an outstanding fly half at rugby. Success at cricket came easily. Football was the big draw and when Arsenal Football Club showed an interest, he signed as an amateur in 1945 at the age of 17. In 1948 he also signed for Gloucestershire County Cricket Club.

He played 84 games on the right wing for Arsenal, many in the 1952/3 season, when they were champions of the Football League (the 'Premiership' as it is called today). He was a goal scorer, netting 21 goals. Arthur's only full International, in 1951, at Wembley, against Austria, was drawn 2-2.

In February 1955, Arthur signed for Bristol City, for the princely sum of £4,000. He played the last 14 games of the season, scoring three times, and was never on the losing side, helping guide the team to promotion as Champions to the Second Division of the Football League. At the end of the season, Arthur decided that he wished to concentrate on cricket, in which by now he had become successful. So Arthur retired from BCFC and, under the terms of the agreement between the two clubs, Arsenal had to return half of the £4,000.

By the time he retired, in 1974, at the age of 47, Arthur had played 585 matches for Gloucestershire, 620 first-class games in all. He played six times for England, making a remarkable test debut in 1958 against New Zealand. After the first two days had been washed out, Arthur opened the batting for England, scoring 104 not out, becoming the first Gloucestershire player since W. G. Grace, in 1880, to score a hundred on his debut. England went on to win the game by an innings, thereby ensuring that Arthur had been on the field of play for the complete duration of the game - something which no England player had ever managed previously in the history of the game. He went on to be selected as the Wisden cricketer of the year for 1959.

In his first-class career, Arthur scored over 1,000 runs in a season on 16 occasions. He carried his bat through an innings three times, twice scored centuries in each innings of a match and, renowned as a sharp slip fielder, took a record 758 catches.

When he stopped playing cricket, in 1975, Arthur did not adjust too well to a normal life. For a few years, he coached the Oxford University cricketers. Ted Dexter, at that time the Chairman of the England selectors, used Arthur as a 'talent scout' round the County circuit.

......info plagiarized from a UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL Media release

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i went to that elitist posh grammar school (bristol grammar), and i can honestly say golden hill had awful facilities, which is why they sold the land. the ones at failand were the good ones. also it seems that going to a grammar school makes you skint because i am too (although i was only there for 2 years)

one other thing.my dads a roofer, me mum works in life assurance and i grew up in kingswood. does this make me posh and elitist??

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