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Whats The Closest Away Game This Season?

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Yeah I'll most likely go to Walsall but I want to go to some more.

Away days are always good fun, even Gillingham which was a very long trip had it's good points, I like going into the pubs meeting away fans and having some friendly banter with them, you want to try go to as many as you can. I know money has alot to do with it. I'm going to fly to hartlepool later in the year, spend the weekend in Newcastle, which will be fun.

Local games would be Mk Dons as someone has already said and Walsall, and possibly Southend

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I used to do a lot more than now. I always find a place more appealing if I've not been there before as I can tick it off my list. I've done about 40 odd grounds (not all with City though). Yorshire and the North East is my least explored territory - for obvious reasons really.

They are generally a wkd crack, drinking in different pubs and taking the p155 out of different accents (all friendly of course) It can feel like a bu99er long treck home if we've taken a beating though. Remember Blackpool anyone?

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