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  1. 93 points
    Why after every loss do we go into an utterly embarrassing meltdown. We've played very poorly in 2 away games this year, granted. But in the other 9 we've been decent for large parts, and very good at times too. We lost £24 million worth of quality in the summer and here we are 1 point off the play offs. Im seeing things like Famara is our worst signing ever... a bloke who scored 13 goals last year after having 3 and a half months out injured! A lot of our fan base need to get a grip. There is absolutely no sense of perspective. When you consider everything about the club, what gives us the right to be anywhere near the play offs. Wage bill, money spent, attendances, players are all average/ mid table for the championship... yet everyone expects so much more. Why? Because we beat a 2nd string Man United team in the tinpot cup? Grow up
  2. 53 points
    I am approaching my 57 birthday and as far as I can work out, I have been going to Ashton Gate since 1965. I have seen posts from some of our more pessimistic posters that are countered by the "moany old git" moniker and I take exception to the "old" bit in that description. Why? Because in the the 53 years I have been following my club, I honestly think this is the best time to be following City. Sure there has been a more successful times on the pitch in the 70's, but I think the current Championship is almost the equivalent of the old 1st division so it's not too far apart in that respect. There have been players in my time that would have walked into this team, but not as many as those with rose tinted specs would have you believe. We have a chairman who has matched the ambition of our greatest ever benefactor and is now getting crowds that are approaching and often exceeding the ones in my era, and they are turning up to a ground that we could only dream of when on our away trips in heady days. The fact that every trivial incident in the crowd is analysed to death on here, just shows how much safer for the younger supporters it has become and it's a place that people want spend more and more time in on match days. So if you want to criticise the critics, feel free, (I certainly do) just try not to lump all us middle aged/oldies into the same category if you don't mind, as some of us are very positive about the present and the future.
  3. 44 points
    Doesn't it drive you all to despair? Whenever City's form dips into losses and draws, the knives come straight out for LJ. We all know it's going to happen on here, but it is still pretty sad. For me, it's simple - despite the improved Stadium and facilities, we are still a relatively small club for this league (growing bigger each season, I might add). Of course we are going to have bad runs, as most teams do in the Championship (other than the teams who get promoted). It doesn't mean LJ should become the source of such ill-feeling. We all know this league is tough and competitive, there will be spells of losses / draws, in exactly the same way there will be surprise wins. I reckon it is time to stop the LJ bashing whenever our form drops, it is tedious to read every single time ....
  4. 39 points
    Not sure if I've missed this on an earlier page. 'Baffled bosses at Bristol Rovers have been told by council planners to close down their two new stands at the Memorial Stadium - because they don't have planning permission.' https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/news/bristol-news/bristol-rovers-stands-planning-permission-2068979
  5. 37 points
    We all know really be we happy clappers or complainers that LJ should be long gone and at ANY other club would be. He has never achieved anything or won anything wherever he has managed and has nothing to recommend him - he is a football manager novice who does nor have a clue what he is doing. We also know that for reasons beyond our understanding SL thinks he is God and will not fire him. The choice is simple - accept that he will eventually get us relegated because of his continual incompetence and support with your feet and money or give up going. There is absolutely nothing anyone on this board can say or quote which indicates he will bring us success - I am sure he is a decent man but he is the pits in every sense as a football manager - sad but a truism I fear.
  6. 36 points
    The way things are going, if we don't stop the rot by beating Villa tonight I think we're looking at another record long loosing streak going into the winter fixtures. What do you think?
  7. 31 points
    This means nothing to me...
  8. 31 points
    Fans know when they travel that their team could lose and could play badly, they lost 1-0 ffs what a stupid precedent that would set. It was a good 12 hours in the car for me but I'd do it again to support the team! Don't want a refund, that's football!
  9. 29 points
    Look at that ******* horse, just asking for it!
  10. 27 points
    Bristol city fc should have the decency to refund all supporters who travelled to Wigan on Friday night after that display, Tickets & travel incl, not that it will happen,
  11. 25 points
    If he was ever our manager I'd stop going. Under our structure thankfully he'd never be appointed Plus I'd rather watch a team play football in this league and be entertained...over watching Warnock's anti football any day of the week. Why would you want to watch a team playing his style is beyond me.
  12. 24 points
    Less than a mile from Ashton Gate on the Hotwell Road, is a 1930’s built block of flats named “Hillsborough”. I lived across the road for a while but could never find out why they were so named. Then last year, I saw a short bit of film from around 1950, with Viscount Alexander of Hillsborough cutting a ribbon to open a new jetty at Burnham on Sea. So now with Wikipedia and others available, I discovered that Albert Victor Alexander was born in Weston-Super-Mare in 1885. The house where he was born is marked with a blue plaque. The son of a blacksmith, his family moved to Barton Hill Bristol when his father died a year later. He left school at thirteen and began working to help sustain the family. He worked for Somerset County Council. Later he was trained as an officer for the First World War but never saw action and worked in Trade Unions in London until, in 1922, he was asked to stand as candidate in the Hillsborough constituency of Sheffield. He gained election and was their MP until 1931 and then again from 1935 until 1950. He was First Lord of the Admiralty in the war cabinet from 1939-45 and then Minister of Defence from 1945-50 when he accepted a peerage and was prominent in the House of Lords until his death in 1965. He was a football fan, but not apparently of Sheffield Wednesday in the constituency he served for almost thirty years. His club was probably chosen when he worked in London before becoming an MP; he became a Vice-President of Chelsea FC until his death and was succeeded by the late Richard Attenborough. In 1963, Alexander was created Baron Weston-Super-Mare and Earl Alexander of Hillsborough. An amazing career of public service for a lad born into such poor surroundings and without any higher education. I have been unable to find any link or reason for the block being named Hillsborough in Hotwell, Bristol, but with Labour Councils more likely in office, it could be that it was named in recognition of Alexander's contribution to the Labour movement. I was very interested to find out all this about a lad brought up in Bristol yet who reached very high political status because my Great Uncle, Ernest Bevin, who was born in Winsford in Exmoor, Somerset, moved to Bristol aged 13. His education was probably much less than Alexander’s but he became a noted and well respected trade union leader, culminating with his formation in the early 1920’s of the Transport and General Workers Union of which he was General Secretary until 1939. Like Alexander, Bevin was brought into the War Cabinet as Minister of Labour and from reading his biography, he was one of the most important members of the cabinet because we could not fight a war if we did not have the people in the right jobs. For example, prior to the war and apart from some areas of the country like the cotton mills of Lancashire, most married women did not work. Bevin got women working as bus drivers, shop assistants and many other too numerous to mention, to replace those who were away in the armed forces. These actions changed our society for ever even if it wasn’t fast enough for some. At the end of the war and a Labour landslide win in the 1945 election, Bevin was Foreign Secretary. The world was still in turmoil, even if the global war had ended. The Russians blockaded Berlin, The Jews and Palestinians were warring, Britain was absolutely bankrupt in 1947 due to the big cost of the war. Bevin went to Washington and pleaded with President Truman to help us with our financial difficulties. He got nothing from the Americans, but continued diplomacy paid off and a year later the US made us a very large loan. Repayable over sixty years, the last payment was made in 2008! Two men with strong links to Bristol and Sheffield, who made careers in unions and politics for themselves from very humble beginnings. Both of whom, helped to shape the country we live in today. Yet today, if one hasn’t a university degree, one doesn’t even get to the list for prospective candidates. Perhaps a degree of common sense is more important. And so, to Wednesday on a Sunday afternoon. Once again, we welcome all the travelling fans of both clubs. Like the early part of this post, there is much to unite us, yet for a couple of hours from 13.30 on Sunday, the Robins and Owls will be trying to kick lumps out of each other. Biting and pecking not allowed. My first recollection of seeing Wednesday at Ashton Gate was in the 1950's. Wednesday were the yo-yo club, up and down between the First and Second Divisions. Albert Quixall, later of Man U after Munich, was having a running battle with City wing half, Cyril Williams, culminating in a right hook from "Twink" that laid out Quixall. No red cards then but it was a long walk off from the Park End for Cyril. But we won 3-2. Many years later, I met Jack Wilkinson who played right wing for Wednesday in the game and he confirmed that Quixall was a brilliant footballer but a wind up merchant. Quixall was of slight build. Now who else have we seen here recently trying to con the ref and acting like a three year old? I’d like to think that we will get another 4-0 but maybe three of those in a row is asking too much. Enjoy the game everyone @Owl Visiting @Owl1867
  13. 23 points
    Not for beating Fulham yesterday but for this: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/newsbeat-45693412/mocked-everton-fan-with-down-s-syndrome-meets-players
  14. 22 points
    He's had a lot of criticism recently. Thought he defended superbly tonight, especially with him being on a yellow for 45 minutes. Some vital tackles in the second half.
  15. 21 points
    It is clearly a huge loss that Kalas is going to be out for around 6 weeks due to the injury sustained against Wigan, but there seems to me to be a lot of anti Nathan Baker sentiment here that I just don't understand. He clearly did not have a great end to last season, but up until January him & Flint were pretty much the best centre back pairing in the Championship and we were all waxing lyrical when we managed to sign him at the start of last season. Why not give the guy a chance to prove he is still the player that we know he has been for most of his career, rather than assume he is the player who had a few bad games at the end of last season? The only slight concern with Baker is that as we are trying to play it out from the back this season he may struggle a little on the ball. However, as we have overplayed it at times this season it might not be a bad thing to have one player who keeps it simple. Can anyone please let me know if there is anything I have missed here? (Same goes for Bailey Wright, our captain, who many seem to have also written off for similar reasons).
  16. 20 points
  17. 20 points
    So here we are , 12 games in and as many have suggested an early point where we are able to assess This is my personal honest assessment of where we are and how we look , as a side and some of it’s components and what we have ....or dont I maybe shouldn’t have done it after that today , but the recent run of performances have been actually significant for me , I’ve formed my thoughts over the minimum of the 12 games to date and in some players case , over their time here and consideration as regards any progress / improvement individually MAENAPPA A plus. Done all I could have hoped from him , especially as we didn’t spend on him Can’t think of too many times (once ?) He’s cost us and again today made some vital saves HUNT IMHO can be decent on the ball bombing forward , but more than often to date is not , loses the ball in bad areas causing us danger, poor defender with no sense of danger spent too much time jogging back into position behind their counter attacks today and in recent games for my liking - I’ve said elsewhere £1.7m ..... absolutely no chance on his displays to date and all the signs to date and I’m not convinced he’s better or much better than Pisano Not impressed at all to date KELLY As an out and out defender he is competent already at this level as long as he keeps his concentration. On the ball composed but unsure how and when to use it (His failings or specific instructions ?) but this will improve DESILVA Not physical or imposing enough to provide too much defensively ,so expected real quality on the ball. Neat on the ball but real quality or dynamic ? Not for me Crossing Poor and passing average at best No threat to LK as LB as far as I can see (Not ideal as LK could do with a break at some point) and not sure what he offers in any great degree - Other than ‘a body’ to cover LK can’t really see why we signed him , or him in particular and I’m not sure Chelsea won’t feel the same come Christmas WEBSTER Overall think he’s done ok if not better.than that.Odd error but probably our best player today and decent composure and passing ability KALAS Decent / Solid and should help stabilise us when he returns BAKER Never been as sold on him as some.Not sure about his desire or his apparent dramas surrounding injury every game Had just said that he looked better today and then he makes a schoolboy error again (And it would have been pathetic at schoolboy level) and any confidence in him disappears again In reality , for one reason or another , could you ever really trust him ? PACK very reliant on Pack and how he plays and how he dictates the game.For those criticising Pack alone this is LJs wishes. Has improved greatly and doesn’t look in top form atm but their have been threads about him recently where I’ve posted but look at LJs tactics and in particular the lack of movement or shape we have when Pack is in possession with zero options which is certainly not Packs fault BROWNHILL Like his energy but if I’m totally honest not sure where to place him as defensively not his strength reasonable passer Not sure he offers enough creatively in terms of goals or assists as an attacking midfielder Combine him and Pack or him and Korey and he’s a very decent Championship Midfielder He’s ok at this level but if we want anything more than midtable he as a fair few will have to improve / continue to improve ,if you believe he has WALSH we have all had a limited view of him but his credibility in LJs eyes seems to have gone backwards since he arrived.On what I’ve seen decent technique but didn’t offer enough overall at this level to see him clearly carving out a career in Championship on what I’ve seen to date.Another million in summary , put qualities of our midfield collection in a pot , melt them down and form 2 from all the composite and you would have two upper Championship midfield players - not meant to be disparaging - just what we / they are IMHO KS & MP if not top end, still our best combo if playing 4-4-2 IMHO ELLIASSON / COD / WATKINS Going to brush over these three as we don’t use any of them as conventional wide players and at times it’s difficult to adjudge them as individuals but my brief thoughts Elliasson talented and if we could get the best out of him rather than suffocate him we may have a fine player LJ doesn’t seem to fully trust or get the best out of COD as it stands and as a regular starter for ROi I can’t see him signing a new contract here when he’s starting intermittently Watkins- can see the theory of adding physicality by signing him but he doesn’t fit into the alleged pass and move philposophy and his technique is not Championship standard from what I’ve seen and I certainly wouldn’t have considered paying anywhere near a million for him WEIMANN Very good signing for the money.Exactly what I expected.Works extremely hard , unselfish , probably works too hard and unselfish for his own goal return and hence a modest career goals record Overall very much a hit for me but not sure he will ever be a 20 goal striker but offers lots more - others need to do their roles as well as he does his Worryingly he looks to have become visible frustrated at tactics and teammates in last 3 games or so waving his arms and expressing his frustrations which we saw no sign of in first 7 / 8 games TAYLOR Like his business , his attitude , including his needle of opposition , his hunger But in reality is he a Championship striker in terms of technique , goal threat and the business end as a striker.......sorry ....and sadly in many ways ....not for me ....certainly if we want to do anything other than just survive at this level PATERSON A joy to watch when playing well or impacting a game ...... But when’s the last time he did that ......January ?....February ? Not sure how LJ justifies his inclusion today and overall I thought he added little (Although Tbf a guy I sit with thought he was ok / decent) Looks like as well as his poor contributions LJ is not sure how to use him or get the best out of him although I’d put more blame at JPs form and performances Does he work hard enough , on his game, and in the gym ?? not convinced by his hunger / desire DIDEDHIOU One of the big dilemnas as an opposing centre half you’d look at him and think I’m in for a right old battle this afternoon....but no..... Punches well below his weight Technique and touch looks horrendous on occasions , poor at times, average at best at times and very occasionally a flash or two of good or even very good His finishing is a complete mixed bag - Most or a lot of his finishes are unconvincing / not a finishers finish and he certainly knows how to fluff chances - not a natural finisher but ....then...... as his Thierry Henry quality finish at WBA showed he can produce the very odd moment of ability / quality that don’t fit into the rest of the picture On paper his goal return is decent and suggests one should be impressed, but our best form since he arrived came when he was injured and I’m convinced he has an overall detrimental impact on our team play and performance. What does get to me about him is his lack of willing to impose or compete physically for his size and in particular his hiding routine , and lack of effort in both making runs , or pressing , getting into shape etc Unless he’s ridiculously unfit for a professional footballer He’s ....and it won’t sit well with some ......but he’s. Lazy Don’t think we are heading anywhere soon with Famara as our main striker unless we get a whole lot more out of him THE SQUAD The back up - I won’t go through each individual but do we have players out or not used atm that can seriously step in and cut it / impact in Championship ? Or more players who are yet to prove that they can and in which we hope rather than can expect ? A large squad of ? mediocrity ? at best ? LEE JOHNSON Probably better for other threads but improvement or repeating flaws and patterns ? I’d say we / he has gone backwards , as we’ve even lost a noticeable plan / ethos / pattern of play and the selections and tactics change by the game - not a recipe for success in any side I’ve ever known We have even reverted to slating the players , and officials as soon as the defeats roll in I see no signs of any improvement or learning from mistakes Big concern for me is an apparent complete lack of real team spirit (Not suggesting bad harmony just a lack of real togetherness) and a glaring absence of characters and leaders Today , 2-0 down I watched from player to player ,player to player.... breaks in play.....no one......no one......sorry Incorrect I saw MP issuing encouragement on one occasion .....geeing anyone else up.....organising .....praising......I was going to say communicating ......but there was a bit of waving dismissive arms at each other ....Baker making gestures to Webster about Maenappa and the first goal......not positive ones I thought we should be able to be comfortable in mid table this season , I didn’t expect more , quietly feared a bit ...or even a lot less I’ve thought that our performances to date this season have probably justified less points than our total before today but was just grateful for each point in the bank I still think we should have enough not to get dragged into any trouble .....but there are some worrying signs and when you go through the squad....or the lack of obvious current plan and tactics or game plan ......I’m not sure I find too much comfort .... Maybe I’m alone in this ? I don’t see a plan on the pitch , I continue to doubt the consistency , quality and planning / thinking of our recruitment I am in no way convinced that LJ can take us any further or , is improving us , or getting value out of his backing from SL (I’m comparing him with what I would expect of any reasonable / decent coach at this level with the backing he’s had and the length of time he’s had to date) We need to start getting more out of some of our players and in some cases a lot more or start becoming ruthless and make changes (But how many more ?) if we want to progress in any marginal way. ....... IMHO of course I’ve donned my tin hat and protective suit....
  18. 20 points
    Just met about 12 Swedes in Gothenburg airport flying over for the match. Apparently Tommy and the Stockholm crew are already over there. Fair play to them eh?
  19. 20 points
    I think I found your dummy on Ashton Road this morning. I've sterilized it so it should be good to go, but I'll be buggered if I'm stumping up for large first class postage back to Villa Park. Do you mind if I under-frank the package? Alternatively, I can courier it to you on Monday (either same day or 24 hour (if cash is tight)) if you want it in time for Tuesday night's game, but only if you PayPal me the courier cost first. I think that's fair. Let me know what you think.
  20. 19 points
    Sorry - not going to join in the doom and gloom implosion. His attitude is spot on and he is such a horrible nause of a person. Could become a cult hero here with his desire to wind up anybody and everybody. We need to find a way to get him on the ball more - great touch and pass but currently isolated too often. Provided he starts cos he makes me laugh.
  21. 19 points
    There is an old saying in football that you don’t pick the best 11 players, you pick the best team. I have no doubt that Fam, when bothered and firing, is a better player as a goal scorer than Matty. However, even on those days his net effect is that we play worse as a team. Not saying he’s a bad player, but that he’s the wrong player for how we set up. Our best games - pretty much since he signed - have come when MT is in the side. You can go back to when Tammy hit a streak at the end of 16/17, through the Cup last year and into our 4 game win run this year - Taylor’s in the side. Fams not a scapegoat here, far from it. And in a different side, set up a different way, he’s on the sheet. But just look at today - and not for the first time this year - the difference MT made. Even Patos effort on the bar was from really good, intelligent hold up play from him! There was a thread at the end of the 16/17 season asking who we’d miss the most were they out. I replied Korey and Taylor. Nothing since alters that view, and in the case of the latter, even more so. To the dissenters - ignore the goal return from a stop start career here, look at the whole. MT is vital to us here, and in our current system with the other squad players, I’d take him over Fammy every day.
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    ...and I watched it in the comfort of my own front room. I feel for those hardy souls who travelled north tonight. I wrote some things at half-time, because I didn’t want an Improved second half performance cloud my judgement of what I expected to be a better second half. 11 games in and I'm seeing little cohesion and little consistently in our style of play. Odd glimpses here and there, and that’s taking into account that we have no Devine right to dominate for 90 minutes more. Rotherham with their simple brand of knock it up to Smith and get runners off of him, played better through the thirds too, which LJ should be appalled at. Don’t let two shots against woodwork cloud our view that we deserved to win. Haven’t heard any interview, but having excused LJ for Wigan in the main, and held the blame at the players front, tonight is now a second performance like that and problems lie deeper. I sense complacency in the ranks. I see players hiding. I don’t like calling out players but it only takes one or two to impact it. I’m gonna start with Diedhiou. If he thinks that is a big, strong CF performance tonight he’s kidding himself. Ajayi won good clean headers 80% of the time, the ball rarely stuck....but worse for me was the lack of effort. Cosy closing down of the keeper, implying effort, but going through the motions, then jogging back, making little attempt to get back onside in preparation for the next phase. Look at the example alongside him in Weimann. In the second half there was a spell of head-tennis in their box. Brownhill was about to have a free header back into the box and Famara got caught offside. The same laziness that cost him a volleyed goal in the first half. He half-heartedly made runs / didn’t make runs depending on your view. Brownhill was furious with him late on when all he needed was Fam to pull wide, but he hid behind Jones causing him to run into a dead end. That wasn’t the only time. He’s beginning to worry me. City won’t be his steppingstone to be the next Kodjia with performances like that. The other is O’Dowda. He might be playing to instruction, but I don’t see why from Mäenpää’s kicks he is moving towards the ball from so far up the pitch. He’s making it easy for his marker to attack the ball. He needs to attack it from square (like Garner / Leon Best), that is much. On the ball, it’s 100mph, no composure, over-running the dribble, running it into trouble. I didn’t see the work rate of last season either. Has International caps gone to his head? Tonight was a(nother) chance to really stake a claim. He failed the audition imho. The two subs breathed some life into the game, but we should never have got into that position. LJ could’ve tweaked things in-game without resorting to subs. Surely a Head-Coach can spot ways to change the course of the game....or at least try. 2 subs on 60 minutes is now becoming a joke. Had we snatched a win from Watkins, there’s no way I would be calling him a master tactician tonight. It’s not like Rotherham were gutsy, they had it easy....and played under little pressure. We are fortunate tonight that Rotherham weren’t very good (still better than us though). We were fortunate that our defenders in the main turned up. Webster gave Smith and easy ride, Baker did well, Kelly did his job, and Hunt was better than average. We have however started to defend deeper (starting position) and our distances (front to back) are increasing. Diedhiou is part of that. I sense we are going to hear the ‘players we can trust’ phrase coming out before Wednesday on Sunday!
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    A shame that he was subbed
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