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    I posted about this a few weeks ago in this thread: Bolton away tickets and @Matt Parsons BCFCSLO very kindly agreed to look into this at City. Seeing it come up again since on here and Twitter for those booking Swansea, I decided to put together the facts and an analysis of City's costs. As you see down the bottom, the truth about these fees is convoluted, nor in the spirit of recent laws, so I include an open letter to Bristol Sport. Current Status City charge a £1 "booking fee" for each individual ticket (home/away) purchased. This applies whether you buy online or in person, or if they are posted or collected. City charge a £1 "postage" fee per overall ticket order (sent first class letter mail). This only applies if tickets are posted. Those in Bristol can avoid it by collecting. Why This Matters Online booking is significantly cheaper for Bristol Sport vs telephone/in person but no savings are then offered Booking and postage charges are excessive and not real terms costs for Bristol Sport to provide these services Booking charges are uncapped, so - for example - buying six tickets together for an away game incurs a £6 fee The government has legislated to stop this kind of excessive charging of consumers for making ticket bookings Elements of Bristol Sport's costs for processing ticket bookings have reduced substantially in the past few years As of January this year, it became illegal for Bristol Sport to pass on some of this processing cost to consumers The club insist a booking fee does not relate to payment yet it applies not to where you bought but how you paid Why This Matters (Bonus Entry) Other Championship clubs sponsor away fans going away while Bristol Sport are ripping off City fans who do so History Lesson (via my prior Bristol Sport email receipts & experience of the industry) 2015/16 season - City did not charge any booking fee for online card payments (using the same processor as today) 2016 - EU wide law came into force capping underlying cost of card payments, reducing them by average of 0.5% 2016/17 season - City introduce a booking fee of £1 per ticket purchased 2017/18 season - City maintain the booking fee of £1 per ticket purchased 2018 - EU wide law came into force that made it illegal to pass any of the cost of card payments onto consumers 2018/19 season - City maintain the booking fee of £1 per ticket purchased City claim it is a "booking fee" which realistically and traditionally most would associate with the payment they are taking. Now that this has been deemed illegal, City are falling back on the wording and claiming booking isn't payment but admin. What is hard to explain to trading standards is the size of this fee, or where they have stripped out payment fees this year. When it was introduced in 2016, the c. 0.5% cut in payments costs meant City were likely paying under 1% per transaction. £1 on a £30 ticket is 3.3%. Big difference. As of this year the cost of c.1% (often less) cannot be passed on to consumers. So City charge c. 3% per booking, which is unchanged following this law. Where have they stripped out that payment fee? Cost Breakdown BOOKING FEE (£1 Per Ticket) Payments cost (illegal to pass on): c. 0.8% so on a £30 ticket = 24p Admin cost: 1min (worst case) to print ticket/put in envelope on a £20k salary = 17p = REAL COST TOTAL 41p FIXED REGARDLESS OF TICKET NUMBERS (of which 24p illegal to pass on) POSTAGE (£1 Per Order) First class stamp = 65p maximum (likely less as franked) Envelope = c. 2p / nominal = REAL COST TOTAL 67p (maximum) Are City really willing to make a 33% margin on every order for postage, and a MINIMUM 60% margin per order on tickets? Well, as annoying and downright deceptive as it is, apparently they're not. They're passing on the middle man charge too... The Truth You have to dig around on the web to find Andrew Billingham commenting on this in a Group statement from Bristol Sport. This isn't on City's website, but was published on the Bristol Sport and Flyers website in 2016 when the fee was introduced. “The booking fee of £1 per ticket is only a percentage of what the business incurs from the software provider ... we get charged by the software company, whatever the transaction, be it in person, over the phone or online ... Naturally we could remove it and inflate ticket prices accordingly however I feel this would be to the detriment of fans because the club could then be accused of stealth taxes rather than being upfront and honest about the costs we incur by running state-of-the-art software." So there you have it - City's £1 per ticket booking fee is not simply the payment cost but the fee from the ticketing platform. Platform fees are relatively common (think: Ebay) but the seller usually pays - after all it's a platform procured by the seller. What this means is they've signed up to use a third party platform at an all-in-cost which is extortionate to their consumers. So instead of investing in a critical piece of infrastructure, they accepted it on the basis that City fans would be paying for it. The platform in question is SRO from TopTix (now owned by SeatGeek), charging £1-£1.50 per ticket is their revenue model. From all the usability issues related on here, I would argue whether it is "state of the art" - that's certainly not my impression. NONETHELESS, here's the issue: when City procured this, they obviously bet on traditional payment surcharging as a cover. Now surcharging is legally and morally dubious, they're left apparently powerless, and we're continuously picking up the bill. At the very least, SeatGeek/TopTix are no less accountable for the charges they're passing on - but City are their customer. Open Letter To Bristol Sport Over to you City - what are you doing about it? (@Matt Parsons BCFCSLO feel free to forward this verbatim to Bristol Sport). All I will say is loyalty only goes so far and City need to be very careful, as the spirit of recent laws was to remove such fees. That goal has not been achieved and the OFT would no doubt be interested in a business model that is doing the opposite. Supporters have no control over Bristol Sport procurement and should not be accountable for the cost of systems they use. Buying tickets is a basic function of being a "supporter" and fans should not be made to pay for Bristol Sport infrastructure. cc @Blagdon red @Dollymarie
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    @Jarman you add absolutely nothing to this forum and never have. You're neither humorous, interesting nor informative. You add no value to any topic posting only in a succession of extremely feeble attempts to wind up posters, many of whom are too young to realise that you are of the blue persuasion; that Harold Jarman was a playing legend to Rovers supporters long before the terms 'Gas' and '15ers' had ever been spoken. Unlike your own forums, there is an openness to OTIB which permits, even encourages supporters of all clubs to post freely, without sanction. I fully support the mods in the way that they manage our forum and I'm happy that they seem to seldom have cause to ban posters however I'd be delighted if they decide to make an exception in your case. I guess what I'm saying in a roundabout way is "why don't you just f * ck off".
  3. 47 points
    Eisa Good Eisa Good Mohammed Eisa Good
  4. 42 points
    Go on then, what have we ever done to try to kill off BRFC? What have we ever stopped BRFC doing? You tried to kill us off in the early 80's by blocking a rescue grant from the council, hoping we would die so you could get your hands on our stadium (sound familiar?). You also tried to block the potential World cup host city to stop us getting Ashton Vale.The fact the city of Bristol would have made £Millions and we would have paid for the stadium ourselves was beyond your club as they apparently thought we were getting something for nothing. There's only 1 club in this city that sponges everything and it isn't city. Essentially r**ers have tried everything they can do to hold us back to make themselves look better. Unlucky, we've left you eons behind anyway! You might be a nice person but, personally, I detest your pointless little club, they absolutely disgust me! Rant over.
  5. 37 points
    Well I’m a bitter and twisted cynic like most, however city is one area that for some reason I draw a blind spot once July roles around and by August I am just very excited and can’t wait to start watching them again. Its not that I think we’ll go up, I just miss going to the gate with my friends and family and having football to look forward to on a Saturday. Having 3 boys who have now been satisfactorily brainwashed means there excitement is infectious (hopefully new shirts today), the sun will be out, the gate and Bristol, will look stunning and hopefully in excess of 20k (a far cry from the 6k/7k in the mid nineties) will create a great atmosphere. I hope we win, but just to be cheering on City again will feel nice. We just love watching City and today it starts again. Hooray.
  6. 36 points
    Paid for some kids pitches to be repaired after vandalism too. I saw Joe up at Cribbs the day after the final league game. Caught his eye, and he recognised (my) Joe and me from CHSW. Most players might have just acknowledged us, a lot would’ve blanked us, but Joe came over to where we were sat and chatted to us. There is definitely no Billy Big Bollocks about Joe. I won’t go into what was said, but fair to say he is one of most grounded footballers I’ve come across. Wilbs was too.
  7. 35 points
    You don’t think he is incredibly talented, then? His application may be questionable & he may be a shape that makes being a footballer more difficult, but if you don’t think he is easily one of the most talented players to play for us in the last 20 years then I worry as to what you have been watching..
  8. 34 points
    I don't think you will find a more down to earth footballer All the work he does for CHSW, paying for treatment for the local lad who got a badly broken leg last year, and I'm sure there are more that don't come to the public's attention. But, yeah. What a ***** Joe Bryan comes across as
  9. 33 points
    Rob as a fan in those dark days I can assure you that me and many many others are very much alive and hate the bastards for what they tried to do at that time. Plenty of their shithouse bitter fans from then are still skulking about too Don't airbrush local history please.
  10. 30 points
    We grumble for months and months when we have a perceived bad transfer window, so now it's time to celebrate a damn fine one. I like the look of all the players we've signed so far, and feel pleased we've raided the lower leagues again for some decent talent. I'd like to tip my hat to City for bringing in an exciting, decent new crop of players. Looking forward to seeing them gel over the coming season. Everyone else feel the same, that we've done a top job with the recruitment so far? I am very impressed.
  11. 28 points
    Eliasson’s crosses could find Madeleine McCann. His one to Weimann in the 2nd half should be uploaded to PornHub.
  12. 27 points
    You know what after 3 hours sleep in last few days looking after a 3 week old baby the last thing I want to do is log on here and see stuff like this going one. Maybe it’s time we took a harder line then. Maybe it’s time we banned returned posters, those with multiple accounts, those who send threats through PMs, those who call me a c**t on twitter and think I can’t see it, those that proclaim that OTIB needs shutting down, those that spend hours just snaking a persons post because they don’t like them. Or maybe everyone could grow the f**k up and learn to get on with each other on here or ignore posts and views they don’t agree with because frankly right now in the words of Red ‘I couldn’t give a s**t’ Maybe I should just ban myself, that works.
  13. 26 points
    Got home earlier to find out my wallet containing cash and cards wasn't in my back pocket. Anyway, long story short, after transferring the whole of my bank balance into my wife's bank account, I drove back to Ashton Gate to find someone had picked it up near my seat and handed it in to someone in authority. Whoever this was, then took it into the club shop, where the head guy put it into a locker. So, to the person who picked it up and did the right thing, a very big thank you. Also to everyone else who played their part by also doing the right thing. Now I just need to get the wife to transfer the money back...
  14. 26 points
    As someone who has watched Mo on numerous occasions I can tell you he is ready now. He works hard and scored goals in a very poor Cheltenham side last year. He’s very quick and strong and is decent enough with his back to goal. He’s never been bullied by league two defenders and I honestly think he has every chance of making the step up. Really pleased, according to someone within the club it will be officially announced on Monday. Terms have already been sorted already apparently and it’s a done deal.
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    WOW! As Messrs Jagger and Richards once said ‘you can’t always get what you want’ and 11m rising to 15 for a player that doesn’t even start for Villa was good business. Flint and Bryan will net at least/close as much. If the players want to go then you have to cash in and look for the next player to replace them from within or as a transfer, and failing Premier League interest that’s our market. SL lives and learns by his comments and he wont be saying never again, however to say the bloke who just paid for our stadium our team our training facilities etc, has brought the possibility of a railway station and brought millions into South Bristol talks crap probably shows who is talking crap
  16. 25 points
    ' Time to step up wee man' ???? Nice dig numpty. After 1 game the swords are out!
  17. 25 points
    This is all getting rather sad, isn’t it? Bryan is a really good footballer, a role model off the pitch and someone who has done some wonderful stuff with the children’s hospice and helping out that amateur footballer who couldn’t work for a while. I still suspect he’ll be off before the window closes and if no Prem interest crystallises then possibly to a divisional rival. If so, good luck to him, he has served us well and if his biggest crimes are to have a “different” sense of humour & a comfortable upbringing, well this is all pretty pathetic stuff..
  18. 25 points
    Oh yes, we all remember that and some people wonder why we despise them so much - the fact that they tried to drive us out of existence just so they could steal AG is a bloody good reason in my view. Never forgive, never forget.
  19. 24 points
    I'll wait and see what happens on Saturday afternoon.
  20. 23 points
    Special day for me. I grew up watching City with my Dad and Grandad. Today, for the very first time my son will be doing the same! And so for the first time in 10 years, three generations of our family will be watching the match together. I’m chuffed to bits. Football’s been a slow burn for my boy, but the World Cup finally gave him the bug. Can’t wait to get there with him today!
  21. 23 points
    Probably fed up with the poultry wages.
  22. 23 points
    Exactly. I think the operation in London is actually very revealing. I have been involved in major development schemes with the most complicated involving three parties (they get more complicated but that's my highest one) and they take a huge amount of work to set up and may need to change if one of the parties drops out; raises the price etc. I think that the purchase of Rovers by the Al Qadis had two sides: 1) A foootball club to let Wael live out his dream of being a smaller scale Roman Abrahamovic; this will be an overhead to the main business but may possibly come good if they get a run and get promoted to the Championship or Premiership. Obviously both are incredibly unlikely but this doesn't matter anyway. Because this was only a sideline to the main reason: 2) Property development: on buying this looked like a fantastic deal - sell the Mem for top dollar, move to s ahiny new part-owned stadium, take the money out and sell the club as a going concern. This however collapsed so onto a new plan to get a return on your investment. You own a big piece of prime Bristol land from which you want to make money, to do this at best profit you need to develop it as housing rather than sell it as a devlopment site to somebody else. To develop it you need: Land - got that Financing - either a loan for development finance or a joint venture partner who will provide financing equal to the land value and then share profits on sale; ideally the latter as this is lower risk. This is who the London office has been tasked to find. Planning permission - owning the club helps with this; couch it that the development is needed to "save Rovers" and councillors start lining up to back it with a view to votes. So with this you can get away with densisty / lack of affordable that a normal developer couldn't. If they can get ths off the ground with a suitable partner / investor within a couple of years then they stand to make a profit on buying Rovers. The football club is a sideshow to give Wael something to do and help with the planning application when it goes in. There will be no big money purchases, the money is needed for the development scheme, and there will be no substantial spend on the Mem when the aim is to flatten it. This why a pleasant old buffer like Steve Hamer was brought in: to keep the fans quiet by encouraging words so that they don't realise that there is zero interest by the owners in the football club; they just happen to play on a valuable piece of real estate. If you want to do nothing but still want to pretend to be doing something then what sort of catchphrases would you come up with? How about? Evolution not revolution. These things take time.
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    Please use their full club name, Frank Lampard’s Derby
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    I appreciate he didn't play much for us but every time I saw him play - including for our U23s - he was very good. Had an ability to fill you with confidence by being so assured and reliable. I know it's not a huge sample size but I honestly believe he'll do well for you. Adam El-Abd was a bit different - we loved him as he became a cult figure - and also Gus Poyet some how developed him into more than just an aggressive League One calibre player - but I think a lot of El-Abd success was perhaps due to Poyet's coaching and how well structured the club were tactically at the time. Also fwiw very few have a bad word to say about Baldock. Reading fans quite negative about him which we think is ridiculous. He was a great pro and did a great job for the team with us, at the expense of his own personal glory.