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  1. 118 points
    So, my dad, Mike, fell very ill just after New Year, and has been in intensive care for 2 1/2 weeks, in and out of induced comas. He is a huge City fan (supporter for 50+ years), and was absolutely gutted to miss the first leg against Citeh on the telly box. I contacted the club and asked if they could possibly send a card or something to cheer him up, and not only did they post a signed squad card and get well message, they also sent a video message from none other than Mad Frankie! I didn't have the opportunity to show him the messages until Saturday, and although he could not communicate with me, he was fully conscious, and the tear in his eye after I played the video will live with me forever. I have taken him a radio and headphones so he can listen to the match tonight. A huge thanks to @Dollymarie and @Matt Parsons BCFCSLO for sorting the messages, I am eternally grateful to you both! Now I'm praying for a City win to put the icing on the cake and make my dad one happy chappy. Even though he is a right old git, even he wasn't around in 1909! The whole episode has brought home to me how being a City fan isn't just about watching a game every other week, it means so much more. When it comes down to it we really are one big family. I love you all & COYR!!!!!
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  3. 56 points
    Aldershot away. Chester at home. Hartlepool. Wrexham. 1982. A good stuffing at Carlisle . West Midlands finest equine department and their batons at a wooden Walsall. Tiny penis and his destruction of football. David Russe .Scot Davidson and Benny. Osman. Trumpton in May. Jordan to Hearts....Us of a certain age can just talk/post for hours.... no, for days about what we've experienced in our journey with this club we love. Nostalgic? Sentimental ? Nah- it really was painful - often soul destroying with only the occasional event keeping us sane and I hope that our history will always remain in the past and does not repeat. Cup runs- Forest, Liverpool, Chelsea and even the Auto Windshield Leyland Daf Paints Trophy. We played out of our skin- we pulled a performance out of the bag like a rabbit out of the hat. But not last night against Man City or even against Man United. For the first time in my years of supporting City in big big matches- we played like we can , like we should and like we always hoped we would.We weren't lucky to get to the semi's, we didn't have a bye ( i.e. Gillingham) and we didn't fluke 3 goals against what may be the best team in Europe and factually the most expensive.We didn't get there by accident and have truly competed at the highest level. This is the City you and I have always hoped for but usually never believed would happen- the ground ( and how happy are we that it's Ashton Gate?) the owner, the young English manager and a group of players who , at long last, aren't punching above their weight. I believe that we will get the Prem ( for all it's bad points) possibly this season and most likely within 2 more and then I think we'll stay there.The club is ready on every level and the proof is there. I took my son to his first BS3 match v Tranmere Rovers aged 3 and we won 3-1. He's now 17 and City through and through but I hope he never forgets where we came from and the relative crap he's had to endure and we don't ( as a club) ever forget the shite we've had to wade through in 40 years ( for me) to get this far. It used to be our dream to play at the highest level but now I'm sure it's our destination. Last night was so special to me not because we played beyond our capabilities or above our level but because we didn't.
  4. 55 points
    I’m not sure anyone can sum it up better than that. A really good display. Fair play to Pep. He’s taught them to play our brand of football slightly better than we do. Well done boys. You can be proud. Special shout out from me to Brownhill. Thought he was magnificent, probably only outclassed by KDB. And Famara. He caused them all sorts of issues.
  5. 50 points
    Two young guys in the analysis and fitness area of the club. Ryhs Carr and Sam Stanton spoke today and listening to them both utterly convinced me just how professional and polished the club has become. The described their roles individually one analylising data and the other being a part of the fitness and recruiting team. They were asked who was quickest player and CoD and Joe Bryan are the fastest with Flint not far behind them. They explained that all players have an app on their phones which they record many several things, how they slept, how their feeling generally and within seconds the info is on the phone of Rhys and that info is tailored to the individual training programme. Prozone is old hat and they use a new system (the name escapes me ) that uses more cameras and is far more accurate that Prozone was. They get instant data on their laptops during games but are unable to transfer said date to the coaches on the touchline as it's forbidden. Apparently the fourth officials are particularly vigilant! Depending on the opposition Pack is usually the one who covers the most ground between 12-15k most games. Kinetic tape - only has psychological benefits. Some players like it despite there being no scientific evidence that it does anything physically. The pair of the were completely fascinating and both have such great jobs. We had a new bloke on our table today and he said how stimulating the whole experience was.
  6. 47 points
    Mix up at the salon when his Mrs said she wanted her ###t shaved.
  7. 47 points
    Meanwhile, over at The Mem, Darrell's jealousy of our new signing has reached new levels...
  8. 46 points
    It’s a tough one to call - you have to be favourites, having found your form again, after a rocky patch last month. However, we can rest easy in the knowledge that whatever the result next Sunday, when we wake up on Monday morning, we won’t be Welsh..!
  9. 45 points
    A very random post perhaps , but felt worthy to share. I went out on my bike with some friends this morning around Sandhurst in Berkshire and as is normal - we stopped for a coffee at the end of our ride in a nearby place called Crowthorne. We got talking with a man outside who was vagueably familiar and football came up in discussion - and my love of all things Bristol City. At this point the man we were talking to started to smile and the penny dropped - and lo and behold it was John Gorman. He now lives this way and is an artist doing commissions for many pros and cricketers too and we chatted all things football for over an hour. He still has a huge amount of love for the club and said he was once interviewed for the manager role itself but didn’t get it and how much he loved working with Carey when he was starting out. He spoke of his time at other clubs and what happened at Swindon and with England at work Cup 98 and how his wife sadly passed away 12 years ago when he was a manager etc. To add to this, he was such a humble and genuine person. It was fascinating to talk to him and it was again so nice to meet someone who speaks of how the club are progressing and the impact it is having with those that work in and around football in the UK. The admiration for what we are doing is being identified and recognised by many. Anyone else had a similar experience with a former city player, manager or coach?
  10. 43 points
    I don’t care how many songs we sing about him or how long he throws it, he is a total liability in defensive terms.. and has been in nearly ever game....
  11. 42 points
    In the forlorn hope that someone from the club actually reads this forum, I wanted to put up the lessons from last season that our club, but not the fans, have started to forget. My faith was restored in LJ, and still is, but I don’t want it to slip again so LJ please remember what it took the last oh-so-painful season to learn: - Square pegs for square holes. Bailey wright may be a centre back, but as his game is defensive, he is at least a rhomboid peg for a square hole at right back. This is a better fit than playing central midfielders at right back. Much as Mags is a viable LB option, a rhomboid peg, he would be a square peg solution as a CB in our current situation. When we had four centre backs across the back line (wright,flint,baker,maggs) we were at least resilient. - stop having favourites that you try to fit the team around. Like with tomlin last season, trying to fit in players who are off the boil. Players should have to earn the shirt every game. Paterson has been off the boil for 5-6 games – give someone else a chance. Stick Eillison out wide or better yet brownhill - which leads to my next point - but before that, why has Diony, and Woodrow, already been given the chances that Engvall hasn’t? Especially when Engvall will have trained much more with the team tactic-wise than Diony. -we always concede from crosses from out wide (partly due to poor keeper command of our box) unless defensive duties are doubled up on the wings – the wide midfielder must track back and help out. Brownhill does this as a wide midfielder (rhomboid peg) – paterson has been slack at this lately. Cod and jb works well on the left because of the defensive cover cod does to help. Eillison was dropped because, I guess, he doesn’t provide this. But neither does Kent, which is why we have been so frail down our left for the last two games defensively. Jb with Mags behind supplies this. Hell, Jb and Kelly, Brownhill and wright would be better pairings than our current setup (if maggs was at cb). - It is better to be hard working and resilient than a Kevin Keegan-esc team. That is why we stayed up, why we turned it round, because that is what we learnt at the end of last season. That is why we did so well at the start of this season. The above three bullet points are why I think resilience can, and has, slipped. - Our rb situation is a mess due to the club’s transfer policy being taken to fanatical levels whilst ignoring basic common sense. Buying for the future is a good idea, but not having a current right back is not. And, no, it isn’t about not blocking vyner’s pathway as he is now playing as a centre back as LJ believes he has a “higher ceiling” there. So where are the “two players competing for every position” at right back now, considering we have not even had a defender playing at right back for the last two games? Another example is Walsh, who I think is a good player, much potential, but we don’t play central attacking midfielders as we need two defensive holding/ball-winning midfielders to protect our slow centre backs. This is why we suffer when Korey or pack isn’t in midfield as we don’t have a replacement for their roles. Isn’t this why bobby and, partly, why tomlin never fit into our midfield last season? Why bobby now plays up front? - And don’t get me started on game management. Many of us doubted you last season LJ and you have done much to restore that faith, but since Christmas we have been poor in the league. Back to basics. Strong foundations. Don’t let us down.
  12. 42 points
    Two years to the day since LJ was taken on. What a transformation he has made to the whole Club. From the bottom up in the space of two years. Incredible what he's achieved in that short space of time when you think about it. From a struggling Championship side, to a side beating Man Utd and other Prem teams, doing better than most against Man City, getting plaudits from all in the game, playing attractive entertaining football, Academy doing well, players developing and progressing, everyone singing off the same hymn sheet, Sitting in the top 6 for most of the season and doing it on a relatively small budget compared to many others. A long term plan to be better, the right way... fans in union, feel good factor etc,etc,etc. And someone posts the OP....really? Have a word with yourself fella. Look at so many other Clubs, established, bigger budgets and struggling. Take the mess at Leeds as an example....Academy all speaking Spanish, not wanting to be there, losing their identity, manager getting booted, back to short term philosophy....and so many others like it. How many managers and owners do you know that would get on this well and look to build a dream together? We've got something special going on, and you can't wave a magic wand to go up....there will be ups and downs, but why not enjoy what we have....a stable football club, pulling together, doing it the right way with a long term plan. Enjoy....the ups and downs...like any good relationship, worth working at if you believe in it.
  13. 42 points
    I thought it was faux indignation.... just goes to show how different people interpret things.
  14. 42 points
    Typical of the Gas! On the day Leeds Utd release a new club badge, they do the same.
  15. 42 points
    I don’t believe that until it’s on the OS. Just speculation.
  16. 40 points
    Can't say he wasn't trying though. Putting in massive tackles, Getting up for headers, closing down really quickly. Well done Lois
  17. 40 points
    Plenty of massages for the players and fans tonight (and quite rightly) but here's one for the gaffer... Feel very, very proud tonight young man. It takes balls to come back to where you are now, from what was happening last season. Well done Lee , enjoy the night.
  18. 39 points
    Wow. No need for an over reaction after the result today BUT never thought I'd see City going to Dubai. A little part of me has died. Dubai, Qatar, these places are all built on mass slavery, no idea why people go there apart from the discounted hotels and the Disneyland resort spin to it all.
  19. 38 points
    My thoughts are this type of thread is hubristic. The “We’ll Smash Norwich” thread recently was another example of this, and I think as a fan base we should of had enough experiences of being bitten in the arse when overconfident to avoid that kind of thinking. Game by game from here on in; that’s all that matters right now.
  20. 37 points
    Okay, the bubble has burst. I don't think we have it in us to challenge this year. It's been a very fun holiday in the top six but it will end soon. Fulham, Villa and Derby are rampaging now and unfortunately we've started to bottle games. Yet, before we start to all pull our hair out, this really isn't the end of the world. We have still had a very good season indicative of good progress. If anything, we aren't ready for the Prem just now. We need more signings for depth and for our promising young players to develop. They will learn from the last few weeks. I would have killed to be in this situation last time last year, where I celebrated draws like they were wins. However, don't let this little slump get you down too much. We are a club on the up who are finally starting to get attention for what we can do, and we have proved this against some of the biggest teams in the world. Our reputation for being able to develop promising young prospects is growing, when even a few years so we were never considered in this fashion. Once that Wolves winner went in at the Gate, I knew we would have to remain patient to get to the promised land. We are still in a position off the field that the other teams in the league are becoming increasingly envious of. Sure, some might leave, yet we aren't supposed to get too sentimental about individual players as that's just how football is. Anyone furious about our current situation needs a nice dose of perspective. This is the best we have been in a decade, and perhaps we have become too entitled towards assuming we are the best thing since sliced bread. I have faith in the team and staff that they will learn from this and we will finally establish ourselves as a respectable team in this division, which as a younger fan I've never really seen before. We have come so far and it would be such a shame to ditch it all now during a poor spell.
  21. 37 points
    What a difference a few days makes. MOTD had Lawro saying how the level of fouling by Cardiff was what you see every week in the Championship. Except we saw Bristol City over two legs put in a fantastic footballing performance against us without needing to resort to multiple fouls or legbreakers out of frustration. Cardiff's fans started out with a lukewarm 'boo every time the opposition had the ball' but then couldn't even maintain that, instead just complaining about the handful of decisions the ref actually got sort of not quite right. You lot were superb as fans, recognising good football no matter which team was doing it, and staying and singing your hearts out right to the end. Comparing Cardiff's performance last night to Bristol City over two legs isn't so much chalk and cheese as neanderthal man's 'ugg me smash' to a Space X engineer passionate about their job. On the one hand, I really hope you top the table and get the guaranteed promotion, on the other I'd love to see you smash them in the playoffs and deny it to them. Then again, you'd probably get 4 players taken out and a goal denied, so maybe just go on and win the thing outright. In short, and as per a lot of City fans around social media talking about the contrast, you're a class set of fans and you play football, not thuggery, so hope you go all the way and look forward (ish, because you're not going to be easy points for anyone) to seeing you in the PL next season
  22. 37 points
    Oh well - at least we know who has won "scapegoat of the month award on OTIB" for January. Yes - terrible mistake. No doubt about it. I would respectfully ask - did all those calling for him to be transferred not notice literally 10 minutes earlier when he sprinted from LB to stop a Man C attack on the right when Korey was left 3 on 1? If you didn't please look again. Yes, he has made some mistakes - tonight's was awful - 100% agree BUT - I defy anyone to genuinely not concede that Mags has improved out of sight this season. He is still young, still learning and WILL eventually stop these errors. Genuine critical posts are respected, but some posters going on about his looks and haircut....seriously guys, give it a rest. He will play plenty more games at LB this season - LJ has belief in his ability. It was awesome hearing the Maggs song being sung at the start of the 2nd half - I would imagine that helped the lad. Also saw Gus sit next to him and put his head on his shoulder and lean in - Mags looked utterly distraught. That kind of love for your club, feeling terrible after you know what you have done is the 'DNA' worth bottling. Mags will play a lot more for us, and just like AF, will turn out to be a tremendous player. Only on OTIB can we ask for a guy to be sacked after 40 games and being 24 yrs old. I also agree he may be useful further forward at times, with 2 goals for Iceland in 15 caps. When Mags is in Russia at the World Cup it will be interesting to see how many of you don't say proudly that he plays for Bristol City.......... This is not the night for finger pointing. We played a full strength Man City team, who really should have scored 4 or 5. Mags mistake did not cost us the game. It should not cost him his City career.
  23. 35 points
    To think it wasn't that long ago that chief snowflake at Ashton Gate was worried about offending this lot with us displaying the England flag
  24. 34 points
  25. 33 points
    We're on a bad run, although nothing like last season's debacle. With 14 games to go we're 6th with players returning to fitness. I'm as disappointed as anyone else, but a draw at Leeds is not an entirely bad result, and one most of us would have gladly taken at 16.30. We as a club need to regroup. The players need to ignore all the hype that the cup run and early season momentum generated, the staff need to remain calm and focussed on the 'bigger picture' and as supporters can do our bit too by continuing to get behind the lads as we have done so well this season. Threads calling for LJ to go are frankly either insane or agents of DC playing silly buggers. Some may not agree, but perhaps the return of the likes of Gary O'Neil, once he's match fit, from the 60th minute onwards may just help the team on the pitch manage to see the game out. Korey Smith was outstanding first half but he took a knock and ran himself into the ground and having GON back may help in that area too. I'm using KS as an illustration not attributing individual responsibility, far from it!! He has been a rock this season. And we also have the return of Djuric, COD, Hegeler, Pisano and Matty Taylor to add to the mix, all with something to prove. At the start of the season I optimistically predicted we'd finish 10th and will be a little bit dejected if we did now, but the progression on from the last two seasons is immense. 14 Games to go, bring it on!!!!! At least we're not losing in injury time at AFC Wimbledon.............
  26. 33 points
    Not once did I see anyone spend an age drying the ball with his shirt, roll around on the floor acting like he was about to die, or get right up in the ref's face arguing about decisions. Credit to Sunderland who never gave up. I like all City fans, am fed up we tossed it away.. but who can't stand here tonight and say that that wasn't a good game of football to watch? LJ, you had the balls to say you got it wrong at HT and I accept your apologies. On to Leeds COYR
  27. 33 points
    Haha - state of that top tier at the 'Roverzzz end' Spot the difference:
  28. 33 points
    Congratulations to the OP. To be this hammered by 13:30 is an outstanding effort
  29. 33 points
    Great player but how about him getting g a bit of humility just watched him being interviewed talk about arrogant and utterly disrespectful and not giving opposition any credit he's just gone right down in my estimation...
  30. 32 points
    Anyone else extremely uncomfortable with the kind of vitriol JulieH gets? I'm not a fan of the profession she's in but none of us know her and I'd rather have a police officer we can communicate with than one lurking on here as a guest. How childish is it to say that if you want someone to leave the forum! It's a forum for ***** sake.
  31. 32 points
    Going to sound really sad here but having our stadium in Fifa would be wicked
  32. 32 points
    I thoroughly enjoyed the game last night. Atmos was good. Quality of football was excellent. Great to see so many young kids there enjoying the game and I hope it cements a future of their support. But one thing spoiled it for me. I stand very near the front of the S82 corner, and in my eyeline, for all 90 minutes, was a squad of riot police, staring up at me. They were stood actually IN the disabled area. And as some disabled fans were trying to go in and out, they were quite simply in the way. There were a number of comments toward the police (particularly ones of “why are you here” and “you’re in the bloody way”), to which I noticed a number of the disabled fans turning and nodding in agreement. They clearly felt unhappy with them being there. So, I have a question to @JulieH and to @Matt Parsons BCFCSLO and to @Dave Storr and any other club officials who view this. Why? What could possibly have been the reason for having a squad of riot police staring up at this particular home section of the crowd? I saw no riot police standing in front of the away fans, nor any other areas of the ground. If they were deployed to prevent a repeat of the Man U pitch invasion, then fine - bring them in on 89 minutes like you did with the rest of the ground. So it can’t have been that. If they were deployed to quell any disturbances then they failed miserably. As it happened, there was a minor altercation further to the back of the stand, which they all just stood and watched unfold without a single thought or attempt to intervene. So it can’t have been that. If they were deployed to just stand there, doing naff all, looking bored out of their minds, eyeing up the home section, trying to look intimidating and generally making everyone in the area baffled by their presence and unnerved by their staring, then they did well. It must have been that. Seriously. I’d like to understand the rationale behind this. Please can someone in the club who ratifies this deployment please explain.
  33. 31 points
    When Baker got sent off you could just sense that it was a season defining moment..... Would we go on to lose again and face losing a key player to suspension? Or would we put in one of the best performances of the season, to a man, fully committed and full of belief. Clean sheet for Steele. Flint and Wright rocks leading from the back. Bryan Bobby everywhere. Switched back and did the job needed. Korey - seemed to play every position. What a man you are, great play to set up Fam for the shot that led to the second. Johnson - we were under the cosh at the start of the second half but made the switch to 5 at the back and that made the difference. Famara - so good to have him back. We missed you... What a shot in the arm that performance and that result is. Fair play all round. Now the same again against Bolton and we are right back in the hunt for second.
  34. 30 points
    Someone put it better than me earlier - context. At the time, it seemed nothing was out of bounds. Broadmead on a weekend was always skins v mods v scooter boys v punks - every bloody weekend. A different coloured flight jacket mean different political leanings. That lead quickly to a mass fight. Different suburbs always were scrapping with each other, different schools even. The 70's were just plain violent. Early 80's too. Nothing was out of bounds. Nothing. The darts really were thrown at you, as were the bricks, bottles, piss and rocks. People really did go out with Stanley knives. Football was just friggin brutal somedays. There was a thread somewhere about City fans not helping an old bloke - back then you were just glad to see other faces you knew. It didn't always work out well - I remember the bogs between the Magic roundabout and Swindons ground - 3 very young City were chased in by about 3 of theirs - me and a mate helped out. Sadly there were another 4 or 5 Swindon who proceeded to kick us both silly, but other City turned up and the 3 kids escaped unharmed. Its what you did. Britain at the time was a mess. The scooter rallies were riots all the time (remember them), parts of the UK were in flames. Policemen were being decapitated during riots. Newport, Aldershot, Swindon, West ham all resembled Middle East war zones for an hour or two - and Millwall at the gate - jesus, you just had to be there to believe it. From Train,coach or car to the pub or ground was often indescribable. People not of a certain age cannot imagine the amount of people involved at times. The same as when Spurs, Everton, (probably the 2 hardest to shift out the EE - if they ever got shifted at all) and Leeds (who failed miserably) came to AG. So was the Aberfan song sung - yes Looking back - I feel utterly ashamed to have sung it, but at the time, nobody who went to football regularly, gave a shit about Cardiff or Newport fans feelings. It was simply a different time, and those who did not live through it cannot, and will not ever understand. I can guarantee you though that now, every single person who ever sang that vile song is sick to their stomach. 2018 is not, and will never be 1978
  35. 30 points
    I said a few weeks ago I didn't feel that the current squad would finish higher than 8th and I still stand by that. With 1 win in the last 7 league games and some of BC's best performers this season already losing a bit of form, the biggest question I ask is have the players got the fitness levels and energy to play the high pressing, counter at speed game for 50 matches in a season? I don't think certain football fans understand how much energy it takes to do this for 10 months. On average it requires a player to run (including training) 50-75 kilometres every week. Managers tend not to play this type of style because they have always struggled to find players fit enough to consistently do it for a whole season. This is why Man City, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and most of Pep's teams have been so successful, he not only has the best players but they are also coincidently the fittest. Personally I think Lee has got it spot on in terms of his approach, and yes he'll make mistakes because he is, in football terms still an inexperienced manager. However I think if BC are to go up and stay in the PL, this is the style that must be embedded into all BC players both current and future. The PL pay so much money to top players, not just for their footballing abilities but because they are the fittest athletes out there at what they do. Lee has definitely identified this, as well as certain patterns of play he learned from his dad. I think eventually this style will equal promotion. Bear what I've said in mind when the players are not at their best, or the team doesn't win as many matches as you think they should.
  36. 30 points
    So far there have been posts blaming Steele, Wright, Bryan, Pack, Kent, Paterson, Diony, Diedhiou, Magnússon and Johnson (and maybe more) for tonight. A blatant case of people scapegoating their least favourite player or taking part in that classic City game of immediately rubbishing a new player. We lost a dull game against a side in a good run of form battling for their lives who defended exceptionally well. It happens. We're 5th in a league full of massive clubs, with a team that works for each other while generally playing great football, one of the brightest young coaches in the country, playing in a great stadium with a local owner who loves the club. This is a good time to be a City fan. Yes, tonight was hugely frustrating but the performance of some of our fans on here is much worse than anything we saw on the pitch tonight.
  37. 30 points
    Bristol Rovers badge Club News "It's a club going forward.....at a snails pace" 1 February 2018 3308 views New signing Tony Craig gives his first interview as a Rovers player. The defender joined earlier today and will be in contention to make his Rovers debut in Saturday's fixture at the Mem against Shrewsbury Town. Speaking about the move, the defender insisted that he's looking forward to the massive challenge ahead of him here at the Memorial Stadium and touched upon what attracted him to sign. "I'm looking forward to the massive challenge ahead," said the defender. "I have heard things about this football club, racism, horse punching, boob cricket etc, but I'm looking forward to settling into Bristol, probably Cadbury Heath." "I heard about the interest a few weeks back and was interested to see the tents, cricket pavilion, barn and coconut shy that the Lions fans mentioned when they visited last year. I've heard the ground is like something out of the Moscow State Circus and I love a bit of a fun." Touching upon his the reason behind the move, the defender signalled that he was released. "Obviously, it's a club going forward, albeit at a snails pace. They call it evolution and that has taken literally hundreds of thousands of years, so Rovers fans must be very patient people, or very thick haha. Only joking." "Recently they have been able to pick up some good results on the pitch, well, the mud bath thing, and they have a good Manager in Darrell Clarke, who is someone I have seen at the Dog Track before in Romford which is how his interest in me was sparked. First he sniffed my backside and then he mounted me which I thought was hilarious. I didn't realise that he was into dogs?." "During my discussions with Darrell, I have been impressed with what he has to say, especially when it comes to his footballing shopping lists. Hope I am Waitrose?" Watch Tony's full interview as a Rovers player below.
  38. 30 points
    Anyone else feel a genuine sort of connection to the players? Just seem so likeable, there really are no knobheads in the team any more.
  39. 29 points
    Only 3 Leeds managers until Christmas.
  40. 29 points
    Just to add - moved to Bristol last summer, bought a season ticket & have been to 3 away games so far (incl. up-coming Cardiff game). So, after spending £500+ to watch you lot this season, I want nothing more than for you to do well. Just posting my observations as a new fan won over by your style of play & buzz around the club.
  41. 29 points
    Disgraceful performance from cardiff yesterday, thuggish anti-football. They should have finished with 8 or 9 players on the pitch, the referee had a shocker, he allowed them to foul with impunity, they should have had 4 yellow cards before half time. Warnock is a dinosaur, I really, really hope they don't get promoted, EVER again. Game was so easy for us, fair result would have been 0-4/0-5. At least I got the 'shit Newport County' chant going
  42. 29 points
    Why did you name your sons 'Right' and 'Wrong'? Was one of them unplanned?
  43. 29 points
    QPR are awful but it's hardly due to Matt Smith. The guy will always deserve a welcome at City. nice guy , and helped us go up when we had people out injured.
  44. 28 points
    I’ll get flamed for this but I think it’s because we’ve become very entitled as a fan base. The whole ‘come on Lansdown, get the cheque book out’ mentality, like we’re owed something. We’ve not been out of the top six all season pretty much and there’s fans going into absolute meltdown because we’ve drawn a couple of games FFS.
  45. 28 points
    Can't see a lot wrong with what he said tbh. I get the feeling that nothing he could have possibly said would be considered acceptable to you though.
  46. 28 points
    Hi all, Thanks for the interest in the now infamous list! It was 43 pages long of fan feedback, but it's now up to 56 pages, so there is plenty to be working on and it keeps on growing! The feedback has been a mixed bag of ideas/suggestions that have been bought up on the forum many time before, as well as some new ideas too. I've been categorising each piece of feedback into generic areas such as stadium operations, ticketing, etc and then sub categorising further, so under transport that is split further down into parking, park & ride, trains, CATS. I’m now identifying the teams across the football club, Bristol Sport and Ashton Gate Ltd who are responsible for each of these area. I’ll be setting up meetings with them, with the aim to understand where we currently are, the challenges around each of the issues and how we can move forward and look to find a solution or understand why somethings may not be possible. Some progress to date: I have also worked in conjunction with Section 82 and Supporter Club & Trust in delivering the flag display against Manchester City. I have been working with departments across Bristol Sport and Ashton Gate to reinstate the bricks that were purchased in 2005 on the new Wedlock Wall this summer. I’ve been looking at what the club can do to recognise fans and hopefully everyone will have seen the bits we have been doing for different fans over the past few months, such as Jerry on coach 2. I have also been working with Ashton Gate Ltd and First Bus to add additional busses on the Portway & Brislington Park & Ride routes post-match. I have also been present at the January & February Supporter Club & Trust meeting as well as attending FAN. I have also been creating away game reviews where I look at how opposition clubs are set up and bring back key learnings/best practice to share with the teams across the football club, Bristol Sport and Ashton Gate Ltd. Things do take time and not everything will be able to be fixed immediately, but I am listening and noting everything down. Furthermore, there are some things that may not be solved and sometimes I will have to communicate decisions that may not always be popular, but in doing so I will be able to help explain the rationale behind them. I will keep feeding back in and working to help create a club we can all be proud of as fans. Matt
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    "We shouldn't think that this will always be the case. If AFC Bournemouth, or Swansea or even Huddersfield Town wanted one of 82's best players they would be able to get them. If not now at the end of the season when and if they stay up and the sh** don't go up. Bristol Rovers have a bigger fan base than all of those clubs and have the potential to do equally as well provided that one day we have owners capable and willing to invest."
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    Fulham a very good passing side. Dominated the opening spell and think we all feared the worst when they scored. But we responded superbly, and found a new gear. Once back to 1-1 we took control of the game and really were the only side in it second half. Lots of good attacking play which we couldn’t really convert into clear cut chances. A really well earned point and on another day could have been 3. Every single man put in a damn good shift, 110% work rate from everyone.
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    Yeah, let's slag off a kid who lost possession a few too many times but who every time went looking for the ball, didn't hide, tried to link things, was positive and took chances. Why not slag off those who seem to do no wrong even though they're far from special and on too many occasions are rank average? Bryan from start to finish was, not for the first time, a total liability. Had that been Hodour the masses would be slaughtering him and ushering him out the club. Didgeridoo offered now't; Reid yet another run around without ever looking dangerous (and no the pen doesn't count as he'd turned his back and had no influence over the clumsy keeper going through the back of him.) We went offensive tonight and showed exactly what's been feared, take away the additional bodies in midfield and are we really that dominant in the high press? Those who called Pack our best player got it right. Smith did well when restored to where he should play. Brownhill and Patts look like players who are happy in numbers and somewhat exposed when asked to step up on their own. It's a work in progress and no point throwing the baby out with the bathwater but tonight's a night to take stock, forget the recent hype, and work out how we go back to basics. We've been punching above our weight and, fingers crossed, may just about throw enough leather to make the playoffs. It's no forgone conclusion.
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    Oh.when was the election? I think you'll find it's DUP Britain !