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    I once went on a course at Warwick Business School where one of the modules was a Call Centre simulation. We had 4 levers that we could pull to keep call volumes within a given range, as over time the call rates fluctuated for various reasons. Those levers were things like Overtime, Time Off, Praise / Bonuses and Coaching 9sonething like that). As we moved the levers up and down we were supposed to analysis the impact. Over the simulation we moved the levers up and down as a group, sometimes multiple levers at the same time. Sometimes it worked and the call volumes came down to manageable levels, sometimes the call volumes spiked. At the end of the simulation we were told that two of the levers were placebos, and had no impact, yet we subconsciously thought they did. Today I reached the view that Johnson has a set of levers, but actually has no understanding of which ones to pull up or down, in what sequence, or whether more than one at a time. As a result, I’m now beginning to understand that Johnson’s management itself is a placebo, it has no direct affect on good performances - yet subconsciously we’ve give him praise, tactical genius and all that. It is lucky pulling of the levers! It also in comparison has no direct influence on bad performances. Basically he’s guessing (over thinking / over complicating if want to be polite) at what might work, what might not work. Worse still - today his attempt to match them up. What did we play first half? 532/352. What did Preston play? Not 532/352. Just listening to Geoff Twentyman, and most callers said we match them up. I don’t see how a front 3 of Barkhuisen on the right, Maguire in the Centre and Robinson on the left followed by a midfield 3 of a rotating, flexible Gallagher, Johnson and Pearson can possibly mean we matched them up. He got his starting system wrong....full stop. Okay, not full stop, I missed the word “again”....he got his starting system wrong again. The only bright spots for me in the first half were a few bits of interplay between Weimann and Hunt down the right that created threatening crossing positions, ultimately not getting on the end of them, or Diedhiou getting under a header. In fairness Preston defended decent crosses well. Our back 3....most would expect us to line up left to right - Baker, Webster, Kalas. But that leaves Baker exposed down the channels, so LJ went Webster, Baker, Kalas. Baker actually did ok today, but it allowed Preston to deny Webster space, as when played central, or even left in a two, much more room. Our midfield 3....or Pack on his own, because Walsh and Brownhill (most of all) sat on top of Diedhiou and Weimann, condensing space in the vital area of the pitch where it’s difficult to find pockets, but also leaving huge gaps for Pack, Kalas and Webster to try to find a team mate. Walsh when he did come deeper, was a bit better. Too many things wrong. Just the simple how to combat Preston’s way, looks to me like we under-prepared, or through the plan out the window. You know they are gonna stand on every free-kick, just kick it at them and force the ref into cards. You know they are gonna go down , clutching body parts at the slightest touch. Either don’t touch them, or effin’ make it worth your while. Soft again today. It was Preston away in 16/17 season that prompted my only ever LJ Out, despite my criticism. Even as a Cotts fan I still criticised him. Today, it was Preston again, and I really do think his time is up in my eyes. I know that has no sway in the boardroom, but I can only see one way he can change my view - play the same side in the same style week in / week out. I don’t think he will, so in my mind, my thoughts are set. It’s a shame, because I wanted him to succeed, he has the club at his heart, but alas, I can’t see him succeeding. The bizarre thing is we are only 13th, but looking down imho. The play-off flirtation looks a distant dream. Drifting towards a relegation battle looks more likely. I’ve tried and tried to believe it will work with LJ but it’s over in my head. Might seem drastic, but it’s nit just after today’s game, it’s built all season. Must go and check to see if anyone won by £1 pick the team challenge!!
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    Evening all Apologies after disappearing for several reasons after the forum posts - Anyone who asked a specific q resulting from it and not answered below - I will try and answer directly at some point Will stay out of the today’s post match reaction and rewind the clock to my Post Forum thoughts and some bits that came out that some might find interesting, relevant and want to chew over , and clarify some misinformation that has surfaced from the Forum The badge I see one of our posters has indicated that ‘Concorde’ was mentioned unless it was mentioned Post Forum it wasn’t mentioned by JL on stage ‘ Replacing / Finding a striker from the academy ‘ In fairness this has been misrepresented , when asked about finding a Goalscorer MA and LJ explained that they are at a premium and very costly in the Championship and we had to look to see how we could replace goals including seeing what we could develop from within. - it was NOT a case of we will / need to replace from academy Leaders & Characters Lee was asked about characters / Leaders and having said in 2016 we needed leaders and the same again recently 2 years or so later , why we were still saying the same thing and hadn’t recruited a leader(s) LJ explained that they had been retrying to develop leaders amongst the group and mentioned MP specifically Position in Possession LJ , in response to a question spent some time explaining what he means by this. I won’t go into detail on this post but simplified , where he wants players to be when we are in possession - suppporting , or, protecting the player in possession - ( becoming more cautious ? may be relevant to some of our turgid play IMHO) Side v Leeds said he was picking a side that would ‘run and sprint’ Then named side as played today except COD was starting instead of Adelukan When he named Paterson I think most let out a noise of surprise off the back of his run and sprint comment Which takes me into Jamie Paterson From a number of comment , Lee is clearly confused himself whether or real problem is creativity or taking of chances and unsure whether to look for a Goalscorer or a creator Lee didn’t say this specifically but he clearly sees JP as one of our best chance of being a creator and I think that’s why he keeps trying to shoehorn him in Famara Diedhiou LJ appears, unsurprisingly , clearly disappointed in Famaras influence / performances recently and kept saying he ‘needs to get him going’ as he did with a number of the players and the players as a collective Matt Taylor Been struggling as he’s been having 2 hrs sleep at a time due to a new baby The way we’ve been playing Lee thinks we have been playing well , and cutting through the first two thirds of the pitch with ease but struggling with creating and taking chances He, on a number of occasions , accepted Preston performance was awful but put it down to one bad game on a number of occasions it was pointed out to him that in Fans opinions it wasn’t a one off bad game and cited Wigan , Rotherham etc but LJ didn’t accept that I thought it summed up when one chap said to Lee ‘ It’s not one bad game Lee it’s 10 wins or so since January’ LJ turned to the supporter and said ‘ I know , and why ? ‘ the supporter together with the others present looked bemused and the supporter rightly said ‘ I don’t know Lee , you’re the manager , you tell me’ Lee’s explanations were a mix of refereeing decisions , injuries , the loss of ‘ 3 £15. Million pound strikers’ in 3 seasons and the loss of Flint Bryan and particularly Reid (I think he’s right about Reid) Slightly worryingly he particularly highlighted as an example Hordurs long throw to Flint but in fairness also explained why he felt Bobby so valuable I won’t go into full detail but he is absolutely full of and focused on stats Lee Himself In discussing the pressure on him I thought Lee made a very good point Someone on here asked if LJ feared the sack - would he have been brave enough to blood Max Lee made a similar point insomuch he said he tries to get involved with U 13s etc and if he thought he was going to get the sack soon why would he bother with the acdemy, ie was he doing the right thing and the message that he needs that security / backing to get involved that way - It’s a fair and valid point but more a question of priorities at present time for me Lee comes across as a decent bloke and have to say again how I admired him for stating so long stood amongst supporters answering questions and discussing various things There are some things he mentioned that I don’t think fair to post on here but most don’t reflect on him or his abilities or otherwise Having listened to him at close hand for a hour some of my general thoughts about him were strengthened Very passionate lives and breathes football and his post Very confident in his abilities, possibly to a degree not yet born out by his performance. He made a claim at one point that with a top end budget he’d ‘walk the championship’ - Confidence is good, indeed probably vital but over confidence or belief is possibly not Lee appears a bit confused and maybe shocked by recent performances or lack of and kept saying about needing to get the ‘players going’ Unsurprisingly, He is clearly feeling the pressure He also appears in confusion and dilemna as to whether our real problems lie in our creativity in the final third or our lack of real goal scorer I have to confess, listening to him closely I think he could be described as dillusional ( IMHO ) in the way he describes and sees us playing and our performances He again spoke about his ‘Busy Bee’ philosophy , but when asked how Famara fitted into any ‘Busy Bee’ philosophy he couldn’t really explain In all honesty Having spoken to him on a few occasions and watched him since he’s been here I keep coming back to the same thing Somebody on the Forum thread mentioned ‘aura’ I heard GJ speak and on a number of occasions and thought he epitomised aura, I recall thinking ‘Yep I’d want to play for you’ I’ve been lucky enough, on occasions to meet various characters in the game and some have had a natural aura and presence , some not For me personally , Lee just doesn’t have that aura / presence - that’s not a criticism , that’s just the way it is So when it comes to managing the players and getting the best from them Lee can try the bullying or Churchill approach , or cajoling with a backdrop of credibility If I’m honest I believe that Lee has , and does try both For me he simply doesn’t have the presence / aura or credibility to,pulll off the first the second, - He clearly tries this and clearly appears to back up his coaching with a lot of stats and analysis - credibility still a question ? His passion is clear , but I just don’t see him tactically or maybe more importantly , a clever / good ‘manager / leader / motivator’ Personally I think he gets too hung up in details and stats and he has the misfortune of saying , what I regard as silly or strange things which as I stood there the other night , and on previous occasions , if I was a player I’d be thinking ‘oh shut up’ or ‘What ?..eh ? ‘ I’m not at all sure he has either the respect of players or that they fear him or any other motivational factor I’d love to know the real truth about recruitment - a conversation I had at the Forum makes me suspect MAs fingers in the pie I think LJ is trying to follow some demanding ‘wants’ from the owner as best he can if I’m honest I’m not sure he’s up to the whole task At one point you could almost see his exasperation as he said ‘ I’ve got to develop players from the academy , sell players to get funds in , and be twenty points clear at the top of this league’ Slightly dramatic but you get his drift So just a few bits for people to mull over My immediate fear is that I sense / smell a Head Coach and Squad that looks lacking in ideas or consistency in approach and has a relegation fight feel all over it atm - And Personally I don’t fancy this squad in a relegation battle As I said earlier in the week , right man , wrong job for me
  3. 40 points
    "Len Shackleton left an entire page blank in his book, reserved for what he believed directors knew about football. If I'd had my way there would be a blank chapter in this book dedicated to the same subject. I have never understood why men with such poor knowledge, or no knowledge at all, insist they know about the game in general and the needs of management in particular. The vast majority of them knew nothing in my days as a player, nothing in my time as a manager, and the modern lot still know nothing today. Yet I continue to see them quoted in the newspapers and droning on in television interviews, trying to convince the public and themselves that they have the faintest idea of how football works. It makes my blood boil; it makes me want to put my foot through the television screen and I'd have done it long before now but I have a dodgy knee to look after. Football club chairmen and directors are still so barmy, so naive, so thick and so stubborn and yet so full of themselves that they continue to make stupid decisions when it comes to the appointment of a manager. That is one of the reasons why there is such a turnover in my industry, so many sackings, resignations and departures explained by that cosy little phrase 'by mutual agreement', which I have never understood for the life of me. Many of the casualties are the victims not only of their own failure - they are the victims of chairmen and directors who shouldn't have given them the job in the first place. I wondered about Stuart Gray being given the Southampton job when Glenn Hoddle went to Tottenham. I'm not sure what job Gray had with the club, whether he was coaching the reserves or helping out with the first team. What I do know is I don't think it sufficient to qualify him for the job of manager of a team in the English Premiership. He couldn't have been right for it in normal circumstances, because he had no experience to fall back on. When I heard young Gray had been made manager, it made no sense at all to me. He was a nice lad, I'm sure he still is, but wet behind the ears in management terms. Unless he was a genius so far undiscovered, he hadn't a prayer. Yet Southampton directors chucked all that responsibility into the lap of an untried manager. He didn't last long. He couldn't last long, but when he failed, why weren't serious questions asked of those who shoved Gray in at the deep end? Why weren't any of them held responsible? Why didn't any of them pay the price of losing his own position at the football club? Why? Because they rarely do. Football chairmen and directors at any club you care to look at are among the great survivors in life. " Cloughie; Walking on Water. 2005 "Football club chairmen and directors are still so barmy, so naive, so thick and so stubborn and yet so full of themselves that they continue to make stupid decisions when it comes to the appointment of a manager. " Get ready for another Lansdown special, boys and girls. Think Dean Holden, Jamie Mcallister, or Michael Appleton. What is so depressing about Lansdown is that he does not learn from his mistakes. Malchy Mackay got Cardiff to the Premier League. They were outside the relegation zone. But he clashed with Vincent Tan, and Tan sacked him. The Cardiff fans were shocked. Tan then appointed someone with no managerial experience, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. It was a complete failure, and exactly the pattern that Brian Clough describes. But you know what? Vincent Tan learnt his lesson. He called Neil Warnock for interview. He said "I don't need to interview you. I want you to be Cardiff manager." Warnock swelled with pride and was desperate to do a good job for Tan. In that season he saved Cardiff from the drop. In his first full season, spending little money with an average side, Warnock won Cardiff automatic promotion. Even if they go down they now have parachute payments. But the point is that Vincent Tan learnt that appointing an inexperienced rookie does not work, and appointed someone with a track record of success. But Lansdown, despite appointing Gary Johnson and Steve Cotterill, reverted to type with Lee Johnson. Lee Johnson's record at Barnsley and Oldham was Win 1, Draw 1 Lose 1. That tells you he is not a great manager. "But he will have resources and backing at BCFC!!!" Yes, but the standard of opposition is higher. What is LJ's record at Bristol City? Wait for it.......................it is..........................(about) Win 1 Draw 1 Lose 1. The same. He is no better than when he started. The apathy towards LJ's appointment from the fans was NOT, as some here claim, a nasty vindictive personal vendetta. It was simply that we could see what Lansdown and Ashton could not see, or would not see, that there was no evidence LJ was a successful manager from his career to date. Lansdown's poor judgement about football managers is blighting this football club. But while Vincent Tan learnt his lesson, didn't appoint another rookie, and appointed someone with a track record of success, it remains to be seen whether Lansdown will do that. The appointments of Mcallister and Holden as assistants is the same old depressing Tinnion/Millen/Lee Johnson mistake all over again. What did Steve Lansdown say in the interview with Geoff Twentyman after John Pemberton left the club? "We've appointed Macca..........er................er.............I mean Jamie Mcallister." There you have it. Says it all. Jobs for the boys. And the appointments of Tinnion and Millen were so bad that since leaving BCFC, neither has even put himself forward for a manager's job. They know they are not up to it. They don't even want one. It's not that Tinnion and Millen were managers who failed for us. It is that they were not even managers at all!!! It is most unlikely that Lansdown will appoint someone who has got a club promoted from the second tier, like Warnock, Holloway, Mcarthy, Bruce, or Allardyce. But even if he does, the set up at the club is so clogged up with managerial-speak nonsense, middling nothing-managers blocking swift decisions, and mediocre inertia that such a manager would either walk like Coppell or be unable to beat the system and fail here anyway.
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    I think it's a disgrace what they've done with the competition to be honest, using the pathetic excuse that football league fans would be excited to see Chelsea U21's is laughable. It shows how out of touch the people at the top of the game are with the lower leagues, and is the first step towards allowing Premier League B teams into the football league. (If that does happen I'm definitely done). It hasn't even raised the profile of the competition either, the media almost seems to have joined the fans and clubs in protest by giving it almost zero coverage. It's almost like it no longer exists.
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    Take the piss all you want, but in my book a first round game AND a replay constitutes a run in my book . When you also add in the fact that for once we got knocked out by a division 5 team rather than a non league one, I'm quite pleased
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    The slow, depressing but sadly predictable collapse of Lee Johnson's City over the last two months took a day off today, replaced by a briefly plucky, energetic yet ultimately equally flawed attempt to turn form around. High flying Leeds actually did very little with an abundance of possession and City were good value for their flashes of intent on the break, albeit without much more than a Pato twist and turn or debutant Adelakun touch. Solid at the back, City looked worth at least a point for an hour, but Brownhill's red was a disadvantage too many. The decisive yellow was right but the Sky Sports Leeds ref was too in awe to apply those rules consistently. That's not to say City should feel hard done by. Despite looking compact and more solid at the back as well as quick to move the ball out to the wings, it still looked like a cobbled together side, unsure of best route to goal. For all the occasional close control and head up play of Paterson and then later Famara - both recently heavily out of form - City really only shaded periods of a poor encounter, at most a brief respite from an ongoing decline. City, so often now cycling through possible line ups, setup in a compact 4-5-1 geared to to stay solid and break at speed, with a first debut for Adelakun, and Eliasson and Pato back in the side, Weimann back up front. It took nearly 20 minutes for either side to fashion a chance, Leeds attacking down the right, Webster drawn way out of his position leaving the hosts able to slide the ball across the box, Maenappa tipping the shot over. City responded midway through the half as good work on the ball by Adelakun and then Paterson released Weimann in the left, but there was no one else in the box for his low cross which the home keeper claimed easily. Nonetheless City were starting to look more dangerous, winning a series of set pieces. Free kicks from either wing - one after TWO players were cut down from behind - and far post headers from two well earned corners. City looked most likely to score before the break and from another free kick, the keeper punched and it fell to Paterson on the edge of the box, who met it first time but spooned wildly over. On top in a game of few chances. It looked like a mistake would win it and first City gave the ball away in their own half, the home side charging forward out of midfield and slipping it into Roofe on the left, to lift the ball past Maenappa, wide off the post. Then Adelakun seized on a similar loose ball in the Leeds half but his early 35 yard shot low to the keepers right was easily saved. It was good competitive stuff but it all turned decisively inside an hour on the sending off. In the first half Brownhill was rightly carded for "taking one for the team" as Leeds broke, and this time he steamed into an innocuous midfield ball, arriving late and in slow motion upending the player. The ref had no option. Paterson actually got the first opportunity as ten men, City breaking with three across the front running at Leeds with pace, but Pato's attempt to play in one of his teammates was weak and easily intercepted by the defender. Leeds responded from the break, playing the forward into the right of the box, slamming a shot past Maenappa but also beyond the far post. Minutes later a 25 yard shot was easily held by City's keeper as pressure mounted. By the midway point in the second half City were pinned back, the impressive Kelly had to spread to block as a Leeds player found himself wide open to finish at the far post. From the rebound the shot deflected wide. This started a succession of corners as the hosts turned the screw. From the first their full back hit an out swinging 25 yard curler from deep that was desperately tipped wide by Maenappa. Three more corners followed. From the fourth in succession Leeds went in front. Hernandez collecting the ball into the box and firing goalbound through a crowded area, Roofe applying the finish to turn home. City had earlier thrown on Diedhiou and Liam Walsh, and the latter, unlucky to lose his place, was involved immediately as he broke from midfield and fed Paterson to race into the box from the left, his cross forcing a corner. The visitors added Eisa up front but it was at the other end that City had to act, their own free kick breaking down and in a dangerous 3 on 2 from Leeds, Jack Hunt stuck a foot in to make a fantastic goal saving challenge. Again Walsh galvanised City out of midfield and from a sudden break, the midfielder got forward in the Leeds half before spreading the ball right to the hard working Weimann, his run and cross was cut out for a corner. But at the other end Walsh's all action play was wasted, a brilliant edge of the box tackle intercepting the ball with 5 minutes left, but Fam ignored the loose ball and Leeds quickly lifted it into Hernandez to steer a header home. That was it for City, and while Leeds had the clearer chances, the scoreline flattered them in a match Lee Johnson's recently awful side at least kept competitive - staying compact and playing with rare purpose on the break. Unfortunately, like much of the past month, City lack a decisive style of play nor a target man to lead the line, and it's a sign of recent dearth of form that losing 2-0 to a distinctly average Leeds is seen as positive response. Maenappa 6 Some camera saves and some poor distribution Hunt 6 A couple of fantastic challenges and generally solid Kelly 7 Probably our best player over 90 minutes, rarely beaten and comfortable in both phases Webster 7 Continues to be quietly efficient, a rock at the back, close from a corner in the first half and was certain he had a penalty shout at the end when pushed from a Walsh free kick Kalas 6 Also solid but unspectacular Pack 5 Continues to be out of form and less influential than he was when things were going well. Looked better with Walsh on too to take responsibility for playing forward Brownhill 5 Didn't really get into the game and while the first yellow was for the team, the second was killer Adekalun 7 Busy player and not disgraced for a debut Eliasson 5 Didn't really get into the game so only takes credit for his threat from set pieces Paterson 6 Surprised to see him start and in his defence created some attacks just from his willingness to control, turn and run with the ball. Unfortunately also poor passing and weak against defenders. Weimann 6 Ran his proverbials off but you can't escape the fact he is running off people looking to create chances rather than leading the line looking to finish them. Not his fault but hard to say he was effective. Diedhiou 6 His close control and movement was far better than it has been, he executed some nice moves... but as often stated, he is not a target man either, repeat, he is not a target man. So who are we getting the ball to? Walsh 7 Best midfielder by far in the time he had on the pitch, why does he keep getting dropped. Answers on a post card to the usual address Eisa 5 Don't think he had a touch
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    Selling players at the absolute top of their value range. Brilliant new stadium. Maximising the revenues from that stadium. Developing the area around Ashton Gate into a modern multi-sport complex. The Forever Bristol half season membership that comes with a free ticket to the Bolton game and I will be buying that. After two decades of trying the Academy is now delivering first team players. There are of course negatives as well but they are not for this thread.
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    Absolutely not. I always want City to win.
  9. 34 points
    Go hang your heads in shame. The performances continue to get worse and worse every week, yet you lot continue to see something in this man that most don't. Steve L get him out first thing Monday morning and admit you got it all wrong.
  10. 32 points
    General ignorance here - what's the cause? IMO Identity anything (support, politics ect) is a bad idea, we should be looking to support everyone not just people that identify themselves as a group that needs special treatment. You say it won't do harm but IMO its provoking a never ending "my identity group is more important and should have special rules/rights/equality of outcomes" type attitude which I believe is dangerous.
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    Well, of course, I do, but I spend every week earning sufficient domestic credit to watch City in one way or another. This usually means my wife stepping up and managing kids, home etc.... Every week she says: Did you win?........No Was it a good game?.........No Did you enjoy any of it?......No Today, she eventually asked (some would say well overdue): Why do you do it?............. In our current situation, I struggled to answer that one. I've sat through many a bad season since my first season ticket 25 years ago (now exiled in Devon) but I can't remember a time like this where the standard of football was so bad, the entertainment level so low. Isn't that what it's meant to be? Entertaining? Just had enough. Been a city fan long enough to be very comfortable with bad results but I expect commitment, passion and a bit of entertaining football. How many shots on target in the last 5 games or so? Johnson is no doubt well intentioned but he's just not up to it. Maybe I should just go and watch Bristol City reserves (Torquay). A lot closer, cheaper and probably some passion. Rant over.
  12. 31 points
    I just don't understand comments like this "we need to get away from the Johnson family". I think it's a lazy attitude and suggestions that somehow the Johnson's are taking the mick out of our club is just wrong IMO. Gary took us closer to the premier league than any other manager, he was backed by SL, it didn't work out and he paid with his job. LJ may well get sacked at some point, but it won't be for want of trying. He isn't here phoning in his job, just picking up a pay packet, using BCFC for personal gain. He is clearly working his arse off - his best may not be good enough, but that isn't the point. If LJ leaves, there will be the hundreds that will be very relieved, but there will also be thousands who will thank him for his efforts and the acknowledge progress he has overseen here. I imagine a lot of what has been put in place over the last few years at the club under LJ/DH/JMac and JL/MA will not been seen in LJ's tenure.
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    We’ve played some bad football yes, but hanging your head in shame is harsh. He’s not killed anyone. We’ve had some great times under LJ, cup semi final, 2nd at Xmas last year etc. I’m not ashamed to support a man who’s given me some great memories. We do have poor runs under LJ, that’s not defendable. We also seem to forget our apparent identity, I don’t mind loosing if we do it playing a pressing passing style which did us so well at the start of the last season but that’s gone now. Something needs to change, yes, but we are mid table where we should be really. It’s just a shame how awful the football is of late, but “shame”? Massively OTT.
  14. 30 points
    Top 6 ? I think people are more concerned about a slide into a relegation fight that we don’t look equipped for
  15. 30 points
    Do we **** as like! Quicker they go bust in my eyes the better, some people seem to forget how they tried their damnedest to finish us off in the 80s'!
  16. 29 points
    Lose at Elland Rd where Dirty Leeds are flying and with City down to 10 men and this place goes into meltdown.............. The anti LJ brigade are out in force with their negative posts all aimed at LJ.... What is it about ‘LJ is going nowhere’ that they don’t understand? SL has backed him before and will do it again so why not just try to accept that fact? SL wants stability long term and by sacking the Head Coach ( and all his assistants) would completely destabilise the club with an entirely new manager and his backtoom staff coming in. SL has seen that happen many times before and realises that long term it hasn’t worked so he’ll stick by his man just as he has before.
  17. 29 points
    He’s spent a lot, our 3 best players he’s inherited. You cannot and should not ignore that.
  18. 29 points
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    Yup, he had a house viewing last weekend in Clifton.
  20. 27 points
    Exactly the type of ridiculous garbage that is dragging this forum down.
  21. 26 points
    No, you’re obviously not alone in wanting him to succeed. Every single person on this forum and inside Ashton Gate on Sunday (bar the Millwall fans maybe..) wants him to succeed. Wanting him to and believing he will are different things though. Didn’t think that would need to be clarified.
  22. 26 points
    Kevin Jones is my Dad. His passing was sudden and totally unexpected. We are all completely heartbroken. He was a genuinely wonderful man with a heart of gold and a fantastic sense of humour and he will be thoroughly missed by everyone who knew him. Thank you so much for your kind words. He would be touched to know that he was so well thought of. He really loved working at the club. No funeral arrangements have been made yet but as soon as we have information we shall let everyone know
  23. 26 points
    Just look at the numerous clubs that have passed us by and reached the premier league. Grateful for what he's done off the pitch but on it the premier league is just a pipe dream. I'm not even sure he wants it? The two chances we've really had in the last 30 years and he completely failed to back the manager in the January window. If I'm honest I'm past caring. Sad but true. I'll always love City but I feel the passion is slowly dwindling. Not just City but football in general. It used to be a day out with friends, with 90 minutes of shouting/singing and just letting off steam after a hard week at work. It's now just feels a bit of a souless experience. Shame really.
  24. 24 points
    Depends how we lose really doesn't it? If it's like Brentford home last season or, god forbid, last time out, then I'd fully expect the knives to be out, and rightly so. If theres a semblance of fight, and even the slightest sign of improvement since PNE, then a bit of balance is needed.
  25. 24 points
    Open in time for Christmas, stock expected to arrive for Easter?