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  1. shh, leave him and that lot alone,they are doing a fine job of sinking the good ship gas without us risking catching anything
  2. what would gmg have written if he had met sod on a bad day.perhaps no interview was better than to be told bluntly 'stupid question'
  3. tbh,i think i could have tagged mine on with his and he wouldnt have noticed,he was that keen for a chat,or putting on a very good front for a fan.
  4. its good that a charity benefits at their expense. dont forget they are not normal,we only see the extra digits on their hands, some will have 36c chests etcand women with frontal bulges where they shouldnt. its the way they are,special breed
  5. absolutely spot on. i was lucky enough to bump into him in our local supermarket a few weeks ago, it was at the time there was speculation that Nathan Baker was returning, i asked him directly if the rumours were true and he told me sharply and matter of fact he was already back, i was gobsmacked. he went on to tell me how highly he rated him,and that 2 others were incoming that week (king and the oxford lad. he was absolutely 100% genuine,honest and very likeable,all said with a huge smile. he left his checkout to talk with me for a short while and seemed to be exactly as you have described him. dismissed any doubts i may have had about his personality,smashing fella
  6. they have been in the bins again,those are used nhs gowns and sheets been butched together
  7. bar germany and italy,we had a relatively easy run to the final. i dont think we would have got there if we had been in the other half of the group. hes got to carry on as he has got us further than anybody else since 66 but there will now be higher expectations so i cant see him lasting past the world cup. if it was me,i would quit while i was ahead and not get sacked from the england job with his success rate
  8. and nathan barker in defence
  9. this is hard to watch,could lose or win it with next goal
  10. he certainly isnt anything like on camera. i met him last monday before baker confirmation, and i couldnt wish to meet a more genuine open honest bloke.
  11. joe bryan once told me he had to give up 15 because luke freeman wanted it
  12. isnt it normally lucky 7s, seeing as we have a 13, perhaps we binned 7 as the unlucky one. who was 7 before?? maybe a new deal possible??
  13. to be perfectly honest,i like the look of that. ive never been asked my thoughts on this sort of thing before, but thats probably because im normally way off the mark
  14. ive got a feeling we will see a new Nathan Baker this season, if my suspicions are right,he will take some shifting from LB this season
  15. that big ukrany looked like he is going to explode just before the whistle. keep him rattled and hopefully a red will come
  16. judging by how long its taken to announce the last 3,baker,king and atkinson,we might not hear anything about a striker for some time.
  17. ditto you and frenchred too. it is really pleasing to hear of so many recoveries. years ago, the c word was the end ,not anymore. a relalative of mine has just been diagnosed with voicebox cancer, they are going to remove it with a laser because they can see the affected bits. dont forsee any other treatment if all goes well. incredible understanding of it nowadays
  18. please tell me,how did she manage to get black and white ones
  19. my grandparents in st george had a colour tv as soon as they came out,my grandparents on backwell hill were a bit slower,first tv only picked up bbc1 and it had a magnifying glass strapped to the front of it
  20. cant see it this season, i think all major money moves within the championship are on hold now until revenues are stabilised again. prem will be only league with cash to splash,even then it wont be all teams
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