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  1. let the 6 week search process begin,then appoint from within. all saving any withdrawals from ashtons bonus pot
  2. dont miss next weeks episode, how to disappear a doodlebug
  3. be nice if we could get him and another of the same playing in a match at the same time
  4. wouldnt surprise me if rooneys got a few mates lined up prepared to play for peanuts on paper should that happen
  5. personally,id give him 1000 hours bin and litter picking duty at imperial park with compulsary weekend attendance. or the maccys carpark on airport rd. dodge the gherkin joey would be my choice game
  6. you are thinking like me, why doesnt np play weimann in a position where he can help the younger players,i wouldnt say scotts place but bakinson could either move forward or massengo have a go at being a new bobby reid
  7. why cant weimann step in for williams,hes experienced enough to know the game, is in favour and couldnt do any worse than tb today. semenyo or wells could have started up top
  8. eltringham today on the blades forum, scotty better keep his studs down ,shed load of yellows coming
  9. i like the trams there,, caught a train in once,swapped to a tram into the centre. so easy
  10. wouldnt surprised me if he had a few houses,more money in property than bank interest rates if you buy at the right time
  11. Goodbody Clinic 75 Queens Rd, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 1QP (directions) clinic@goodbodywellness.co.uk 01225 444 144 can you ring these people to see if they can do it? says next day results and close at 2.0 saturdays. £129.00 so dont do it without phoning first
  12. get john L to design blue and white quarterz bog rolls. a sure winner for the whole family
  13. only thing in the back of my mind is he might be upping his game to get noticed in time for the transfer window to open? you never know,Nige might have said 'you wont get a big move unless you pull your socks up and is helping him achieve this with the wb role??
  14. or round the back for all the out of date stuff?
  15. the academy likes to get them in the first team young these days ( good job it wasnt dasilva in the pic)
  16. he can afford those boots cus you dont pay vat on kids clothes
  17. fulham not battering derby like i thought they would,must be missing mitrovic
  18. you are all wrong, the bloke that got caught taking cash to let the sags in works there now. probs more like 2000 home fans last night, and i wouldnt be surprised if some of them quarterz was blackburns
  19. when the nailsea branch closed down, a bloke i know bought the entire contents of the tat that was left after weeks of sales. whilst he was chuffed to bits at having kilos of pick and mix, he was also chin in boots at having bought hundreds of empty cd cases. the discs were stored under the counter for security and contents of that not included in deal
  20. you need a job at the hpc with the medical team. poor old bakes would have to play every week
  21. dont hold your breath,you know it will be 'still working on the possibilities' these things take time'
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