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  1. i only saw cheeseley play once with longer hair and thought it was a wind up picture with nigel mansell on the left
  2. they have so much in common with covid, just when you think it is all settling down, a new mutation starts doing the rounds and the gas logic kicks off again
  3. i too wish netty all the luck in the world, i would never have wished dumbarton on her for another 4 years tho. never mind,its not that bad,at least there is now plenty of time for him to beat up someone else while in charge of that rabble
  4. i dont, conference again would be good. more places for netty to visit if they get to the toolstation eventually
  5. put him on ebay 99p start,spares or repair
  6. good move by the club in my view, if he got serious damaged playing for city again knowing it could happen,things could have got a bit delicate. if bakes decides to play for someone else,that will be his own doing and nothing to do with city
  7. when i was on the pop,my record was 36 cans of black label in one night,i was landscaping my garden under lights and went through until around 4am in the morning. my ex drove taxis at night so i needed something to keep me occupied. will never forget someone shouting out of their bedroom in the early hours 'Darren,will you oil that bloody wheelbarrow' most of the empties got crushed and buried under the top soil i was preparing for a new lawn
  8. love that statement,going to save it as my signature , as good as the trap 2 one
  9. him and Big Tone on form are as good any episode of doc martin.this has to be the first thread i have ever liked every post apart from the first one. i love joining in nonsense convos,especially during the boring part of the season,beats the hell out of the transfer rumour section which contains a ton more crap than john ever posts. Flying to newcastle or wherever it was anyone?? if ever i need a laugh i recap that or tommys ramblings page.always end up laughing at it
  10. or a saggy where it could be 3.3 allowing for the extra bits
  11. WOW,some stat that is. i wonder why. its not like hes gung ho going into challenges etc
  12. reminds me of johnny vaughn and lisa tarbuck. woman in a tabard
  13. i like this idea, Jerseybean,you do a great job anyway though
  14. id have her for my home kit any day of the week
  15. my memory is shot these days but wasnt there a room they used as some sort of theatre?
  16. i did it too with my old uncle. it was very interesting, my uncle knew as much if not more than the guide on some things which made it a bit of a long tour as everything was talked about in great detail.some of which was fascinating . not fot those with dodgy hips,its a tad steep
  17. ref to stamp on diving players to make sure they are injured
  18. sprinklers with indelible ink,arrested on way out if you are marked.
  19. i certainly wouldnt want to see him die on the pitch and i dont see how any specialist would clear him to play just incase it happened. surely it would then result in a case against the specialist.
  20. May 11, 2022 at 9:42pm pirate said: May 11, 2022 at 9:13pm Gas Go Marching In said: If Burnley want him then no way he will stick with us. I think he would turn a lot of jobs down to stay with us but not this one. Agreed. Hopefully Wael and Tom have a back up plan and a few candidates in mind should Joey leave. Would he get the same autonomy at Burnley though? dunno but he'll get the same sentence if he goes down
  21. that was the total attendance of home and away fans for both matches
  22. look on the bright side,next season will be great taking the piss about them getting hammered vs derby etc, better still, away fans comments about tents will be amusing
  23. look at this bbc beauty. What on earth is happening in Bristol this afternoon! If the Memorial Stadium had a roof it would have lifted off by now. edited. too much of quote pasted. dont want to hear of any success
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