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  1. Some OK moments in the second half, but the third goal (Simpson ) killed the game. Not happy, but I was far more disappointed by Tuesday's footballing suicide: today's KO is mire acceptable (and was predictable, given the difference in strenght and injuries).
  2. Well, compared to WBA's ones they were half chances (Andi's cross before their first goal and after it a strong pass that almost found two players inside the box). Not much, but with the minimum assistance they got...
  3. Clearly second best, but not all was negative: Weimann created two good opportunities, Wells had a goal ruled out (probably the right decision) and defence was not bad overall (except for a back pass mistake and the positioning in the second goal, not helped by Baker's exit). We knew that they're strong, especially in attack, and with yhe current score a comeback appears unrealistic: that being said, I guess Nigel will bring in Callum to try to add speed to our upfront play (I didn't understand the change Tanner-Simpson though).
  4. Expecting a loss, hoping for a hard-fought point. COYR!
  5. Glad to see Massengo on the bench and Atkinson in the starting XI. Come On, City!!
  6. Losing against the Cherries is OK, especially when some things go wrong (Joe out, playing 10 vs 11, etc.). That being said, our home form remains worrying.
  7. Today I watched the stream on my smartphone via app, on my TV using RealMe's screencast (again via app) and on my PC from the RobinsTV page (Win10, Firefox): no problems. NB: from PC I usually use the login button of the official site (it loads automatically the Bristol Sport's site), I log in, then I enter the Robins TV page and when I click on the login button, I become instantly logged there too, and I can choose the watch or the listen option.
  8. Uhm, maybe I missed one of them. Anyway, he looked dangerous in a crucial moment of the match.
  9. Not perfect defensively, but he scored a good goal, with composure and accuracy.
  10. He had some chances in the first half, then he seemed to disappear for a while in the second half...until he made a powerful run on the left, who led to a chance: after that, he created problems to the Posh defence, and a good header was followed by the goal some minutes later. I still think we should not overuse him (one of the reasons why I would have given Bell a chance in the 2nd half), but today he made the difference again.
  11. I suggested to replace him in the second half, worried that his continuous runs could cause him another injury....but luckily he had enough energy to keep running and made the assist.
  12. YEEEEESSSS! . Sorry Chris for that substitution suggestion.
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