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  1. Both Reading and Barnsley have winnable games in hand (H vs Stoke and Blackpool, both to be played next month), and I would not be surprised to see us beaten at Barnsley...so virtually these two teams could be respectively -8 and -10 from us.

    IMO, we need to beat at least one team (maybe one of those below/near us, like Peterborough or Hull?) and get two/three draws. Hopefully the return of some players (James, Tanner, Atkinson, others) can give us a boost.

  2. A predictable flop.

    That being said, I guess that our financial problems justified - at least partially - the choice of confirming him: keeping Hunt would have surely made more sense, in many ways, but probably he would have cost us too much (or forced us to sell/release another decent player)...and the same could be said about the idea of signing a new player.

    About the mentality/group culture aspect...it's difficult to know if he had an influence or not.


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  3. 1 hour ago, Pezo said:

    They have had a lot of injuries this season, they have basically played all season with a team worse than the one the had in the championship.

    Injury crisis? It sounds familiar...  They are facing a relegation battle like we made last season, mainly for the same cause: that's why I don't wish them to go down.

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  4. Having Baker injured, Atkinson injured, Tanner injured, Dasilva not playing on his preferred side and a midfield without experienced players (both King and James out) partly justifies our defensive frailty. Tactics are also an element to consider, because a more attacking set-up can bring also more defensive exposure.

    That being said, some errors could have been avoided here and there, and I agree about Simpson. However, based on recent performances, I also think that we collected less points than we deserved (and refereeings didn't help).

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  5. 2 minutes ago, Southport Red said:

    When will we get a decent ref?

    If the chairman, Gould and co. will remain silent about all the damage done to the team, maybe never: doing nothing means happily accepting the nasty behaviour that most referees are showing in our matches.


    That being said, defensive errors will be an aspect to consider during the next transfer window.

  6. I'm not sure I understood the positions. Something like that?  😄









    If it's right...another tough test for Bell in that unfamiliar position, whereas Massengo as a defensive shield could be useful.

    I'd have given Wells a chance, but not surprised he's on the bench as usual...



  7. 44 minutes ago, ExiledAjax said:

    Hang on. Hang on.

    Are people genuinely suspicious that there could be a cabal of second division referees organising to ensure that Bristol City never get a penalty, and in doing so are possibly benefiting from some sort of insider info or betting ring? 

    Some years ago, thousands of Italian football fans thought that having suspects about referees was a laughable idea. Then Calciopoli arrived.

    Like I said, I guess it's improbable that someone (in the FA, clubs, etc.) want to damage our club for ''sports reasons'', but like a player bets on matches for his own economical advantage, is it so unrealistic to think that some referees could do the same (not only in our matches)?  Only making assumptions, obviously. I still want to think that there is nothing dirty going on, but I can't rule out anything, given the amount of money and interests in football.

    Anyway, the negative trend against City remains, so maybe creating a video dossier with all the episodes against City and send it to the FA/EFL/Refs Association could at least make the referees a little more concentrated/equal during our future matches.

  8. 13 minutes ago, ExiledAjax said:

    Have you ever watched Alex Scott play? Goes down easier than a whore's knickers.

    Rare episodes involving him and Semenyo don't mean much, especially when you compare our players to the trend of other teams (see Reading's constant diving in the recent match), and in Scott's case, being phisically weaker than many of his opponents is a thing to consider.



  9. 1 hour ago, BTRFTG said:

    We've a known bunch of 'cheats' who in all areas of the park either look to go down or do fall over at the faintest of touches - it fools nobody, they've developed a reputation and when they are occasionally fouled their reputation precedes them, hence don't get as they should.


    Are you a troll?  It's totally false. The contrary may be true, because our players rarely go down/dive...whereas players of other teams do that (at least against us) and are often rewarded by referees.


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  10. It can't be simply poor refereeing, not if it's so often one-directional.

    At this point, IMO we should make a collective effort - as supporters - and invite the club to act.

    I can't think about someone who could corrupt referees in order to harm our club, but this trend is becoming too suspect to be ignored. Maybe betting? Recently the FA investigated clubs (I don't know if only in Non League or EFL too) about betting, and many players were found guilty...so maybe worth an investigation about referees too?

    I really feel angry about this situation: I've always hated referees corruption in Serie A, and the possibility of seeing dirty things in the Championship is disheartening....BUT even if there is a 1% of possibility of bad things going on off the pitch, the club should do something (like a dossier of the episodes).

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