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    Many problems in defence, but even in midfield we don't have so many ''reliable'' options: Scott often has to play RWB because we don't have Tanner, Dasilva as second choice on the right leaves O'Dowda without an alternative on the left (Benarous adapted there?), Williams is Williams (available for a few games in the best case scenario?) and we don't know if James will be 100% fit soon.


    ..........(   -   )(   -   )(Towler)

     (Dasilva)(Williams?)(   -    )(Benarous)


    Out now: Baker (probably won't play again this season), Tanner (2 months?), Atkinson (?), Simpson (still a player to consider?), Cundy (untested at this level), King (?).


  2. Quite lively in the first half, electric and influential in the second one, unlucky with his goal attempts. 

    With Wells out of favour, he has now a key role in the team, and he's showing what he can bring to our attack. 👍

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  3. 2 minutes ago, KegCity said:

    Why would we play someone who doesn't want to be here and doesn't work for the team? 

    We don't know for sure that he didn't want to be here: it's Nigel's version. Anyway, I'm OK with him going, but the memory of last season's injury crisis is still fresh, so fear we could be in trouble again in case of further injuries. Hopefully we',ll be less unlucky...

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  4. Normally I'd choose Bentley without any doubts, but considering that he will probably be sold if the right offer comes, maybe it makes more sense to continue testing Max.

  5. 5 hours ago, Super said:

    Maybe we don't get into the box enough? 

    Even if City's attacking quality has decreased in recents seasons, relating it with the lack of penalties is too simplistic. You can enter the opponents area 5 times and be clearly fouled 2 times or getting into the box 10 times and never get a touch by the other team's defenders: not giving at least one penalty in the first case can not be excused by the  number of box entries.

    I agree more with the point about not searching for penalties, but I'm glad that our players usually prefer not to dive.

  6. 16 minutes ago, Mr Popodopolous said:

    Last season and 2019/20 I would have put it down to us not creating much. It figures.

    This season at times and especially from Blackburn at home but also Huddersfield at home 2nd half and of late though we certainly have looked to be more positive but these things even themselves out? I don't go in for conspiracy theories,

    If Championship was like Serie A, I would have no doubts about dirty things happening, but it's probably not the case so...why? Incompetence should be seen both ways, with wrong penalties given to opponents but sometimes to City too.

    And then Pearson get fined...


    That being said, we really should try to play better defensevely.

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