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  1. True! Was thinking more about seating areas
  2. Bit difficult, as it has the plan of the old stadium on the app
  3. Certainly a fair comment that Lampard will call the shots, but it’s interesting that we managed to get the Dasilva and Kalas deals over the line before Lampard was appointed, but was not the case with Palmer. It may just be that we didn’t treat any negotiations with KP with the same urgency as the other two, or possibly we were never aiming to bring him in at all, though his twitter activity suggests something could have been happening. I wonder if it just wasn’t meant to be and he wasn’t ready to buy into what the club are trying to do. If so, it’s better that KP and BC go their separate ways.
  4. Fair enough, but out of the three Chelsea lads, he did the least to warrant regular game time, so he can’t really complain and certainly didn’t appear to be busting a gut to improve the situation on the pitch. Some players work hard to improve, but maybe he’s just happy to be loaned to club where he’ll have a better chance of being in the starting 11. If that’s the case, imho that’s someone who we need to steer clear of anyway. The way we’re set up now, we want players who increase their value, not just tread water. Could obviously be reading this all wrong, but with our recent record with flair players, it doesn’t bode well for getting the best out of him, even if we did have him here. I’m sure we’ll be watching the situation at Chelsea with interest and I’ll be amazed if he breaks through, but good luck to him anyway.
  5. Makes you think he’s being very badly advised. When you look at the massive impact his fellow Chelsea loanees Abraham, Dasilva and Kalas had for us at Championship level, if they still couldn’t get a sniff of the Chelsea first team, you have to wonder what he thinks he’s done to have a better chance than any of them. I hoped we could bring him in this season, as he’s got something about him, but it’s fair to say that even among City fans, the jury is out as to whether he can make it at Championship level, let alone top end Prem. We talk about only signing players who really want to play for Bristol City and have the right ‘DNA’. Well, it looks like KP may be wanting in both these requirements. Even if we were originally interested in bringing him in, this should be the signal to put that behind us and move onto other targets. A shame but he’s made his choice now.
  6. What a sad loss of a really massive character. Some of the posts on here really bring back some great memories of the great Jack House, particularly of his RE lessons at Ashton Park School. Although he didn’t take any nonsense, his one weakness was if the subject of his beloved Bristol City was raised during the lesson. He would then spend half the lesson discussing anything BC related. As a teacher, he was one of those rare characters who could be strict, but had the total respect of the pupils; many of them he would still be in touch with, decades after they had left the school. His passion was infectious and actually made a lesson I had no interest in actually more than bearable and entertaining. He really was a larger than life and fascinating character, who had so many interests, but would never just dabble in anything. Whatever he did, he would get totally involved and Bristol City was certainly right up there in his passions I was chatting to him on the supporters’ march to Ashton Vale ‘village green’ a few years back and was amazed at the unbridled passion and enthusiasm he still had for the club after all the years of relative underachievement that he had witnessed over his decades a a supporter. An absolutely lovely bloke and a massive loss to Bristol City, the church and everyone who had the huge pleasure of knowing him. Sincere condolences to his wife Rosemary for her tragic loss.
  7. What you’re saying is all very well and good, but if our model is going to be a rebuild every close season, if we get it wrong just once, things could go horribly wrong. It would be nice to have one season start with a strong group of players from the previous season starting strongly, rather than a new group of players having to ‘gel’. Of course, that could still happen this seaon, but the longer it goes without us securing our Chelsea targets, the more I feel we’ll be looking at the latter option again. Here’s hoping !
  8. I thought the atmosphere was superb in the 2nd half last night. It was really noticable from my seat near the back of section 21 in the SS that the reason the noise level cranked up was due to fans in all areas of the ground joining in in large numbers. I don’t think it was any coincidence that the songs were all pro City and encouraging the team and were starting in different areas of the stand, not just section 82. I think this talk of formally expanding the singing section is missing the point imho. This may be a controversial statement but while I admire their efforts and enthusiasm, I believe section 82 shoot themselves in the foot by marginalising themselves by singing too much stuff that the rest of the ground won’t generally follow. Tbh, I really get bored with the over use of anti sag songs and I wonder if many others share that view and maybe that could be the reason why more people don’t join in with them. Don’t get me wrong, I hate the gas as much as anybody and will lose my voice when we actually play them, but if we aren’t actually playing them, the scum are a total irrelevance in my eyes, so on principle I won’t sing about them. We all know they like to bang on about us being obsessed with them, so why give them any ammunition? Last night proved there are plenty of fans in all areas of the ground who are willing to join in with truly positive support of the team, so maybe with a change of emphasis on the section 82 songs, they could find the singing section expanding into the whole ground!
  9. I reckon the Brexit balls up is all LJ’s fault though!
  10. Got loads of the City history books too Dave, though haven’t got that one yet. That first Wembley appearance was awesome and the interest around it was incredible at the time. We had to hire a self drive minibus and due to the interest that game, there was absolutely nothing available in Bristol, so I think we eventually managed to find a beaten up wreck somewhere around Timsbury. I know that competition has been so devalued these days, but the Freight Rover Trophy really meant something in those days. Absolutely loved it and that Wembley final and the huge support we took really was the sign we were on our way back up after some very dark times for the club.
  11. Yes, piss on your shoes isn’t one of my greatest memories of those days. Didn’t they have some sort of trailer for the toilets at the back of the Muller Rd end at Eastville? I’ve got a really clear memory of walking in there one time and because the thing hadn’t been achored down, as you walked in the whole trailer tilted, mening the bloked urinal slopped most of its contents onto anyone unfortunate enough to be stood in front of it! Completely agree on the view from the East End, but for me, the atmosphere made up for the inferior view. I did move into the Enclosure in later years, but again the terracing was a bit shallow. Atmosphere was still good there, but nothing compared to the East End in full voice. I’ve been in the Dolman a fair few times and while you get a fantastic view of the whole pitch, I just couldn’t take to it for some reason. I’m just happier behind the goal, so up in the back of the SS now and a great view from my perspective. Just wish it could have been as good a view from the East End, as that sould have been perfect.
  12. Could be right RR. On the other hand, I can be sat bored to tears at the Gate most matches, but only need to glimpse one of these old clips and the excitement comes flooding back. I’m just glad we had the chance to enjoy football as it was in those days and hopefully the younger ones can enjoy current football just as much in their own way. Sadly it won’t work for me, being able to compare the two, but good on you, if you can get the buzz from what we’re being served up today.
  13. Lucky you if you enjoy today’s football experience as much as these classics of the past. I was at almost all those games mentioned on this thread and imo, following City today is a pale shadow of some of those fantastic matches in the past. The passion, committment and intensity just isn’t there any more for me and neither is the connection between the players, club and supporters . Even thinking about those games sends a tingle down the spine and I can remember them clear as day. Most of what we’re seeing today is instantly forgettable by comparison imo.
  14. This polarisation of views is getting really boring now. Some bad results and the so called LJ ‘haters’ are swarming over the forum whereas, with some good results, it’s the turn of the imo even more irritating LJ ‘lovers’ to start crowing about how great and underrated and unappreciated he is! The way I see it, we are right in the middle of a typical run of LJ results. In fact it couldn’t be more typical, as we’ve followed a run of four straight defeats with a run of nine unbeaten and who’s to say the run of defeats don’t repeat in the very near future. The only consistant thing under LJ is our inconsistancy and that shows no sign of changing. The childish point scoring from both sides is even more boring than the football we’re being served up at the moment, but is unfortunately far more predictable than our next result! I was concerned this was the danger of appointing a HC who had been such a ‘marmite’ player and this fear has sadly been borne out. My other concern is that this club is never going to be unified under his stewardship, but I really hope I’m wrong on that one. There will always be differences of opinions, but this really feels pretty distructive at present.
  15. Lloyd Kelly was inexperienced when he first got a shot at the first team and that hasn’t turned out too badly has it? If we want to go down this sustainable route some are banging on about, why not give our young ones a chance to stake a claim? For example, George Dowling has looked tidy on those rare occasions when he got some game time, but now he’s nowhere to be seen. At least it would give the fans a lift and something to cheer, given the piss poor ‘entertainment’ we’re currently getting. Getting lumps kicked out of our young loanees by some league 2 cloggers is only going to teach them so much, so why not give them a run out in our first team? Just one at a time, but we could find ourselves with other gems like Kelly if they step up to the plate. Imo unless we show some belief in these young players, we’re just kidding ourselves if we think we’ll ever become sustainable.
  16. So you think 99% of clubs are running up debts as big as ours do you?
  17. so your argument is completely and utterly hypothetical, isn't it. Where are the millions he has "pissed up the wall?" You're always going to get players that make a loss and ones that make a profit. Name me one club that doesn't "piss money up the wall"? Thats football, swings and roundabouts. One thing I can assure you, we will not exceed FFP, so what is the problem? Apart from having another needless pop at the owner of the club that has given us so much. Its pathetic. I admire your confidence about not needing to worry about ffp Badger, but not quite sure why that is and don’t share that view. Don’t forget we won’t see all the money for the player sales this summer in one go, as there will be installments. We can’t keep losing 25 million a year and expect to cover it with player sales. Looking at our performance levels this season, with due respect, I think it needs a very strong pair of rose tints to not think a very large quantity of cash HAS been pissed up the wall!
  18. A brilliant effort considering all the London clubs they have to compete with to get all these promising players. Given their small crowds, it makes you wonder how we manage to post such huge losses in comparison and I really question if we’ll ever be good enough at this sustainability game to ever compete with clubs like them. Hopefully we don’t find ourselves slipping down the leagues as well, because as we all know, with the ‘fine margins’ in football, the Championship in particular can be very unforgiving if you get things wrong.
  19. Exactly LP and Brentford are a great example of the type. Sadly we’re miles away from competing with them. They seem to have everything in place to make it work, while we give the impression of playing at it, but without the correct personnel in place to make it work. It’ll be interesting to see if the success continues after losing their manager.
  20. Completely agree, but for true sustainability, you’ll need to be constantly replacing all departing players with ones of equal standard, just to stand still. Given our past record on recruitment, I really can’t see that happening in all honesty.
  21. Let’s be honest, in the real world this sustainability and on the pitch success is never going to actually happen though. If the club’s policy is going to be selling our most valuable players each close season, this club will be in continual transition and is never going to be the finished article. I think we’ll probably be lucky to even tread water, let alone challenge for a promotion spot. Some fans may be ok with that, but I’m pretty sure many will get very bored and disillusioned when they realise the club doesn’t really share their ambition to see City competing at a higher level. I think most football fans are sustained by hope that there could be better days around the corner, but if you take the hope away, what are you left with? Still we can always sit back and enjoy the football being produced by this year’s crop of rising stars!!! Doing a great job aren’t we?!!!
  22. I think what we are now seeing is unfortunately one of LJ’s few successes .... that is, creating a team in his own image! Let’s just look at what imho are some of our biggest current failings. 1) An apparent inability to find a probing, incisive forward pass into the danger area, especially when there is a backward or sidewise pass available. Ponderous build up play is the norm and we have zero chance of catching the opposition on the break and we just don’t have the vision to open teams up. 2) we run about a fair bit, but bar a couple of exceptions, are regularly bottling 50/50 challenges and making it far too easy for oppositions. 3) Total absence of imagination or creativity, particularly in the final third, leading to the inevitable resorting to more sideways and backward passing and not threatening the opposition. Set pieces are generally awful too. 4) We are just too ‘nice’ and are constantly outdone by teams who are clearly far more streetwise. LJ was an unspectacular player himself and I really believe we are now witnessing all the characteristics of LJ as a player in the current City team. I’ve seen nothing in LJ as a Head Coach that suggests he has anything in his locker that adds anything to our team, other than his questionable ‘attributes’ as a player. Talking the talk is one thing, but how long do we have to wait until he can walk the walk. The early part of last season is looking increasingly like an aberration, rather than some grand plan coming to fruition and I fear we are clutching at straws if we hold fire in the hope that those heady times will return if we remain patient. One thing LJ has proved so far in his managerial career is that he’s consistently inconstent and there’s nothing to suggest he has any idea on how to improve that record. With him now challenging SOD for serving up the most boring, insipid football we’ve had the misfortune to witness in many years, surely even SL has to be taking note of the increasing number of empty ST seats at matches, as the boredom takes a hold of an ever greater number of fans. Of course like any real fan, I want to see stability at this club, but not stagnation. He’s had more time than he would have got at any other club and yet he’s shown zero ability to either learn by his mistakes, or to be able to man manage and motivate a group of players. Sadly for me, I just can’t see him having the ability to ever get real success at this level. If SL continues to stick with him, his ambition for this club on the field clearly doesn’t match his ambition for the superb stadium which they occupy.
  23. Signed typical crap response from another clueless politition. Even if it actually is a “vocal minority”, why should that make any difference? I haven’t heard anyone asking for stadiums to be made all standing, but she doesn’t give any reason why a section of a stadium shouldn’t be converted to cater for the so called vocal minority who are asking for safe standing to be an option. Makes you wonder how much longer they are going to slavishly follow that Taylor report, or maybe they’ve got some other agenda driving this.
  24. Spot on we’ve never won a major trophy and yet some on here are acting as if this cup has no value at all. Anyone would think we’d already won it umpteen times. Unbelievable
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