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  1. Absolutely understand RLL and the reason I said that is I didn’t want to make it look like I was trying to go one better by saying I’d been supporting City since the end of the Atyeo era. These forums are just like bleedin emails; it’s so easy to misunderstand where someone’s coming from when you aren’t actually talking face to face. I think I’m just City’d out after all these years of hope and ultimately being let down yet again. Now thanks to L J, even the hope’s gone for me, so it’s going to be a very tough decision over the ST, but at the moment, I really don’t want to contemplate going through another season of what we’ve witnessed this year. Maybe part of it is just me fallen out of love with modern football
  2. Yep very true and I think that’s what’s in his favour at the moment, as there are a fair few points being dropped by our rivals. What scares me is I absolutely detest Warnock style hoofball, but I’ve got to concede that style also comes with some passion, intensity and excitement and that’s three things we’re sadly lacking. I find it hard to accept after all the transfer windows, millions spent and four years to build a team, we’re watching something even worse than Warnockball!!!
  3. Fair enough and you’ve clearly had plenty of time to see many of the highs and lows at City. Not that it makes the slightest difference to this discussion, but I was there at John Atyeo’s final game, so se’ve both been a fair while matey. To be totally honest, to me the play-offs are secondary and what I want to see is City building a solid platform of a game plan, getting the best out of players and play with a game plan, intensity, courage and passion. Sadly we’re lacking all those and in fact seem to be going backwards. I fully respect your viewpoint, but you and I obviously want different things from our football. I’m personally sick of walking away from the Gate after watching us playing like timid, cautious underdogs, even when we’re up against lower table opposition and the fact that on some occasions we may have nicked a very undeserved 3 points doesn’t impress me. That isn’t building for the future in my eyes and that isn’t the spirit of the City I’ve been proud to support in the past.
  4. Maybe, but if you believe that’s likely, you probably haven’t been around as long as I have. For anyone mentioning our very small climb up the table during the 4 years of LJ’s tenure, I can trump that with around 4 decades of general unspectacular existence in the middle reaches of the football league! At Bristol City we’ve got rock solid form on not achieving very much and also not troubling the Premier League. Anyone thinking LJ is showing any ability to change that is waaaay more of an optimist than me. Lets be fair, if by some miracle the top 6 imploded to a point we managed to scrape into the Prem at the end of the season, can you see us getting anything more than a record low points total next year? I can take us trying but falling short, but what I can’t take is the cautious, negative crap we’re having to witness virtually every home game. If you’re happy to continue watching that then good for you, but I think you’ll find there are a lot that won’t. I’m trying desperately to try and find a reason to renew next year, but I really can’t think of one, other than avoiding losing my seat. I haven’t had that buzz about going to football for a long time and when you spend most of your time there wishing the game was over to stop the boredom, common sense indicates this is the time to end the pain and walk away. It is supposed to be entertainment, after all.
  5. No they can save their money, because the wheels always come off around Christmas and we have to console ourselves with thoughts of maybe next season ...... and repeat the process the following year, etc!
  6. Exactly and you can also add, the pro LJ’ers always big him up when when he so called improves a player, whereas if players go backwards as a good number do, it’s all Mark Ashton’s fault for bringing them in! It’s amazing how they have this blind faith that LJ will come good when he’s done nothing of note to date in his managerial career even in League 1. We’ve had one purple patch with our cup run, but he’s been incapable of getting even remotely close to that style since, so its now looking far more likely to have been a fortunate fluke, rather than anything LJ has the ability to create.
  7. That’s easy enough to say, but if you’ve got an ST with a really good seat and a good crowd of people around you, why should you have to? It’s not that people are complaining about poor results, it’s the mind numbingly dull and negative football with no prospect of improvement in sight. The excuses have run out now, as we don’t have a load of players we’re waiting on coming back from injury and we’ve had a few games since our new signings arrived in the January window. LJ has proved over 4 years that he hasn’t got a magic wand to wave and he sure as hell doesn’t have the ability to raise performances in any other way. The football under SOD was shite but I managed to stick it out through that, but this feels worse because you can see LJ has far better players to work with, but just doesn’t know how to use them.
  8. Maybe there’s something I’m missing here, but listening to the LJ deciples, I’m getting the distinct feeling of the emporer’s new clothes ...... as in, keep on long enough telling everybody the LJ is a great Head Coach and eventually people with have to believe it, despite the evidence to the contrary. Sorry, the bloke has been here 4 years now and has shown absolutely no ability to learn by his own mistakes and his undistinguished record of achieving bugger-all in his managerial career shows absolutely no sign of improving.
  9. I can and actually do both, so am well placed to have an opinion on the best value for money and City certainly aren’t it. When it gets to the point when there’s absolutely no buzz or anticipation as I reluctantly drag myself along to the yet another match fully expecting to be bored shitless yet again, there’s a definite attraction in being able to get some guaranteed entertainment for a third of the price. There’s also the bonus of not having to battle through traffic, right across the city to then have to park a mile away and then potentially have to walk through the pissing rain and by the end of the ‘entertainment’ wish you hadn’t left home in the first place. Good for you if you’re happy with what we’re being dished up, but I’m afraid you’ll never convince me what we’ve been getting at AG for the last couple of years constitutes value for money in any shape or form.
  10. You might think its cheap, but is it really value for money? £16 quid for 90+ minutes of what is generally boring dross, or £6 at the cinema for a decent film? I know which I see as better value for money!
  11. Completely agree with him, except for one point. It’s so bad I can’t see JL was behind that shocking mess, it has to be LJ’s fault
  12. Exactly! Deserve to get paid **** all for designing that mostrosity. This can’t be for real surely
  13. Brilliant to see a January window when the deficiencies we’ve all been bemoaning, all appear to have been addressed by bringing in what looks like improvements. Doesn’t guarantee it will actually translate to improvement on the pitch, but for once, there’s no grounds for criticising the club for not ‘going for it’ in the Jan window. Got to say, MA does make me cringe with some of the stuff he comes out with at times, but he sure as hell knows how to deal with transfers, so top job that man! He’s actually proving to be a real asset to this club.
  14. Agreed, could be a problem there. Even if she was just a couple of metres away, they’d probably keep passing the ball to each other, rather than take responsibilty for shooting!
  15. It’s unbelievable that morons like her can get to the point where the media are lapping her up. The world really is going mad
  16. What a total idiot she is. Just do a quick Google on Ann Franke and that’ll tell you all you need to know about kind of person she is. She’s certainly prolific in the media and its a wonder she can walk, judging by the massive size of the chip she’s got on her shoulder. Doing women no favours whatsoever with her attitude.
  17. So all the bitter sags who are saying they would never go to “Trashton” and put money into that “ladygarden’s” pocket seem to be having a devastating effect on Bristol’s attendances ...... NOT!!! Shows insignificant those bitter, twisted ba5tards really are
  18. Don’t think it’s got anything to do with expect, more so hope. After 40 years, it gets hard to keep hoping though!!!
  19. Appointing LJ was always going to be divisive with the fans, just as it was with him as a player and so it has proved, no surprise there. I don’t think that’ll ever change until we eventually appoint a HC/Manager that the majority of the fanbase are truly behind. No disrespect to LJ, who I really believe is busting a gut to do the best he can for this club, but just feel his skill levels fall well short of where we’re aiming to be. t
  20. I can certainly agree with that to a point Major, and there’s no doubt it really needs that Prem money even for just one season to be able to kick on. My biggest fear is, on present form, we’re very well set up to do even worse than Derby’s low points record up there and think that could be really damaging.
  21. The problem with this Warnock-esque style we’re seeing is this ..... yes, we’re still well in touch with the play off places, but heaven help us if we somehow managed to get to luck our way through the play offs. We’d get absolutely tonked in the Prem, because we are far less likely to be competitive on the field than we were 2 years ago.
  22. I’m getting old and running out of years mate. We’ve waited 40 years, so just wondering how many more you’d like?!!!
  23. An each time a ‘key player’ returns from injury, performances get worse, not better. Afraid the common denominator in all this is the tactics and coaching, not that good players suddenly turn bad for no reason. After the amount of time LJ has had, he should now just be fine tuning, when in reality we now look as bad as when he took over. The problem is, he’s managed to dump tens of £millions down the crapper, even allowing for player sales and we look to be going absolutely nowhere on the pitch.
  24. So how do you explain how our new signings have come in and looked great? It’s only after a few weeks of LJ and his coaching team working their magic on them, that they rapidly turn to shit! If they were crap from the start, I could understand your argument
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