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  1. Every pre season once you’re over the age of 32 probably becomes the hardest one you’ve ever had. I tend to agree with NP though, we seemed unfit last season, but it probably didn’t help that we chased the ball in most games rather than controlling it. Allows the other team to set the tempo.
  2. Also, just seen you can stream the game later for £2.50 on Argyle Tv
  3. Read on their forum one player has 11 starts for them, another has 1 and the other nine are yet to start for them.
  4. This stream is terrible. Real amateur stuff. After Wells penalty against Norwich I hope he never takes one for us in a meaningful game again. I quite like him as a player but that was inexcusable.
  5. I think it'll carry on as it was previously. Most people I've spoken to have sais the same. What's your thoughts on it? @WolfOfWestStreet I have a feeling there will be a couple of problems in the first couple of games, but after that people will just stand wherever. It's always been like that going back to the old EE.
  6. I thought Nurse before the game today. He was the one left in his position against Celtic, whilst Pring was shifted to CB. Also started today. But didn’t have the greatest of games & although it’s only pre season, he’ll come up against far better wingers than Harness this season. I guess we’ll see how it goes the next couple of games but think the spot is safely Dasilvas.
  7. How many result in goals though? Taylor Moore seems to make big mistakes that end up with us conceding.
  8. As he was the majority of last season. So slow. Some very nice passing triangles from Pompey when we press them.
  9. Don’t see Pep or Klopp in suits unless it’s a final, even then I’m not sure Klopp bothers. Couldn’t care less what our manager wears tbh.
  10. Might go down for the quarter final, never been before so not sure how easy it is for tickets. What stand is best for atmosphere? If any. Is there any part that is covered to keep out of the sun a bit if it’s another day like today?
  11. They still post stupid stuff though. Taylor Moore scored a volley from about 6 yards out and Ryan Morgan posted ‘STOP THAT’ as if it was some 40 yarder. A few years ago we got interviews from Steve Allen etc. It just shows they’ve done a bad job for a few seasons & are now getting better at it.
  12. If we start with Wells on the left and Martin through the middle we'll struggle for goals. Honestly I really hope that's not the case. Nahki Wells is a striker, he's scored consistently at this level for years, we need him in the box. Chris Martin is on the decline, he started the season well then badly faded. I'm very worried about going into a season with him as our main striker.
  13. Slightly worried also after reading that. Surely not
  14. @Harry Just signed for Cardiff on loan. Intrigued to see how he gets on.
  15. What a man. I really hope they have a good season.
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