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  1. He gave the ball away for the West Brom goal but has done well there for his goal & did very well the other day. We all know he has these purple patches, but it really only ever is 2 or 3 games and then we don’t see it again for a while. Interested to see how it goes the rest of the season.
  2. Connor Benn got the same treatment in his first Peynaud fight, and Katie Taylor got it against Persoon. No surprises here. Actually let me also add Callum Smith got it against Ryder as well. Boxing is corrupt.
  3. I think Bakinson would be better in games where we’ll likely have more of the ball, not less. Not sure today was the right match for him but certain games he’ll do a job & create from deep.
  4. Yep thought we ran midfield once he was on & Bakinson off. Hopefully stays fit cause he looked quality.
  5. I've just listened this morning. When people aren't speaking, they really should mute their mic. That sound Ian's (It's always Ian's) mic was making when you were talking to someone near the end was annoying. The Andi Weimann stuff interested me. 7 goals at Ashton Gate & 18 away. Not scored at Ashton Gate since Dec 2019, missed a lot of last season though. I noticed a few have said we have more of the ball at home, so he can't play on the counter, but the previous 2 seasons I'm not too sure how true that is, pretty sure we'd frequently have less possession and concede loads more chances even at AG. On Saturday I would love for us to start similarly to how we did against West Brom a couple of years ago, just go out and attack straight away, full backs up high, plenty of people in the box. High risk high reward sort of football, but then most of us expect to lose against Fulham anyway, is it even high risk?
  6. I agree. I think they should actually turn it off all together from 2.45 onwards, the opposite to what @2015 said. Let the fans create the noise instead.
  7. Not the usual 8-10 or so we'd usually have to comment on. Still enjoy seeing how they get on. Hopefully Owura starts the next game, he looked very good for Grimsby in that division last year.
  8. Didn't Pearson say he wont collect players just for the sake of it. Think Tanner will be here to play. Pearson wont be afraid of chucking him in at the deep end, he's done so with many of our younger players already. Looking forward to seeing him play, we do need more going forward on that side.
  9. Wasn't there a poster called 'Benni' or something along those lines, who would defend Magnússon to the death, either his agent or a close mate of his. Also adamant 'Brooko' was O'Dowdas old man.
  10. Kodjia. He created a lot of chances himself, scored all sorts of goals & was so exciting to watch. 20 odd goals in your first season in the division is seriously impressive.
  11. Give Cook what he wants to come back. (Not happening, but my god the options look poor) I think Burns could probably stay in there from the top 3. Sibley is on a horrendous run of form and should be dropped. Wouldn't be against James Vince getting another go.
  12. The club shop used to do it, never seemed to be a problem. Was dead most days in there.
  13. My FGR tickets took a week to be delivered. Got them the day before the game. They should offer collections really. I noticed that wasn't an option when buying.
  14. So frustrating after taking Pant early. Bumrah will probably skittle through the top order as well. Disappointing so far.
  15. Yeah I agree with this. If you’re a leader and want to be vocal, it won’t matter if an armband is on your arm, you’ll do it anyway.
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