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  1. Really is mental on here after a defeat. I’ve seen Naismith should be played in all sorts of positions, cause he’s not good enough at the one he played last season winning POTY for Luton in a year that ended with them in the play offs. And now people want him off of set pieces like it matters what position he plays. Didn’t Naismith take a lot of set pieces for Luton last year? Got 7 assists. Also, yes we have 2 wing backs/right backs on the bench, but Sykes looked very good there last week and deserved his place this week. His performance dipped so I think we’ll see Wilson or Tanner next weekend, that’s the way it should be.
  2. Changed that a couple of seasons ago. They told everyone to sit in their allocated seats & no longer say it is unreserved. Of course, those of us that actually stand in that area still treat it as such. Couldn’t find the original email, but found a reminder from the club.
  3. Ruptured his Achilles not too long ago so be out for the season most likely.
  4. Not sure if it should’ve been a pen, but that aside it’s been a really solid half from Vyner.
  5. Ah I’d definitely say to persevere. Flintoff is a top bloke. Don’t know how he put up with a couple of the kids, I certainly wouldn’t have been able to! Found myself really rooting for a couple of them to do well come the final episode.
  6. Anyone got round to watching this yet? Finished it yesterday and it was brilliant.
  7. Usually Scotty is good as gold with this sort of thing. Message him on Instagram if you have it, because you're able to DM him there, even if he doesn't follow you. If not then try twitter.
  8. That tweet with the BBC article is made up. But this happened
  9. Commentator the other day sounded alright, only caught 5 odd minutes of it. Don’t believe it was the same one as usual. Jinxed it
  10. I didn’t watch yesterdays match but a lot mentioning Wilson again. Do we think we could be seeing an Adomah type situation where most attacks it’s going to be get the ball out to him and see what he does?
  11. Of the 4 NP said could look for new clubs (Vyner, Moore, Palmer, Bakinson most believe) Vyner is the one I don't mind still being here the most. Think he's alright but had a bad few games last season then had pressure from the crowd whenever he played after that. As you said, no harm in him being a squad player.
  12. If you’ve just received it & you parked there on the 23rd April you could probably appeal that and win. when is the letter dated?
  13. Carey 6

    RIP Tinners

    Was a great send off. People travelled from all over. One man flew over from Columbia for it. Shows the respect many had for Tinners.
  14. Is Pearson there? Not sure if I’ve missed him or any mention on this thread.
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