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  1. If John doesn't take everything could I possibly hoover up the remains please? My boy would find this fascinating. Gutted I didn't see the post.
  2. I know, right? Common decency and consideration of others is just the worst, isn't it! Anyone else long for the winter of discontent? (As opposed to Rovers who long for the winter of discount tents)
  3. I love it when a grammatically challenged post begins with "Listen carefully you are clearly not very intelligent.." Alanis Morissette may even write a song about it!
  4. Paul Simpson joins Ipswich.....?
  5. The issue I have with this comment is that the Bournemouth players had to deal with this as well but seemed to get on just fine. It would be slightly odd for our players to therefore be affected (unless they do suffer colour blindness) and Bournemouth's to not be affected. You're absolutely spot on. The colouring in that photo does bring a striking realisation as to the troubles people suffer. As for the highlighted bit. I'm not sure it's the colour of the kits that have made enjoying the game really difficult over the last few seasons in particular! In all seriousness thought, I think it's worth giving thought to what more we, as fans with and without this affliction can do to convince the powers that be to take this issue seriously.
  6. Maybe it was the away end that swung it for them....I mean it does afford plenty of entertainment to the visiting fans seeing the absolute car crash in front of them.... Gloucester Road is probably what pushed them up a bit. Maybe more amenities in the surrounding area?
  7. I don't think this is odd at all. He seems to get hit with illness with Covid, though presumably not as bad this time as last. Therefore his immune system is still getting back to strength and he'd be susceptible to picking up stuff. At the moment there are an awful lot of pretty bad coughs and colds around, and so it wouldn't make sense for him to go into a crowded pub where lots of people are going to be and to want some time with him. Seems perfectly reasonable to me.
  8. Well it won't be Posh then Clickety Click
  9. Paul Dickov has to be a shoe in... As should (David) Currie and (Brian) Rice as a pair.
  10. I see your Steve Death and raise you a Norman Conquest, who once conceded 17 goals against an English FA XI in 1951 for Australia...
  11. When did that ever stop them? (Though, granted, the administration changes that now!)
  12. In terms of ability, yes. 100% one of the most talented players this club has ever had. Sadly, there were only flashes of that brilliance shown, but he was a joy to watch at those times. However, the three you mentioned contributed more to the club than Jackie did. Even Tomlin, until he went full Dinning on our arses. JET was lazy, but that double winning season was so important to us. Tomlin almost single handedly kept us up and Nobes took us to Wembley as well as (I think) securing promotion the year before for us. But in terms of ability, only Tinman comes close for me.
  13. That depends on the goal for this season. If the aim is play-offs then absolutely we need to strengthen in January. If the goal is attaining a mid table position and we're not looking in any trouble (bearing in mind, potentially 2 teams with big points deductions as well) then January becomes an unnecessary signing. Prices and wages are inflated in January. If we can get the same player cheaper at the end of the season then a club like ours needs to do that.
  14. His previous bout of it shouldn't have any bearing on how bad he gets it this time. The anitbodies acquired last summer would have disappeared by now. I believe they last up to 8 months. The double jab should help, however. What is slightly worrying is that he was available to sign for us earlier in the year because prior to that he didn't feel well enough to do a job...
  15. Matty James has been one of the best signings we have made in donkeys years.
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