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  1. Will we be able to even notice this....?!?
  2. And if my Auntie had been born with a wanger, she'd have been my uncle. But she wasn't, so she's not. I find it a really strange piece of conjecture about what might have happened when we know what did happen. We may as well say Vyner had a good game yesterday but what would have happened if he'd made his customary costly mistake....but he didn't, so no-one is saying it. Discussion and debate is all well and good and what a forum is all about of course, but it does seem a little picky to do it after the substitutions had the desired effect against the opposition in front of us and we saw the game out without conceding despite being down to 10 men.
  3. That's the point though.... Against Luton it made complete sense. Against Norwich would he have made the same changes? That is something that hopefully we don't have to find out, but ultimately right now we don't know. What we do know is that the changes he made last night countered any rally from Luton and therefore it worked well.
  4. I think the highlighted bit is where the argument falters slightly. The fact is that the opposition was clueless and Nige had been watching this clueless opponent for 70 minutes. They were always going to be lumping the high ball into the box after the red card and the subs reflected both that and the desire to stifle any momentum Luton may have built up before they had a chance. The likelihood is that if we were playing against a better team then the changes will have been different. I agree on the periphery it seems odd to lose your RWB and not replace him with 1 of 2 RWB's on the bench, but I genuinely believe that the changes were sensible because of the opposition, not in spite of it.
  5. Some of the comments on this thread are like some of my fave Facebook stories. You can tell by the comments that all they've done is read the headline and managed to come up with what they thought was a fully informed opinion!
  6. Fixed that for you. There are some posts that deserve no more than a confused emoji to be fair... It's a cheap way to get past the "attack the post, not the poster" rule in some situations!
  7. You can turn signatures off in settings so you don't have to see them at all. For me, there are some of these that seem strange that someone would have a problem with i.e. The Gate. What's wrong with that?!? And other things that are simply common phrases like "early doors" etc are pretty harmless. But what astonishes me more is the lack of annoyance with the improper use of the word "of", as in "could of", "should of", "would of" etc......
  8. Williams being rested surely depends on how bad Scott's back is. Haven't spotted an update on his injury yet....
  9. Oh shite....they're taking the piss guys....I never would have contributed to the thread had I known Magger1 was going to get all butt-hurt over it.... I would like to apologise for...well.....everything...
  10. Criticising officials and blaming them are two different things though. The standard has been consistently poor in all 4 games this season. Could things have turned out differently in each match. Sure they could. The fact is that we have conceded in periods of the matches where we're playing poorly and defending for our lives and in that respect we are our own worst enemy irrespective of the officials. But any of the big calls given correctly will have changed the face of the game and given us a boost. The second pen shout - if that was outside the area then that's a free kick being given all day long. The red would have given them a lot more to do. Did we lose because of the officials? No. Could they have helped us win the match by doing their job properly? Absolutely. There has to be accountability on all sides.
  11. Bloody hell, the standard of spelling on this forum is shockingly bad.... It's "Da faymuss kwawturrzzzz". Your effort is absolutely nothing to be prowed of!!!
  12. The trouble with Zak is that he always seems to have a costly mistake in him. Unfortunately, in my opinion, you can't rely on him. That said I thought he had a very good game on Wednesday, so credit where it's due.
  13. One goal. One. Your obsession with that one comment clearly blinds you to anything else and I have neither the time, the patience or the crayons to make my view any clearer to you, so I'll give up.
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