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  1. The proof of the pudding will be in the eating and all that....He's gone on record now. If Jailbird is found guilty on either charge, and remains with the club then this will come back and bite him. I would say that he's more likely to be found guilty on the Stendel case because of this now. It's only human nature that people on the jury will have this incident in the back of their minds when deciding guilt in that one, even though they shouldn't allow it to influence their decision. *Edit* What I would say though is that the words are rather hollow given that Jailbird's got a well documented history of proven violence and Wally still offered him a job.
  2. Fair enough....it's a good job your work is sending you overseas from August to May then really isn't it.....? nudge, nudge, wink, wink.....(pm me if you want help with this - happy to help where I can)
  3. Was there no seasonal pass last season then? I genuinely can't remember!
  4. Because fans weren't allowed in the ground, the EFL/FA lifted the restrictions on broadcasting matches at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon, meaning that the pass could be sold and used without a VPN in the UK. Obviously with fans able to go back (for now, at least), that restriction is back on and therefore the pass is only available overseas. How on earth did you manage to spend £350 on passes last year though?!?
  5. It was a cheap dig at one of the most right wing, racist media outlets in the country....they need very little to twist things and make something the fault of the non-white English. Ergo, blackmail to black male isn't such a leap for them.
  6. Reminds me of the time he rushed to help an injured team mate in his united days after they'd received a bad cut to the leg....after all it wasn't the first time he'd seen a gash on a Nani..... Give it time....judging by the source of your link it's only a matter of time before Blackmailed become black male bribes Rooney.....
  7. Hopefully just the one and not a certain 6.....
  8. A point made quite vociferously on AssChat when he was arrested for the Stendel incident. All changed for many of them when appointed. They saw him as some sort of Messiah. But as we all know, he's not the Messiah.....I'll let you lot fill in the rest! It'd have to be quackers to want that job!
  9. Speaking to a Swansea supporting friend, it seems that if you'd watched them at any time last season it was no surprise at all that they parted company. They may have finished the season 90 minutes from promotion but they were dire to watch. The only difference between Swansea and us were results. Performances were as dour and dire as ours.
  10. It wuz those gurt tedz wurkin for da press dat leeked it.
  11. I don't....you play with fire, you're gonna get burned.... They knew exactly the sort of person they were appointing and most of the fan base celebrated it. They get everything they deserve. I couldn't resist....I'm just surprised that they aren't more comments!
  12. 100% this. All they've done is tried to give themselves an excuse when it all surges further and we head for another lockdown by saying..."Well we did advise you to do this and that. Not our fault you didn't ensure our advice was followed." A football club has every right to stop someone entering if they are not wearing a mask, been jabbed or taken a test. It's private premises and they are free to change their ground policies at any time they wish, including conditions of entry. If they decide that they won't allow people onto their private premises in this scenario then actually you would have no legal angle to battle them with.
  13. But I don't understand your logic. As a fan, we're never able to use our season cards to gain access to a friendly free of charge, so I'm not sure why you would expect to as a Robins TV pass holder. The club were advertising the 3 game package or the individual matches for weeks as the only way to see them. Seems to me the club haven't actually done anything wrong here. The issue is with your erroneous assumption that they'd be included.
  14. The annual pass is for league games. Cup games and friendlies have never been included.
  15. Is it on the official site.......?
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