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  1. Great result Glos and another cracking game in the 50 over competition. It really is one of the great formats and no surprise that Somerset are about to sell out for their next match. You need to defend, you need big hitters, you need to be accurate bowling over 10 overs, it’s all done in one day, oh and we’re world champions at it! Remind me again why it’s been relegated to a 2nd XI
  2. I’ve just realised I put *we* when talking about Devon, I’m Somerset born and bred
  3. I didn’t hear what Gibbo said but he knows his stuff. Devon plays a massive part in SCCC, we seem to have been supplying around 40% of the team since I moved back to England in 2014. And something I hadn’t realised until I moved to Devon is the county supplies a pretty big percentage of fans too. In short, Devon plays a huge part in Somerset’s success and I don’t think it’s always recognised as much as it should be
  4. I know it’s only Glamorgan but that’s a brilliant win from the 2nd Xl, some really good performances, the usual never give up attitude and calmness under pressure. The future is bright for the team, I just wish it was as bright for county cricket
  5. I think the fact we’ll all be back in the ground, if we can improve on last season’s performances and let’s face it, it’s a very low bar, we’ll all be pretty happy* * the moaning won’t get too loud on here until at least half an hour into the first game
  6. He is injured but not bad and already back running. As you say, not too long a list compared to other seasons
  7. We’ll never beat the famous commentary from his fathers time- “The bowler’s Holding the batsman’s Willey ”
  8. Yes and a very enjoyable day it was too. Always exciting to see a sporting team with a mixture of experience and youth, in Hildreth we had probably one of the top 3 most experienced players on the circuit, 2 making their Somerset debuts and 3 making their list A debuts. Sonny Baker looked a real talent, Aldridge too. The highlight was Hildreth bringing up his century by hitting a 6. Sadly though he already had a runner because of what looked like a pulled hamstring, after hitting the 6 he seemed to pull the other one and could barely celebrate. Hope it was just cramp. I notice that 40 years ago today I was at Lords watching Somerset beat Surrey to win the B & H cup, a great day and James Hildreth wasn’t even born……….I’ve really got to stop pretending I’m in my 30s because that’s made me feel old
  9. Yes, I remember 70p in the east end. I was helping a mate who’s useless with online buying get some Man Utd tickets this week, couldn’t believe how cheap they were, certainly nowhere near £33
  10. This game emphasises what I mean, the partisan Headingly crowd are having to cheer a local rival, Stokes and not their local hero, Bairstow who's playing for Wales or whatever they're called It's fine if it's abroad somewhere like the IPL but just daft and unnecessary here
  11. I’ve enjoyed the women’s matches a lot more than the men’s. the women’s teams struggled a bit for identity before this so it hasn’t made a difference plus they needed the boost in promoting their game and it’s worked. The men’s is just very similar to T20 but with fewer fans. People clearly playing for new teams and not having the bond they do with their county teammates shows I think. As for not having the West Country represented and all it’s doing to undermine the county game, well………
  12. Whatever next, planning a team to get to the Premier League?
  13. Arrived today, I do know some towns are struggling for posties, COVID related, so some may have to wait a bit but this feels earlier than normal tbf
  14. I was just peeping to see if anyone has started a 100 thread, thankfully no. I did have a quick look and had a laugh when they said it’s a simplified form of cricket so young people can understand, the next 5 minutes of commentary none of them seemed to have a clue what was happening…..including me
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