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  1. Decided to give today a miss what with the weather and go tomorrow instead. I’m sure the bowlers will improve their length today. How often do you see a team go into bat with not long left in the day, difficult conditions and everyone is expecting a late flurry of wickets and we get none because the bowlers bowl too short? We've certainly seen England and Somerset do it on many occasions and then the following day improve.
  2. With 10 overs left it will be hugely disappointing if we don’t get a couple of wickets this evening. An awful lot of play and missing today.
  3. Last we heard is the club are waiting on the results of some tests/examination, I think.
  4. What a turnaround this season. 2 huge victories, today's the 2nd biggest win in our 147 years of playing 1st class cricket
  5. On a selfish note I hope he isn’t picked, I would rather he scored runs for Somerset. But I think he deserves a go and as you say there’s a new regime and I doubt even they know how the summer is going to pan out.
  6. That made his ears burn
  7. I think he’s got a huge chance of being picked. A level headed chap with an abundance of talent. Personally I think being given the captaincy set his own form back a bit but now he’s firing on all cylinders. I think his technique, especially his defence which is more important in tests, is better than many that have had a chance.
  8. Our end of season form did wonders for the morale of the fans. As you’re walking away from the ground in an end of season game and we’ve just won, you can’t help but feel optimistic about the following season and don’t want to miss out. I’m glad fans have found ways of affording it, many by downgrading by the sounds of it. It hasn’t and won’t be easy for some so let’s hope we’re rewarded with a top half finish. Strangely it was some cracking away days that made me realise I couldn’t miss out. Especially games like Cardiff and QPR where I would struggle for a ticket without my season card priority.
  9. Fans on pitch, game abandoned as a draw. Maybe!
  10. So I make that, with our home win v Middlesbrough on the 19th February, we were safe from that moment. Easy!
  11. who remembers the football trrain specials from the 1970's? I think the answer to your question @Never to the dark sideis a resounding yes. Some incredible stories, loads even before my time. They were crazy times to be a football fan in England. They were times that could never last and I for one am glad they didn’t but at the time it gave us some of the most exciting moments and memories of our lives.
  12. I loved that bloke, when he first hit our screens I wasn’t into food at all and couldn’t boil an egg. By the time Floyd in France had aired I was cooking Soup de Poisson and Boeuf bourguignon. I once visited his pub, The Maltsers Arms on the river Dart, which he renamed Floyds Inn (Sometimes) A lovely pub which I still visit, now I live quite close. Much to my delight he was in when I visited and was a laugh, the food that day wasn’t up to much, just reheated stuff. A few months later it had gone bust and closed. A great character and foodie but a terrible businessman.
  13. Gloucestershire and Somerset propping up the early table. Luckily Somerset are a team of two halves - of the season, so we’ll come good……..hopefully
  14. I’m sure I can remember a few times going up on a normal service but then being forced on to a football special for the return, as others have said usually the old corridor with small carriage rooms off it. Swindon and Cardiff spring to mind as two of the games. It really was great fun and often a bit manic when we were at a station with fans of other clubs.
  15. I can remember one that started in Taunton to Manchester which iirc was for the game we won 1-3 at united and Mabbutt got a hatrick. I was desperate to go, I think it was a fiver but I was only 13 and had nobody to go with and wasn’t allowed. Still fed up I missed out now.
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