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  1. And in between we’ve got Norwich to take their place
  2. I’m still a fan of Nige but even he must think he’s had a bad 8 days.
  3. It’s stories like this that makes you think now we’ve got this close we’ve got to go on and get the no home wins record. At least that’s what I’m telling myself to get through the next few home games. C’mon City don’t mess it up now.
  4. I was wondering if he’s decided it’s Micky, after all he’s a Michael really?
  5. Get Loïs Diony on the cover, I can remember winning home games when he was here.
  6. This could be an OTIB record for the amount of ****ing asterisks
  7. We’re on our way to the worst home run without a win in English football league history
  8. We're defo gonna get chances this half as Forest chase it. Must take them when they come
  9. Ashton Vale rd, down by the car auction place last time I saw them.
  10. The concourses are busy up to kick off, before and after half time and before full time, that never used to be a thing. I’m not sure the Rocking Robins would be allowed nowadays…….unless it was a mixture of men and women. No, I’m not volunteering
  11. I sit not far from the dugout and the non playing players sit behind that. Now, as a bit of a medical expert, I watched a couple episodes of Casualty, I saw Han-Noah on Saturday and watching him walk up the steps, crouching down for a photograph with a young fan, I would say tomorrow may be a bit early but fingers crossed for Saturday.
  12. It’s great to see it being taken seriously and not just ignored. Well done on the part you’ve played.
  13. I mentioned this to the club a few years ago, I got told, by Adam Baker I think, that the club had monitored it and decided leaving to the crowd to create an atmosphere hadn’t worked. personally I used to love the build up a crowd created, especially with a big away following. Maybe it’s different now, I don’t know.
  14. TBF to Scott it’s one of those things that unless someone else, like you, is openly talking about it at our club, then you just think it’s you that’s struggling and get on with it. For instance, besides mild colourblindness my eyesight is very good for my age, late 50’s, in normal or bright light but when it’s darker I struggle nowadays. Including night games where I think our floodlights are quite poor. Recognising players at the far end from where I sit is hard work. But I don’t hear anyone else moaning so I guess it’s just me……..but it might not be
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