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  1. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/every-championship-club-profit-loss-25066373 Blimey, we've wasted so much money haven't we?
  2. @Mr Popodopolous We had a few good chats on the FFP thread with regards to Reading. I think of all the clubs that have fallen foul so far; they are the most contemptuous. At each stage, they have knownthey are in the wrong over the last few seasons. But have continually thought stuff it, we'll push it a little bit more. Cue last month's transfer window, and the signings of Holliett, Drinkwater, Baba, Hallovic, Dann and others. They knew they were going to get penalised anyway. I can't believe the EFL let them get away with it for so long.
  3. Reminds me a bit of Luton Town years ago. Didn't they get hit with -30 point deduction in L2. Only just missed out from being relegated to non league by a couple of points as well. With no salary cap in operation. Maybe L1 is the best place for Derby to sort their finances out. It certainly looks like it's worked out for Sunderland, Portsmouth, Bolton and others. They've all been able to find new owners a lot easier away from the rigours of FFP. Very difficult in the championship to get yourself out, if you're in a financial hole. I'm sure they'll be back in the next few seasons, financially refreshed again.
  4. The word i would use for tonight is "Frustrating". In all four home games we have had chances to win the games, but of course have ridden our luck as well at times. We are a team in evolution. Sometimes it'll work, sometimes it won't. Performances like Cardiff, will be offset; by performances like tonight. We are in 12th, with a 0 goal difference, and a mid table feel to the side. The difference tonight for me, is that there was a huge howler by our keeper at the end to gift them a point, and rob us of two. Up until that point he had however, kept us in the game in the first half, and ahead in the second. In the Blackpool game, it was good play by them that got them that 93rd min equaliser. Tonight feels like a much more bitter pill to swallow. That said you can't legislate for individual errors, and our captain will be feeling it acutely i'm sure. It was the type of error that up until today we had managed to generally eradicate from our play. As opposed to last season, when it seemed to happen every game. There were a lot of players off tonight, and you could see why NP made the changes after 45 mins. As an aside. How poor was Wells tonight? You can see why he's not an NP player in terms of what he is being asked to do. Very poor on the press, and his general work rate is poor. He was given 60 mins tonight, and in my eyes failed to show NP that he has to consider him for a starting role. Vyner must also be a bit of a dead man walking, with Tanner breathing down his neck. Expect to see Tanner on the bench at the weekend, as it wasn't ideal to take Kalas out of the centre, to cover for his deficiencies. For me though no indication that we need to panic. The home win will come eventually, and will probably be followed by a number soon afterwards.
  5. I see that he has stopped his customary "We will definitely get promoted 100% mantra" after a defeat. He really is the Donald Trump of League 2; believing in his greatness; above and beyond all others. So far their two league wins, have been both narrow 1-0 home wins against arguably two of the worse teams in the league; and even those results could have easily gone the other way. Wait until they play the likes of Forest Green, Harrogate, Orient, Rochdale, Bradford etc. They are really going to struggle. They won't go down of course. There are teams in L2 that are even more of a car crash (Oldham springs to mind). But Barton is completely deluded if he thinks that they are going up. And then What? Replace 15 players, with another 15 players??? You're not going to build a team employing 36 & 37 year olds on 1 year contracts are you? It's just all really bizarre in the extreme.
  6. The thing that gets me about these, and a number of their signings this summer; is how Barton thinks they are better than what he already has? He seems to think just getting any new players in, will address their slide (They were 4th In League 1, 20 months ago when Coughlan left). Whereas the reality, is a settled team/formation/ethos is the best way forward through progression; and the team getting used to playing with one another. You're not going to get that with constant chopping and changing. The main question is who signs off on these transfers? He can only field 11 players + subs, and Rovers are out of the Carabo cup now. There's no point bringing players in, if you're not going to play them. The majority of the players coming in, have also not played regularly; and are generally without a club. They won't be either match or physically fit enough to cope with the demands of professional football for at least a few weeks. It's very different to bringing in players that are currently playing week in, week out for their clubs. It's just a bizarre, really bizarre way to manage. I can only think that a number of the signings this summer, must be thinking "Oh, my god what have i signed on to". Barton probably promised them this, or that; and then went out and bought more players in their position. It's all leading up to a complete car crash of a season.
  7. Christ this guy makes Pitman look like a teenager. Really scraping the barrel now aren't they. How is this guy any better that what they already have?
  8. @Mr Popodopolous This whole Chelsea/Reading tie up has got me thinking. Haven't the two clubs both got Russian owners? It's got a slightly unethical, underhand feel to it all. Something isn't right, that's for sure.
  9. It's been a long time since I've seen a transfer move from a name first being mentioned to confirmed signing in only 4.5 hours. NP certainly keeps a tight ship on any targets/signings that's for sure. There was literally nothing on Social media at all from either end to indicate this transfer was going to happen before around midday today. Fingers crossed that GT won't be the last signing before 11pm tomorrow. Welcome to Bristol City George
  10. Thanks @Flagon really interesting Scout report there.
  11. In time perhaps, but isn't he a few months off; and NP has made the point that he's never actually seen him play?
  12. Happy to pay the money on the basis of in NP we trust. Transfer fees below the PL after Covid are ridiculously low though. With 90% of them being free transfers. Can't think of any other players from L2 clubs that have moved for that sort of money in this window. Hence my point about having to out bid other potential suitors; and the price being forced up.
  13. 300K is a lot of money nowadays for a L2 defender. I wonder if other clubs were involved, and we've had to up our bid to get him? It'll all come out in the mix of course.
  14. I meant if Vyner is having to cover at CB, then Simpson would be first choice at RB. I think NP is alternating them at RB anyhow. Would be asking a lot for Tanner to step into the Championship from L2 straight away.
  15. My mate has just made an interesting point. With Moore gone now, is Vyner now the cover at CB; and thus we need another RB as cover for Simpson?
  16. Sky sports now reporting that we've agreed a deal with Carlisle for him. One of those left field deals. Glad to have another option in that position at least.
  17. Has Barton lost track of how many players he signed/got rid of? I'm sure Bristol Live a few weeks ago, announced their 15th signing. So an extra 5, would take it to 20(not 18). Also transfermarket has 20 leaving, not 28. Is he thinking 8 will leave this week? That would probably have to include some of his signings from the summer. Of the players leaving now, they are having to pay up contracts (Baldwin the latest example). No clubs are paying fees for their players. The Hanlan money from Wycombe just covered, the money the tribunal said they had to pay Gillingham. Their finances must be all over the place. Relegation would have hit them hard anyhow (Tv money, attendances etc). Plus aren't the gas at the limit of their over 21 allowance( only 20 allowed)? I thought they were 3 over (according to BL), but Baldwin, and Hanlan have gone; so maybe only 1 over now. What a mess. December 2019 they were 4th in League 1, when Coughlan left.That is one mighty drop in 20 months.
  18. Can we put a sell on in the deal? Would be an interesting take on a "free transfer"
  19. Indeed. But still a decent wage, and Reading are well over then FFP threshold, plus on some sort of embargo i think? @Mr Popodopolous? It just makes a bit of a mockery of us, playing by the rules. Just like Derby signing Baldock, because of an injury to Kasim-Richards. Just deal with injury like we had to last season. Either you are on a hard embargo or you're not.
  20. And now Reading sign Junior Hoillett on a free as well. I guess they're taking their cost cutting seriously.
  21. Thank you. As to my points around the sustainability of the whole FFP process though, given that the PL, L1 & L2 seem to have given up? What's your take on it? Plus are the rules around FFP actually legally applicable? As per the points around HMRC,VAT,NI. In my view, it boils down to probably a bullying culture by Derby behind the scenes. The EFL itself is probably not a big organisation in terms of finance. If the billy big QC's of this world (engaged by Derby). They throw a load of legal arguments at the EFL, who themselves have to engage expensive legal counsel. It's all reminiscent of the Ashton Vale fiasco. Where Bristol City Council cocked up. The judicial review found against them (not City). But the Council couldn't afford to find the legal ruling; so folded like a pack of cards. Either FFP is rigorously applied fairly across the division or it's not fir for purpose in my book.
  22. @Mr Popodopolous and @Hxj many thanks for your updates on this thread. You are both it appears specialists, and I enjoy trying to understand both of your rationales of quite complex situations. My issue with the whole issue of FFP is thus..... There appears to be a block of clubs within the Championship who either seem from an ethical or moralistic point of view that FFP is merely some form of an advisory concept; and the full ramifications of what it entails doesn't apply to their particular club (Derby, Birmingham, Reading, Sheff Wed; when they were in the league). Even Stoke have posted a £54m loss for last season alone. Then there are others that stick to the rules, in particular Gibson at Boro; and of course our own Lansdown. The aforementioned clubs feel that they can drag out the process for eternity, and that the EFL are toothless. My question in a way is either the EFL are strong enough/able enough to withstand these legal challenges or they're not. Clubs are obviously gambling on getting promoted, and then being governed by a different board (PL). They then do a deal with the EFL in the background to pay off any fine that they would have incurred if they hadn't been promoted with the vast riches from the PL. I see that in L1 & L2 they seem to have have done away with all salary caps this season, after the legal challenge. Is that still the case moving forward? A number of clubs (Of which Ipswich of course, and Wigan are good examples). Seem to be taking the opportunity to spend vast amounts of money on whole new squads. It's no surprise that a number of players that you thought would be playing in the Championship have gone to L1 clubs therefore. From my own viewpoint. Clubs appear to be punished for trying to do the right thing, and stay within the £39m threshold; and with regard to us, this is of course having a huge impact on our club at the moment. Whilst others, flout the rules; and are willing to take the risk of charges coming years down the line. If the FFP can't be enforced on a rigorous basis, within a set period of time. Then is it fit for purpose? The parachute payments afforded to relegated clubs, already make it a completely unfair playing field anyhow. Do clubs have to sign a set of rules, that require them to adhere to FFP? I would think that as a Ltd company they of course have obligations around tax, NI; and VAT and these are governed by laws. What is the FFP governed by? A hypothetical set of rules that more conscience owners abide by, or something more concrete. Apologies for the numerous questions. But the whole FFP debate, when the PL, & L1 & L2 seem to have abandoned any protocols seems completely futile.
  23. Wasn't actually meaning you, but fair enough......
  24. All of the above, plus as an attacking threat, Reading had Meite, Ejaria and Joao all out injured. Thankfully we took our chances last night.
  25. Absolutely, But without that last 15 second Blackpool equaliser we would have been in a playoff position, albeit after 3 games of the season. All about the small margins in football. The point I made in the earlier posts was that I didn't think we had been playing that badly, and there were improvements, alongside areas to improve of course. But there's a huge transition going on, and there will be ups and downs. Difficult for people not to be result driven though of course. Particularly based on last season's 2nd half collapse.
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