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  1. Was very impressive in his 30 mins cameo against Villa. Positive on the ball, two footed, pacey; and had a shot & header saved. Certainly created more on the left from his crosses as well than COD managed during his time on the pitch. If I was Palmer or COD, I'd be looking over my shoulder thinking players like Scott & Bell are pushing them for their places at the moment.
  2. I thought the Villa game was a good demonstration of where NP visualises players at the present. The ones that were at the U23 game, are probably going to be the ones that we look to loan out. On that basis, Scott, Bell & Pring are the Academy players looking to be involved in the match day 18. The rest (Conway, Jannah, Pearson, Towler, Edwards, Britton etc) will be the ones we're looking to loan out for first team minutes.
  3. Plus Simpson was absolutely woeful when he came on.
  4. I think statistics wise, we were the worst team in the division last season at defending/stopping crosses into the box. Atkinson, and a hopefully fit Baker aside. We have not really changed the dynamic of the defensive unit. We allow far too many crosses into the box, and once they get there; are poor at dealing with them. I agree JD is one of the worst culprits. For me, he's a wing back; not a left back. Very slow, and ineffective at closing down those crosses. We were equally poor on the right side and of course we haven't really changed the personel that side either. It'll be interesting to see how teams target us this season. As for me, this was the massive achilles heal for us last season, that game on game was exploited against us. We were seen as a weak touch, and often bullied in our own box. That for me will be the biggest differential this season. Are individuals going to become accountable, physically and mentally up to the job. NP spoke about turning some of those 1 goal losses into draws. Something we failed miserably to do last season. Let's see what the next month brings. Fingers crossed, the focus on fitness during pre season, has also been applies successfully to our mental application.
  5. The strange thing for me is that if Kalas is going to be a starting CB against Blackpool, then he hasn't started a single game in pre season with either of his potential partners in Atkinson or Baker. Not ideal and for me the way NP was swapping Atkinson & Baker second half from right to left, and back again; showed that they are starting together. Otherwise that would have been the time to introduce Kalas.
  6. Makes sense as Kalas and Webster certainly formed possibly the best CB partnership i've seen in 40 years at the gate. Their styles really complimented each other. Could possibly boil down to what our position is over a transfer fee. In the current market, we would need to be sensible if we wanted to move Kalas on. I know Brighton are flush with the White money, but they will want to not over pay either.
  7. I thought it a bit strange that Kalas didn't come off the Bench for a few mins yesterday. Baker & Atkinson just merely swapped from LCB to RCB repeatedly in the second half. I think they're the centre back pairing starting against Blackpool next week. Whether that means Kalas is off is open to interpretation of course. However he has two years left on his contract, amd if we sold him for anything less than £4m; i'm guessing his amortization would make any financial gain negligible. Have i got that right @Davefevs? Any sale at this stage, would also leave us a little light at CB. In a difficult transfer market trying to find a replacement after the season has actually started.
  8. Completely agree Jon. I think i mentioned Bell in my first post on this topic. For me on the left, he drove forward,got crosses in; and had a shot and header in target. In his 30 mins approx on the pitch, like Scott he bought a new dynamic into the pitch going forward. Both of them appeared fearless, whilst a number of the more experienced players in the first half were tentative again.
  9. How long is his contract Dave? I thought it was only a couple of years?
  10. Pretty much one of the most bizarre thinks i've seen from a ref. He applauded a number of times, the villa fans calling him a w##ker. Then proceeded to give them a yellow card later. What the actual....??? Made a number of weird decisons, letting obvious fouls by both teams go. In amongst our numerous penalty shouts, seemed to have the attitude of "it's only a it's friendly, i'm not going to give a penalty". For their third goal, the city players stopped as the ball had gone well over the line. It was on the other side of the pitch to the linesman, who wad caught out badly. After the goal, a clearly distraught Bentley was obviously told by the ref "look it's already 2-0, and its a friendly; so let it go" Treated the whole game today as a bit of a laugh unfortunately.
  11. You're probably right @JonDolman The start of last season under DH seems like a decade ago. Certainly we don't have the forward at the club to play the 4231 formation at present. Obviously a few players still a bit short of starting that may come into the mix (Kalas, Williams, Nagy, Wells, Semenyeo). I get the feeling 2-3 players may be on the move before the end of August. I guess we're waiting for the PL clubs to make some decisions about their squads as well.
  12. You had a couple of muppets in your seat today Graham.. Would be a very brave decision for NP to start Scott over Palmer next weekend. But i would go for it. Against Blackpool we have to take the game to them, start the season positively; and banish the ghosts of last season. As an aside, how bad was Simpson when he came on? Was a Nicky Hunt type performance.
  13. Depends on what formation we are looking to play. I agree that neither Wells of Marton look effective in a 4231, as a figurehead. In that formation you need a quick powerful runner. Martin is a link up man, whilst Wells is a poacher; who offers little off the ball. Jannah, Bell & Conway are probably little lighweight/raw at the moment. In a 442 though. It the Wells/Martin combo might work though. They certainly started well together last season.
  14. First time seeing him play live today. Always the best way to make a judgement on a player. Very very assured on the ball (apparently the Villa commentars on their stream were raving about him) for only 17 years of age. Tall, but with a strength to him, and a very good turn on pace. He also always look to go forward, which is impressive. He wins a large amount of balls in the air, with a leap that reminds me of Joe Bryan. I would start him over Palmer next week. Although Palmer wasn't too bad today, he tends to slow the attack down; is too ponderous at times; and his pass completion rate can't be more than 70%. Scott by way of comparison, is on the front foot, drives the movement forward with speed and ability; and draws opponents towards him, before bringing other players into play. Very impressed by his 45 mins today. As my eldest son said to me though; Scott has the look of a player that won't be at the club for long. As we're going to get a large bid from a PL club for him soon based on his potential. Sam Bell on the otherhand, is another one that impressed in his cameo; and is more likely to be with us in the longer term. Just need that quick powerful striker up front now, as Wells and Martin are both not the strikers to play in that 4231 formation.
  15. I think @Fordy62 has covered the bail aspect. In some ways, Mrs B not supporting hasn't helped him on this matter. She has injuries(head injury, bloody nose). If she had seen a doctor, or allowed them to be documented evidentially; then it probably would have been a S47 ABH (actual bodily harm). That is an either way offence (ie can be heard in Crown or magistrates, at the discretion of the defence). Because of her position. He was charged with a Common assault by beating (Battery), as the nature of the injuries can't be ascertained. This is a summary only offence (Magistrates only). As i said in the original post, i can see a DJ (District judge sitting in on it). Lynne Matthews is the main one in Bristol, and she, like others nationwide doesn't suffer fools ( check out her rioters comments). The aspect of libel is still relevant regardless, of the nature of the Court. People posting on this, need to be careful; and to double check that they are either quoting a media piece, or something that has been published already. Mods will probably have to keep an eye on this topic unfortunately.
  16. Before the advent of body worn video, these cases very rarely made it to court( still seldom now). Without knowing the full details of the case of course, that will come out later. What is known, and captured evidentially is:- The call to the Police was made by Mrs B, asking Police to turn up and remove him from the address. She may have made disclosures about what has happened. When the officers have turned up, she has injuries, and the people present would have probably spoken about what has happened. This is captured on the video. It appears that Barton was arrested at the location (quoted arrested on the same day). So there was obviously a necessity for the officers to make that arrest at that point. She, obviously doesn't want to make a complaint; and the other witnesses don't want to get involved. Probably as they know he's already got a court case hanging over him already. In some ways this is similiar to the Caroline Flack case. In that the boyfriend had injuries, and probably said what had happened. But didn't want her arrested/charged. Ultimately, it's a question of positive action by the Police on that day. @Fordy62 and i have been involved in too many cases; where in the past the Police have walked away as no complaint. Only to be called back later to the same address to deal with something far more serious. Police officers would be done by the IOPC for such actions nowadays. The CPS have a massive backlog of cases, and will only take to court; the cases where they feel the evidence is strong enough for a realistic prospect of conviction (his bad character also plays a big part here). I think if she had made a complaint, he wouldn't have got bail, as he's already on Crown court bail for the other assault matter. Whatever happens with these victimless cases. It at least highlights the violent nature of the defendant concerned. It won't help him that it's in front of a magistrates (aka no jury) either. They see these incidents day in,day out; and generally see through the legal nonsense put up by defence counsels.
  17. So the relegated PL teams will finish 1st,2nd & 3rd. The teams coming up from L1, will finish 23rd,24th & 15th. Two of the teams in last years playoffs will be 4th & 5th; and the teams that finished in the bottom 6 will struggle again. Thank god we have this "Super" computer to work that all out..
  18. Indeed it will be a treated as a victimless prosecution. As she has decided not to support the investigation by supplying a victim statement. However the circumstances around the incident, and how the emergency services came to be at the address; allow for these prosecutions to take place. It's there to protect vulnerable, intimidated victims that form the majority of DA victims.
  19. The correct offence is one of Battery. Ultimately she has injuries, and this will be a case based no doubt, on the 999 call to emergency services; and the accounts of the ambulance and Police officers when they turned up. Backed up bybthe Body worn video they wear. The fact that he was bailed, and subsequently charged means that the CPS by their own guidelines consider this is a case of a "realistic prospect of a conviction". Given his previous convictions, which will form a part of a bad character application with the details of those offences read out in court. I find it highly likely that JB will in fact be found guilty. The real question is why is he out on bail at present? He is currently on Crown Court bail for the other trial matter. That is under a surety that he won't commit other offences (thus removing the need for a remand in prison awaiting trial). It will be interesting what position the Judge takes tomorrow.
  20. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/15682876/football-manager-joey-barton-charged-attacking-wife/ I don't think they would publish this, without it being his wife.
  21. Technically he committed this offence whilst on Crown Court bail for the other Stendal assault. The jufge could refuse to give him bail again. Looking at the Sun article i think, like Simpsons DA case; its going to be a victimless prosecution(ie she won't support). However she has injuries, and no doubt the 999 call, plus bodyworn footage from the attending officers will be damning. He has so much bad character against him now. But the nature of this offence is a step too far...
  22. He has previous assault convictions, and has had prison sentences. On that basis, any sentencing judge in either case would be hard pressed; not to give him another custodial sentence for either offence. Domestic violence is quite rightly not accepted nowadays, and the Giggs situation shows what the club really should do in this situation (suspension or gardening leave pending the trial). However the Gas have know about this since the 2nd June; and of course employed him in the first instance when he had a court case outstanding against him. In my eyes they are morally redundant here. Unfortunately, the Gas have so much invested in the "Barton Project", that i think they're blinded as to how bad this man is for their club. At least with our Simpson situation, it was years ago, and the matter had been dealt with. Assaulting your partner, may well be the final straw for him though. Plenty of parties/Sponsors/Fans won't tolerate that.
  23. Ultimately NP knows that we can't start the season, like we finished the last one. We need to hit the ground running, and build up momentum. To do that, i think he's going to have to be hard on the players. Apart from Atkinson, James, and King. This is the same group that let us down spectacularly from late Feb onwards. James and King will know about his standards, so they won't be surprised. As for the others; i think there's going to be a few more casualties before the end of next month. NP has to break the culture that set in, and mould this group's mentality. We're still waiting of course for Kalas and Nagy to come back, plus Wells from the Concaf. A few injuries as well, with Cundy, Williams, and Semenyeo feeling their way into the pre-season. Next season is not going to be pretty, but NP knows that to stay in this division now; we need evrryone to pull together or ship out.
  24. https://www.efl.com/-more/governance/embargoes A fairly lengthy list for Swindon & for Derby.
  25. Just you. Mine was taken on the 1st July for my three cards.
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