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  1. I get where you're coming from @Harry, but i also think he was being pragmatic about the need for him to change as well. He alluded to the fact that he "likes to get transfers done early", " is impatient at times", " doesn't deal with agents"; so has obviously been waiting for RG to start. He looks like a man, who realises the huge task in front of him, wants to get going; but recognises he can't just yet. So is having to measure his responses. Some of his NVC's show that after 20+ years of management; he is still having to learn that in this post covid climate; nothing is quite the same . Or that maybe, the realignment is going to last a lot longer than just the coming season(talks about this window, as if unsure whether the future ones will be equally difficult as well). Certainly, he is aware that old certainties, that have been relied on aren't there at present (" clubs being reluctant to do business"). He will have to change and adapt just like everyone else. I don't envy him at the moment. When asked about the start of the new season, he showed that he is worried about going into it, as we are set up at the moment.
  2. I think there's probably a few players, and their contracts that the club would like to move on (KP is another one that springs to mind). However who do you shift them on to? The only teams with any money will be PL, and Parachute teams. I don't think any of the current squad would be targets for any of these clubs.
  3. Great interview again from NP. He's obviously picked up on the lack of clarity and communication from the club in the past, and is determined for that to improve. I think he's cleared up a few points as well:- - Recognises the need to focus on getting the defence sorted as the main priority. - Doesn't seem to think the club will need new full backs at this time. Seems to indicate to me that Vyner will be moving to RB (confirmed wants 2 CBs as well). That allied to the possible Simpson resigning, manages that position. I can't see any signings at LB as well. We're going with what we have there. Puts the Douglas rumour to bed i think. - 2 x CM. Someone is leaving from that position then. Got to be Nagy for me. Last year of contract, no new one will be given on current terms; time to cash in. - If he thinks that the 5 possibles ( CB,CM,CF) will be fantastic; then we are certainly be looking to keep the under 23s involved in the marchday squad. Maybe one or two of them off on loan elsewhere, but not loads of them. Hopefully the EFL keeps the 5 subs out of 7. Allows us to use a lot of the youngsters in the matchday squad. - It may well be that some of the current squad don't want to stay. NP isn't afraid of making strong decisions here. If they don't show the right attitude here, then they're gone i think. He'll have to time for wantaways. Confirms we'll know about Weimann and Simpson in the next week. - Next season is going to be a massive struggle. He knows to turn around the quite frankly shockingly bad results of the second half of last season will be a Herculean task. - Waiting on the right people, rather than just getting bodies in. I think that indicates possible transfer fees being spent(low numbers of course). I think that relies on others going out for fees (Nagy, Semenyeo?) For the finances to start to flow, and the domino transfer effect to start. All fun this isn't it
  4. I have nothing against JoJo himself, but he's been here far too long, whilst never really remotely being near the first team. Another salary off the reduced budget at least.
  5. Would go with Foden, Kane & either Rashford or Sterling in the front 3. Then Mount, Grealish, probably Rice in the centre in midfield. If not Rice, then Phillips can do a decent job as well (depending on fitness) At the back is where we have issues. Pace wise probably Walker at rb, but defensively he's a liability; otherwise James there. In the centre Stones (Good at set pieces); but who to put alongside him, Mings is the left footed option; but like Walker he always looks like a mistake waiting to happen. He'll probably get the nod though as Maguire isn't available. It's definitely in the centre where we have our issues. At left back I'd put Chillwell, backed up by Shaw if needed. I think he's a better all round option in that position. We also have Trippier as well for either left or right back, Goalkeeper wise, it'll probably be Pickford; but I thought Johnstone did very well against Romania (albeit it was Romania). In a team with very little tournament experience though, he'll go for Pickford. We've got a decent squad i think. Lots of young talent coming through. Looking forward to the games now.
  6. Yep, I agree. Shame though, when you think of all the great writers that have worked for them; and written about City over the years.
  7. This article seems one that should be written after 10-15 games of next season, rather than in the 2nd week of June. Nobody knows really who we are bringing in, or indeed for that matter who under contract will be leaving. The DOE position may well be filled in time. It's possible that the person NP wants isn't available right at the moment; for a multitude of reasons. Yes, we need a complete overhaul in certain areas. But that takes time, and if it is to be done properly,due diligence; without the scattergun approach of the past. I am placing a huge amount of trust in NP. It may be misplaced, after the shambles of the last 3 months of the season. But he has been honset about it all, and that he is lucky to have been given this opportunity. This is going to be a very difficult season for a number of clubs, that have had to cut their cloth; and reduce the size of their squads accordingly. I imagine the 3 teams coming up (Peterborough, Hull & Blackpool) will actually be very competitive. Unlike the Rotherham, Wycombes of this world from last season. The first 10 games are my focal point. If we are to banish the demons of last season; we will need to start with a renewed determination, and organisation that was hugely lacking in the second half of 20-21. If we start as we finished, maybe then i'll feel in a position to criticise. The EP writers at the moment seem intent of spinning negativity out of no signings, and vice versa. JB is getting lauded for bringing in 4 players, and getting rid of a few more. Lets not forget, he took them down; and the adjournment of his trial; probably postponed an eventual prison sentence. Whilst NP is criticised for apparent inactivity based on what exactly??? They have no knowledge of what is going on behind the scenes at City it appears. Fingers crossed that the EP doesn't continue this sort of negativity throughout this long summer.
  8. I think NP will change his coaching/back room staff in time. But unfortunately due to there only being a few months until the start of the next season, time is against us somewhat. Just like, when NP said it will take a number of windows to get the squad to a position that he wants. It'll be the same thing with his staff. Some will be in work, and have to give notice periods etc; others for a multitude of reasons will just be unavailable at this time, that may change later. When DH was appointed, we didn't know at that time that NP was unavailable for medical reasons. It was only after he came here in Feb, that it all came out. I think the next season is going to be an enormous struggle. But if we can get through it, we'll be in a much better place for the foundations that hopefully NP is working to put in place.
  9. Prior to the start of the trial, his defence team would have had to serve a DCS (Defence case statement) outlining what his defence/issue is with the indictment (charge). In that way, all parties know what the issues are in advance. I'm guessing; but given it was on CCTV and witnessed; he will go down the route of it being accidental; and he stumbled forward whilst trying to stop himself. Or some other creative defence like that.
  10. Good points. The Crown doesn't have to prove intent for an ABH conviction, just casuality of the injury, even through transferred malice, or recklessness. I.e if you threw a stone at a window to cause damage; and it rebounded into someone's face causing injury, you would still be done for assault; as you were doing an inherently criminal act. The fact that Stendel's back was turned away from Barton kind of negates the defence of self defence. I think his defence counsel knows that he's on a hiding to nothing with this case, particulary as it's been witnessed by independents. Then again, Stokes got off ( Due to a massive CPS blunder). So anything is possible.
  11. I doubt it's a category 3 offence. More like a 2, down to the level of injury. Even within thise categories you have A,B & C levels.
  12. Whilst i agree @TomF that the max sentence for a S47 ABH is up to 5 years; you need to realise that Barton has already had custodial sentences for like offences. With that in mind, the non-custodial options open to the sentencing judge will be somewhat limited. Any sentence under 2 years can be suspended, and that is of course what his defence counsel would push for in the event of a jury verdict. The amount of bad character against him, will play a big part; if it is his case that it was self defence. Jury selection will be interesting. No doubt, anybody who has heard of barton will be excluded via a questionaire completed at the start of the selection process.
  13. I suppose it will come down to whether Oxford have to sell or not. If they don't, then he will probably stay with them for another season. He's under contract for a couple more years with them. This is probably the worse time to try to sell an asset for a decent price. In a year from now, the market may have improved again; and they can ask for the £2-3m. If Oxford are having to sell though, i agree with Graham; £1m tops. He's had one season in L1. Yes, he had a good one; but there is nothing to say he is ready to make the jump up to the Championship, which is of course a far higher standard.
  14. To be fair, i'm pretty sure that's what we do already. Once a seat has been sold, it counts towards the attendance. Regardless of whether anybody is actually sat in it.
  15. I'm confused about how much the EFL are allowing losses wise due to COVID. It's not just the match day income that is affected. All commercial activities outside of match day have been similarly affected in relation to the use of Ashton Gate. In addition of course, the transfer market was in essence shut for long periods of time, due to lockdowns; and social distancing. Surely the EFL can't realistically be using the losses from the 20-21 season in their estimations towards the 3 year limit? If that was the case, I doubt there would be many clubs in the division that would not breach the £39m limit over those 3 seasons.
  16. Doing my head in the "Remarkable job Cooper has done". They've had parachute payments all the way through the last few years. A 80k per week striker up front. Villa midfielder, chelsea centre back; and a newcastle goalie. One if the biggest budgets in the division, and have missed out for the last two seasons. How is that remarkable?
  17. Weird wasn't it, the approach taken by MA? Pre-Christmas, we're talking to people (Walsh, Fammy etc). Post Christmas, we're not having any discussions at all. Then out of the blue, "We've offered Fammy one the biggest contracts in the history of the club". When saying that basically everyone else will have to take lower offers, or no contract at all. Then when NP is appointed, SL does an interview saying he will be supported in building a new squad. We get rid/release 11 of our first team squad, many on high wages. We then turn around, and evidenced through the saga of AW, that we are really really cutting our cloth. So many mixed messages from City over the last 6 months; that have just caused confusion no doubt amongst the players, and supporters alike. Moving forward, our communication has got to improve.
  18. He was pretty much the only OOC player that i wanted to keep. He's one of those players that you don't realise what he brings from an energy/drive perspective until he's not around. AW was one of the reasons why we started off last season so well, and was a huge miss when he did his knee. Is his future at City, or will he have recovered fully from the ACL, i'm not so sure. What i do know is we don't have anyone like him in the squad at the present. The rebuild is of course, going to be huge; and time consuming. I would of at least exercised his option. As that gives us time to either renegotiate, and evaluate him in the new process. I realise his wages are at the top end of our earners. But if we only committed for a further year, he could have been part of bringing the new team together. My fear, is that as others have said he will get better offers elsewhere; and will leave us with yet another position to fill in the next 2.5 months until the season starts.
  19. Fair points. We do need to retain some experience in the squad though from my perspective; and NP said he was training well at the end of the season. I think it's just a demonstration of quite how tight money is this summer. In the past, we would have operated differently. Interesting couple of months ahead.
  20. Is that what he's on at the moment though? The option year would just carry over his existing contract. I didn't think he was in our top 5 earners. Some of whom of course, are still with us for next season. I'm all for offering lower terms on a new contract (who knows what the market is, wages wise). It's the principle of letting a player that the club/NP obviously want to keep go out the door for free, because you won't/can't pay his existing wages.
  21. The article says that we've decided not to trigger it. I'm sure there would be a deadline as to when you would have to notify the player of your intentions. I doubt you can exercise it, if new contract negotiations break down. As far as I can see, he's a free agent now; and able to start talking to other clubs. When we exercised Elliason's option last year, it was to enable us to get the transfer fee from Nimes I'm sure. We still had some control on that situation. It seems we're going down a different route now
  22. With the news this morning in the Post , that we've decided not to exercise the optional year on AW's contract; a few questions now arise. Are we unwilling or unable to afford a further year on his current contract? And as such is he now technically a free agent? I understand that we've offered him a longer contract on reduced terms. But in previous years we would of course of exercised the optional year, and used that time to negotiate the new contract. That doesn't seem to be happening this time. It all points to the fact, that alongside probably all clubs outside the PL, and those with parachute payments; we are having to cut out cloth considerably this summer. The new contracts given out to the under 23s point towards there involvement in the first team next season; rather than putting them out on loan in my opinion. It may well be, that although we all think that there should be/will be 5-6 signings in this window. Maybe there will only be a couple, and the gaps in the squad will be filled with this season's under 23s until revenue streams increase again. Certainly food for thought, and for me a demonstration of the fact that we won't be paying any transfer fees for players this summer.
  23. It'll be interesting to see which club blinks first signing up OOC players. At present, i'm sure most clubs without parachute payments, have no idea of what the market is wages wise. It'll need a few deals to go through to start to formulate future wage structures. With that in mind, i'm guessing that the market won't really start in the EFL until the playoffs are over; with 12 clubs not knowing what division they are in next season still. Players like Weimann, Simpson and no doubt countless other OOCs will have been told to hang fire on signing anything for a few weeks yet. It'll then be absolute chaos for a number of weeks, as clubs rush to fill their squads in time for pre season. I don't envy managers this summer. Any planning is going to be so last minute. A number of our ex-players may well have provisonal verbal agreements with other clubs. But no club is going to commit to £20k per week contracts, if the market is only going to be £12-15k. Fun all of this, isn't it?
  24. Strange one isn't he? That goal against Millwall in the cup, i thought "wow he has the ability to do that". Plus the 5/6 assists that he got in the first half of the season. I didn't rate him at all, based on the evidence of the 19/20 season. But i thought i would have to reevaluate my thinking around him. However, second half of the season (like everyone else), his overall performances were not of the same standard. His two league goals consist of 2 x chasing down the keeper, and the ball coming off his ass. He's not a natural goalscorer, in the way that Conway and Britton have demonstrated for the under 23s, and first team. In that case, what sort of player is he? In the current climate £4-5m affords us the capability to get 3/4 other players in to help with the rebuild. I have no problem with him going for that figure. But a lot will depend on how we replace him. That will be the indication of whether we've learned from our previous mistakes; and that the new processes/talent id process is working in the way we hope it will.
  25. I'm involved in grassroots football; and have quite a lot of dealings with Academies through JPL etc. The first rule for these academies seems to be nowadays athletic ability; Strength, power, height, speed. They always say that you can then coach the player based on these raw attributes. As you say, a shame; because if you are small; you have to be so much better than your counterparts to get picked up. It all comes down to what they believe a modern day footballer should look like in the end.
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