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  1. It was good to watch the U23s last night. The one thing that stood out for me from previous seasons, is how more prepared the U23s are physically. They didn't get bossed at all that way...in fact it was their initial physicality that set a tone. I stood first half next to the dug out. It was informative in how they wished to play, move the ball, and comments on individual players performance. Both City loanees to Yate played well, which must have been strange to be playing against your own team. Tins was especially appreciative of some of the play by Taylor-Clarke. For me, especially first half, Joe Low stood out as a good prospect for the future. He's a man mountain...physical, athletic, good vision and communication, good eye for a pass. City were constantly being instructed to move the ball fast and forward through the lines. To keep moving forward. To look forward. It was very noticeable. Less going sideways. Harry Leeson coped well against a physical opposite number. He did have a tendency to switch off positionally though...constantly being made aware of his positioning. Other comments about Palmer-Houlden not being correctly positionally aware at crosses. Not anticipating quickly enough. All in all a good run out.
  2. Joe Low having a cracking game. Some great vision and communication.
  3. What a lovely post. Thank you for sharing your memories. I lost my Dad just over a year ago. Like yours he was partially blind and deaf. Similar story. It brought a tear to my eye. Thoughts are with you during this tough time.
  4. Entertainment is often at its highest when mistakes occur. When it's not perfect. Imo...some sports have become too perfect. Defence nullifying attack. Technology over human error. Perfect defence on football against perfect offense. What's the end result. A stalemate.
  5. Your comments don't surprise me RR.
  6. You've only got to look at Stats and studies to see over a season, generally teams who dominate possession win more games. We play as a counter attacking team...often with less possession. Less possession means you tire quicker, physically and mentally. Is it ever any wonder we concede late and often from individual errors.
  7. I thought the whole thing was a breath of fresh air...how all football should be. From the coverage, the fans having fun in a civil way, all inclusive, how the teams played in a skillful and passionate way. The players played and acted how I would want a team to act and perform. If men's football and crowds were like that, I'd be over the moon. It is after all... entertainment. It would be nice if woman's football became as popular as men's...but was able to keep the same ethos and for want of a better word ... environment. Obviously woman's football wants to grow financially and have all the benefits of men's football. The sad thing is...the more it does, the less entertaining it will become imo. Some sports reach a pinnacle where they are perfect in standard and entertainment. It's like there should be a mathematical equation for it. It just feels right. In the same way I feel about F1, Tennis, Football and a few other sports...where professionalism versus entertainment came to point that was perfect...and now it's surpassed that point in a negative entertainment value. If that makes sense...
  8. Oh yes...I agree...however it has been our undoing. I think we could be stronger in preventing crosses and closing down quicker. And as for our lack of penalties...the way Atkinson was manhandled so many time...we have to start getting in the face of the ref about it more often imo. It works for other teams like Hull yesterday. Psychologically to ref makes a mental note. It soon adds up. It shouldn't, but it does.
  9. Terrible refereeing decision, and awful deflection. We looked far better as a team overall. My overusing thought, is similar to last season. Teams attack us down the flanks and create scoring opportunities from doing so. It was the same last season. We have to find a way of stopping that. The middle of the park is much more secure.
  10. I agree Dave...as I said in my post. In a perfect world, you would want to use him in a set up that allows him to play at his best ability. In his most natural and comfortable position, where he's most influential.
  11. The handball rule needs a complete overhaul imo. Most penalties given, are often for discretions that wouldn't have led to a shot or chance of a goal. The award of a free shot on goal often doesn't justify the discrimination. It's now virtually impossible to defend properly inside the box. Seeing players trying to defend with their hands behind their back...how ludicrous is that scenario? It's now become a joke. The money, work, time, investment and energy used to make your team the best it can possibly be...all often undone by an award of a penalty for nothing. It's ruined the game imo.
  12. So much virtue signalling when it comes to climate awareness and actions. The common man being told to change his ways, while the elite, big business, carry on doing whatever they want. The latest being farming. The world elite have decided farming is evil and a massive contribution to climate problems. So they want to get rid of farming. To eventually eat food grown in factories. Petri dish food. Governments and elite grabbing farming land. With no intention of farming. Check out how much farm land Bill Gates has bought up in the States, just so it can't be used. Whilst pilling Billions into factories producing Petri dish food. Our planned future consumption. Check out what's happening with the farmers in Holland. Even our own Government have introduced a new initiative for farmers here to pack it in, and apply for a minimum £100k pay off to do so. Meanwhile nutters like Elon Musk and his play rockets... Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starship SN15 released 358 tonnes of CO2 during its first complete high-altitude flight on 5 May. This emissions total is the same amount that 4.6 million people in the UK released in the same time period, according to data we sourced from Everyday Astronaut and the Office for National Statistics. That's an 11 minute flight. Searching apparently so that one day we maybe able to live somewhere else...whilst NASA have said after 6 months in a Space Station, the muscle and bones of the astronauts have aged 10 years. So there is no chance we as humans could ever live elsewhere. Never gets spoken about by mainstream media....it won't be, as most are owned by the same narcissistic nutters. Just watch...this next year, all you will hear about is climate change...it's the new narrative. Recycling your rubbish and buying a 'green' football shirt means jack shit in the big picture. Until Russia, China, South America, Asia change their polluting nothing will change. Pretty much the biggest populations in the world. Yet little ol' UK is told we have to change so drastically. So much bollocks and virtue signalling.
  13. Imo...all conversations regarding his future, best position, how he can fit with the team will have taken place. In a perfect world, you would want to use him in a set up that allows him to play at his best ability. In his most natural and comfortable position, where he's most influential. Rather than trying to change him into something else.
  14. I agree...his attributes are a high energy box to box midfielder. Using him and Weimann as high pressing players when out of possession would have worked imo. Top of a diamond for me.
  15. This is what LJ is quoted as saying about Massengo, his attributes, and how he was going to use him. https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/revealed-bristol-city-signed-han-3178030
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