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  1. I think you are missing the point and sentiment RR.
  2. Why does it have to be more expensive? It doesn't. A season ticket guarantees your preferred seat and that you've been able to organise to sit close to friends. Potd...you get what's left over.
  3. People aren't 'connected' to the Theatre like supporting a football club mate. People generally go occasionally as a treat to the theatre. Football should be accessible to the working man and shouldn't be penalised for not having a season ticket imo. Many have family or work obligations which come first, but would love to be able to support their club at the drop of a hat without having to fork out a small fortune to do so. The entertainment value compared to cost is far removed imo. I can fully understand why some would rather pay for TV subscription or go down the pub with mates and watch games and have fun. This is a good read...it's something we as a country need to do. https://www.bundesliga.com/en/bundesliga/news/tickets-2019-20-bayern-munich-borussia-dortmund-schalke-rb-leipzig-5342
  4. spudski


    You could...and I agree to an extent...however they are all legal activities. Beating the shit out of one another over a game of football isn't.
  5. spudski


    How do the CSF and other firms, who inflict violence and injury to one another, feel about using the NHS, hospitals, doctors, ambulances, police etc to mop up the self inflicted injuries? Do they think it's reasonable to be looked after, and use up the time of the services ahead of the general public who haven't gone looking for violence? Imo...if you go looking for it, don't expect others to mop up your injuries. Sort yourself out.
  6. Can't believe people are comparing Tomlin with Jackie. Wtf I was in the home end, with many others at Leicester. Jackie was head and shoulders above anyone else that day. People have to remember we were shit back then. FFS...Andy Llewellyn was playing. The whole club was just a bunch of drinkers, Clubbers and chancers. Cole and Jackie were something else for us. You simply can't judge Jackie with others years later. The culture at our club was trash. Osman was a joke.
  7. I've been waiting for someone to do this in years...fair play I say. What's the point in a free kick, if the defensive team are allowed to reorganise. The attackers should be allowed to take it quickly. They've lost all advantage otherwise. Personally, I'd change the rules. Blow for free kick, but allow to be taken straight away without having to wait for the ref to blow again, or defence to reorganise.
  8. I think you are right Dave. Lots of people I know have taken up new past times over the past 18 months, who were regular visitors to the Gate. Plus others like myself, just find the whole experience of getting to the Gate these days, a complete ball ache. It's like having to plan an expedition to the North Pole. Sat in traffic, road closures, poor off street parking, unreliable and inadequate times of public transport, and the price of pay on the day have all had a negative affect. There are many that don't know whether they can make a game, until the morning of a game due to personal circumstances. How nice it would be to just jump in the car, or bus, park up, without being thoroughly stressed out, buy a ticket at a reasonable price, and just enjoy the game, be entertained, and have a few hours away from the pressures of the real world. Unfortunately...you often end up more stressed out than when you left home. I for one didn't renew my season ticket, not due to covid, but because of the aforementioned. I'll go to a few games, but I'm not missing it. I'll get my footy fix from my local Town team. 10 mins down the road, £10 entrance. Sit or stand anywhere. Drink beer on sideline. Chat and laugh with mates...and literally no stress. Still get exactly the same vibe and entertainment as I do at City, but with less stress, more freedom and more left in my pocket, and more time available to do other things on the day. Its a no brained for me at the moment with present personal circumstances.
  9. I'd love to know what he actually does on a day to day basis.
  10. Putting your trust in MA to run the club, when you have a son as managing director of the club seems all at odds...what does he manage or direct? Serious question...you'd think he'd be the go between, eyes and ears for SL.
  11. Football now has become all about being a top athlete, rather than footballer. Even more so at Championship level. Gone are the days where you could have gifted footballers that weren't particularly fit. Some players are gifted but just can't get to the higher echelons because of their genetics. If you have the right genetics and environment to train to the highest order, with an aptitude for football, then you can get to the top. However...even if you have the drive, determination, environment to train, and football aptitude, if you don't have the right genetics, you won't make it to the very top. Imo...Britton falls into the latter. He just doesn't have the legs for it imo. It's explained here... genetics can have between 30-80% consequence on outcome.
  12. Ever since I've watched Britton, I've said from day one, that he doesn't have the legs capable of getting to Championship standard fitness, regardless of how much training he does. Some people just don't have the physical capabilities regardless of their footballing talent. You can see it in the way he runs... he's never going to be an athlete imo.
  13. Always amuses me how many foreign footballers are into outside interests that would be considered ' nerdy' here. Tbh...it's normal compared to here. So many interested in culture, art, language, family, food etc etc. It's normal. Our lot more into social media, love Island and it's sort, fast food, gangsta culture, tats, Instagram, getting pissed and cars. Shame...but very noticeable. So much of Europe still engages in its culture like it's still the 50s,60s,70s...
  14. It's the tone in his voice, fascial expressions and generally calmer demeanor I'm picking up on. I think he's in a happier place than he was last season. More comfortable and in control so to speak.
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