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Community Answers

  1. Not generally no. It’s about fitness & with two weeks to go , team shape , that they would of been working on for a while & still will be for a while . There are moans about the form of some players. Players have dips in form throughout their careers , they’re normal people it happens. I won’t be judging when the season starts either. Let’s see where we are after ten games.
  2. People moaning about players form or penalty taking ability in a bloody friendly . Get a grip
  3. Can’t see that lot sacking him. He was arrested on June 2nd . Wael would of known about it but had still let buy players since then.
  4. Glad to see they got their facts right. And people wonder why we question modern journalism
  5. Look at his twitter address ( if that’s a thing ) we8city shows them up for everything they are . I’ve said it to gas heads faces. If they lose 5-0 and city lose1-0 they’ve had a good weekend. *******
  6. Don’t see how they had respect for him in the first place. As soon as he came in he chucked everyone under a bus. As you said , wael has given him full control over the playing side. Yes his position is untenable but how can he sack him when he’s put all his eggs in a joey Barton basket. We thought we had problems
  7. Nothing new there . They’ve been bringing shame on Bristol for decades
  8. I do get that tone . As I said though. Many of us have backed the club financially paying for games we were never going to see . They know they got season holders money every year because it’s in the blood . It’s also only the die hards that’s going to watch friendlies. Difficult for the club yes , but they’re charging £10 for a glorified training session .
  9. I don’t normally do friendlies under normal circumstances , but. I’m not taking the moral high ground here I promise as I’m not like that. However , there are many of us who are season ticket holders & have continued to put our hands in our pockets over the last year or so , albeit getting refunds . Can’t the club show the game for less than a tenner. I just won’t watch in principal . A fiver , I’d probably pay but ten ******* quid ! Getting fleeced imo. Apologies to any Welsh reading this
  10. You’re basing everything you’ve wrote on rumour regarding the striker. We spent £1.6m (allegedly) on Atkinson . Even if the striker did cost £1m + wages you have to figure in ffp . Every club now has to be financially prudent . The bubble has burst
  11. This is going too far now Dave bloody hell man
  12. Some of the comments on here really are embarrassing . How many pre seasons have you gone through as fans but still don’t see it as irrelevant . We’ve preseasons that have gone well & we been relegated & visa versa . Get a grip. statements like I’m concerned at the shape . Even NP has said he’d rather not have them .
  13. the club have lost millions over the last 18 months & we have ffp to think of . Never mind signing a striker for probably a few million & wages that come with it. The reality is , football at our level is in the shit financially .
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