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Community Answers

  1. Liked what I saw when he was at charlton & would of loved us to sign him. Was always out of our reach though. Good business Huddersfield buying him when in the prem knowing they were down. Probably made a decent profit on him.
  2. Bricks & mortar doesn’t make him a great owner. His ego let him believe he knows the game but surrounded himself with someone like Ashton who told him what he wanted to hear. He’s spent over £200m of his own money but on the pitch We've barely progressed. His legacy so far is . He’s no Harry dolman . added to that . All the years before Ashton & the puss poor managerial appointments thinking he knew the game . He got one right in GJ .
  3. Forget last season. I don’t think anyone would of turned that around . A perfect storm of terrible management off the pitch by Ashton which was allowed to happen by Lansdown. Three years of selling our best players & replacing with dross yet increasing the wage bill is laughable. Then having 12-13 players OOC with no sell on value is abysmal . Topped off by publicly saying fam had a very good contract put under his nose & the rest of them hadn’t . How do you think that went down in the dressing room. Plus the injuries. He has to be judged on this season only imo & has a huge job ahead of him. He has at least 5 players who are league one level if not more & the money is not there at the moment. We have to stay up . That would be success this season . Followed by another clear out in the summer.
  4. I’ve said time & again . He knows nothing about football . Hence his constant poor decisions behind the scenes. How he employed Ashton not once but twice & not learnt from his poor recruitment in the last relegation year is unbelievable .
  5. I notice you still haven’t answered my question . Is it possibly because you haven’t got a clue what you’re on about ?
  6. He doesn’t know because he hasn’t a clue that this has been coming . Rip it up & start again is his answer but without any idea on how .
  7. Ah bless. So you can have a pop at players etc but get called a clown you start crying. answer the question. Did you think it would be a constant upward curve with at least half a dozen players that ain’t good enough. whats your plan ? Get someone else in , change the coaching staff again , playing style again ? The players ain’t good enough , it’s as simple as that. pearson said we can’t change the squad straight away. This has been a slow decline thanks to Ashton, Johnson & Lansdown being asleep at the wheel for three years. However you blame the here & now. You rightly deserve your clown tag if you don’t understand where we are as a club right now.
  8. A three year rebuild . Did you think it would be a constant upward trajectory for those three years. The players ain’t good enough , it’s a thankless task & a massive job. We’ve all said we just need to stay up this season . That’s the be all & end all. you’re a typical , if things ain’t right sack everyone. You’re a clown
  9. Is he a good enough coach though Dave. Listening on the radio but we sound like we’ve downed tools again .
  10. It’s 352 with a midfield 3 of james, wiemann & massengo
  11. It’s like he’s playing 5 aside football when he comes on . Don’t know what it is. Too much money too young possibly. Not saying he has a bad attitude at all but lacks hunger imo. Another brilliant Ashton signing
  12. Downing not there, Gregor has tweeted. Alex ball there instead
  13. Perhaps they’re not very good at communicating /coaching NP’s ideas . Not innovative enough ? I still don’t see enough movement . A improvement on last year but still not enough. This is down to coaching.
  14. It’s not as easy as that is it. It’s a mindset. They’re desperate for that win & they automatically drop deep to protect it . I’m sure he did tell them to get up the pitch . There were some scrambled brains out there with some strange decisions .
  15. A misconception often trotted out . I’m sure Pearson never told the players to sit off . However subconsciously , defending a lead the players weren’t brave enough. He’s always says abut players taking responsibility & they didn’t .
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