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  1. £10,000 fine & a ten year ban for entering the pitch . Make sure there are plenty of posters , social media notifications so nobody can say they didn’t know . Even adverts on talkSPORT , sky sports etc. I see news outlets saying Patrick viera will be in trouble for what happened , but how about the ***** that was in his face . Punishments need to be hard , to rid these **** wits out of the game .
  2. I didn’t miss your point at all . Just a bollocks statement from you admit it.
  3. For the third night in a row , fans have ran on the pitch & attacked players . That’s ok is it ?
  4. Definite penalty for swindle turned down for hand ball. Have the away ends been switched at port vale or cameras changed ?
  5. Ex Cardiff missed the pen as well Sweaties
  6. Believe what you want , but there’s a lot of similarities to some of the overpaid underachieving rubbish we’ve signed over Ashtons latest reign of terror .
  7. Credit where it’s due. You didn’t have to drive a minibus full of gas heads to Wembley but you did. Bet you’re glad they went up automatically this season
  8. Who was recruitment consultant when mciines was in charge ? He’s now ceo at Ipswich
  9. To be fair. You can’t appreciate a game on tv as much as you can live. You can’t see the whole pitch, runs off the ball , tactical switches etc
  10. Your thinking is ok . However , English football is too steeped in history for this to happen . I agree it’s great for the kids& it’s happening anyway with the set up we have . For every Bristol city - bath city feeder club , there will be a Chelsea or Liverpool or Man City bristolcity feeder clubs. just get the best scouting network financially available & with the youth set up we have , we’ll flourish . We’re already playing our best u16’s in the 18’s -18’s-23’s 23’s best of the18’s-23’s on loan to mens football . Without bringing back the combination leagues I don’t know what else we can do . We have a excellent youth set up imo
  11. Be careful . Just like The lower league fans of Bournemouth have turned into right mouthy toss pots the last few years . I hope if we ever go up we’d stay humble about it. Good luck with that mind
  12. Couldn’t of put any better myself . He’s got us back on a even keel . It couldn’t of been easy to turn it around . For a all the woke fans out there who see him as a “bully” they haven’t got a clue. He has a genuine connection with the players. I remember Matt withers on his podcast moaning that Pearson doesn’t clap the fans . He was asked about this & said it’s important for the players to connect with the fans not him . I see him as the complete opposite to a bully . It’s all about the team with him . He’s a top bloke imo .
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