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  1. Did he say Barney Soady got offered a coaching role but chose to continue breaking into the game as a player instead? Surely I misheard. Seems bizarre otherwise?
  2. Understand the printing fee as a deterrent but should be a freebie for first time offenders imo
  3. disappointed in the half hearted reaction of our players other than Williams tbf. Can imagine Flint and Pack would’ve sorted it out.
  4. Greedo


    Bears wear Umbro so maybe. But would be surprised if the Hummel deal was up already.
  5. One of my favourite City performances. Promotion pressure was on us that day but you wouldn’t know it. Played with complete confidence and freedom, we were never getting anything other than three points.
  6. Can you get our games/ifollow on here?
  7. HL taken a battering https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-02-22/hargreaves-sinks-most-on-record-as-pandemic-recovery-saps-demand
  8. Think we’re quite entitled to hear from him relatively consistently considering the wage he’s taking from us to be honest.
  9. Tested positive for being shite.
  10. Covid nut job or not, the sooner we cut our losses on him the better. Waste of wages.
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