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  1. Seen JET’s younger brother is on the books of a highland league side, living with him whilst he’s at Aberdeen
  2. Safe bet, that. Bookies not even offering a price on them to get relegated!
  3. Rooney isn’t having a great week is he, first the fart and now he’s crocked his own player for three months! Such a circus you almost feel sorry for them. Almost. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2021/07/26/wayne-rooney-left-derby-midfielder-jason-knight-ankle-injury/
  4. Trouble is there are about 20 teams in this division who you could reasonably argue are a ‘respected Championship side”
  5. ******* scum bag. Rovers will bring shame on Bristol football if they don’t sack him. Ghastly individual.
  6. All preseason games should come with the season ticket, in person or “online” imo.
  7. Paying a little extra and theatre. Nothing Scottish about that, then.
  8. I remember a few windows under LJ when he wasn’t getting any game time at Wolves after they signed Patricio. Morseo than any other keeper I can recall so he makes the XI for me!
  9. Been linked with him a fair bit on several occasions since then so I say it counts
  10. Wonder if they become forever bitterly obsessed with him now leaving them for a bigger club like LJ did.
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