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  1. Sounds like some on here might be better off spending their Saturday afternoons at the bowling green than the football. Snowflakes.
  2. He’s a grade A manual manipulator and you’ll see it eventually.
  3. Incredible, never knew that. That’s got to be a record, surely? Anyone know the games/players?
  4. I have an adult ticket going. Asking face value. Can meet outside CCS.
  5. Mine went to the wrong address too. They’ve got my parents’ address on the system so I inputted my address for delivery, and they still went back home!
  6. Most of them aren’t good enough and the few who (in theory at least) are don’t want to be here. If only we could bin them all and get 11 new ones in.
  7. Sky Sports reporting that Tammy turned down Barcelona. Not sure if it’s a better measure of the rise of one or the fall of the other.
  8. Do you boo the minutes silence at football games on Remebrance Day?
  9. Imagine publicly announcing that you don’t posses the basic comprehension skills of a 5 year old. Weird.
  10. Greedo

    Zak Vyner

    He was my man of the match
  11. Good riddance. Waste of wages.
  12. Never understood why they’ve got a canvas print of a sunset on the outside wall. Strange place.
  13. Not sure. I think if it was all about the money then Kane could’ve moved way earlier in his career for a pay rise. He didn’t because he wanted to win trophies with Spurs. That’s not likely to happen anymore so he’s moving to a side more likely to win things, with the fortunate side effect of a pay rise imo. (edit. Realised this may have been about the fee rather than the wage but point still stands)
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